23 Jun 2013

#UK1984: Deepa Naik Trenton Oldfield + UK Govt twisted vision of a good society + smearing espionage drones coverups hi-vis jackets pay £No - BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist taxi driver

The Bank-sters Of International Settlements Warn The Monetary Kool-Aid Party Is Over - now they want all your stuff, for ever and ever

When a month ago the Central Banks' Central Bank, aka the Bank of International Settlements (or BIS) in Basel where the MIT central-planning braintrust meets every few months to decide the fate of the world, warned that the Fed-induced collateral shortage is distorting the markets, few paid attention. That the implication behind said warning was that QE can not continue at the current pace, was just as lost. A few short weeks later following the biggest plunge in markets since 2011 in the aftermath of Bernanke's taper tantrum, some are finally willing to listen.
However, they will certainly not like what the BIS just released as a follow up, both in the form of the BIS' 83rd Annual Report, and the speech by Jaime Caruana to commemorate said annual meeting. For the simple reason that it reads like a run of the mill Sunday morning Zero Hedge sermon, which says, almost verbatim, that the days of kicking the can via flawed monetary policy are now over, and that the time for central banks to end the monetary morphine drip has finally come.

G8TORADE POWERTHIRST meeting in Northern Ireland

Afshin Rattansi: Double Standards, a political satire program broadcast from the heart of London that exposes the hypocrisy of world powers with comedy and high-profile guests.

The True Cycle of Violence + Selling the United States

Freedomain Radio, makes a case for the true cycle of violence in society. Topics covered include gender related criminal sentencing disparities, the prison population, the death penalty, statutory rape double standards, rape allegations, rape prevalence, maternal abuse, spanking, paternity fraud, lying, legalities and much much more.
"Please stop hitting your babies." - Stefan Molyneux

What are US yuppies saying about markets

Tens of thousands Jews protesting the State of Israel in NYC

Neturei Karta: On June 9, 2013, tens of thousands of Orthodox Jews assembled on the streets of New York City to protest against the existence of the State of Israel, and to condemn it's current evil decree to draft yeshiva students.
The mass demonstration took place in Federal Plaza Square in lower Manhattan, where a huge platform had been set up for several hundred rabbis and leaders of communities. In front of the platform were seated hundreds of prominent and esteemed people, while the rest of the square was overcrowded with the tens of thousands participants.

Meet The Man In Charge Of America's Secret Cyber Army (In Which "Bonesaw" Makes A Mockery Of PRISM)

Tyler Durden's picture With his revelations exposing the extent of potential, and actual, pervasive NSA surveillance over the American population, Edward Snowden has done a great service for the public by finally forcing it to answer the question: is having Big Brother peek at every private communication and electronic information, a fair exchange for the alleged benefit of the state's security. Alas, without further action form a population that appears largely numb and apathetic to disclosures that until recently would have sparked mass protests and toppled presidents, the best we can hope for within a political regime that has hijacked the democratic process, is some intense introspection as to what the concept of "America" truly means.
However, and more importantly, what Snowden's revelations have confirmed, is that behind the scenes, America is now actively engaged in a new kind of war: an unprecedented cyber war, where collecting, deciphering, intercepting, and abusing information is the only thing that matters and leads to unprecedented power, and where enemies both foreign and domestic may be targeted without due process based on a lowly analyst's "whim."

Children 4 Justice: Family Law Reform UK 2013 - Victim speaks out

"UK Politicians, wake up, it's worse than it's ever been and it's happening on your watch!"
AimeeCNicholls: A British 16 year old female victim of the family courts speaks out. For my sister, Kitty Ahna Nicholls, age 7.

Palestinian Detainees It Is Like Being In Guantanamo

Morris: Many voices from Palestine: Ex Prisoner (14 years), Ambassador, Artist and Craft Maker. Location, Copthorne Tara Hotel, London Source

Global Financial Holocaust - Max Keiser with Zeus Yiamouyiannis

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss pepper spraying protesters while contemplating possibly, maybe one day out in the far distant future charging banksters for 'reckless misconduct' - aka destroying the global financial, monetary and economic systems.

Misandry, MGTOW and Anger: "I'm madder than hell and I'm not going to take it any more!"

KnightrunnerMRA: The overwhelming majority of MGTOWs do not hold on to their anger. The few that do need help in letting go of the anger and hatred. We should help them do this so that they can go on and live happy lives with our without women (which ever they choose). Source