26 Jun 2013

Jim Rogers: “This Is Too Insane–And I’m Afraid We’re All Going To Suffer For The Rest Of This Decade”

By Tekoa Da Silva: I was able to reconnect with Jim Rogers this morning out of Spain, legendary co-founder of the Quantum Fund with George Soros, author of Hot Commodities, and chairman of the private Beeland Holdings.
It was an especially powerful interview, as Jim spoke towards the relentless downward pressure on gold, the upward explosion in interest rates, central bank money printing, and how to protect yourself ahead of the disastrous times he sees coming.
When asked if we’re seeing forced liquidation leading the smash down in gold this morning, Jim said, “We certainly are. There are a lot of leveraged players who are now being forced to sell. Usually when you have this kind of forced liquidation, you’re getting closer to a bottom, maybe not the final bottom, but certainly close to a bottom. I even bought a little bit [today].”

How to appear less stupid, for feminists

johntheother: How to appear less stupid than you do, a guide, for feminiazis.
Of course, these are just a few examples, provided here, I hope as a guide for gender ideologues and feminazis. By following the advice provided in this short discussion, feminazis can work towards appearing less stupid, amoral, sadistic, violent and sociopathic than they now appear. After all, we don't want anyone to get the wrong impression, do we?

Confidence in US economy ‘crumbling’ after Snowden (Full Version)

Along with exposing widespread international surveillance, Edward Snowden has revealed how exactly the US is financing its military ambitions, according to Max Keiser. Source


Snake hit by rake: Draghi rumours of malpractice in 1990s and 2012 resurface…looking more solid
The Slog: A report submitted earlier this year to the Corte dei Conti, Italy’s state auditors, suggests not only that Italy faces a potentially massive derivatives hit, but also that Mario Draghi may be personally implicated in those and other frauds. In particular, several appear to have been central to Italy gaining entry to the eurozone in 1999….based on clearly falsified data.
Allegations being made against Signor Draghi insist that he ‘cooked’ Italy’s debt picture when seeming to reduce Italy’s budget deficit from 7.7 % in 1995 to 2.7% by the crucial entry-qualification year, 1998. It was, by a country kilometre, the steepest debt reduction among any of the (then) eleven eurozone applicants. Draghi went on to join Goldman Sachs in 2002, and by then accusations of book-cooking were already starting to emerge. In 2005, the Bank of Italy was forced to issue a denial, but several eminent commentators found it unconvincing. In 2006, news agency Bloomberg  applied to Draghi’s mentor Jean-Claude ‘Tricky’ Trichet for the release of further information, which Trichet refused to give…again, to the consternation of a number of mainstream financial journalists.
Author Simon Johnson, for example, not only found the answers given by Draghi “unpersuasive”, he also pointed out how unlikely it was that, as a Goldman employee, the Italian had “known nothing” about the fraudulent marketing of debt cover-up

Corruption, EuroStyle: ECB Chief Draghi Fudged Italy’s Books to Secure Eurozone Entry, Italy Stuck With Derivative Losses

As readers of the financial press may recall, there was a kerfluffle over the fact that Greece had used a currency trades designed by Goldman in 2001 to mask the level of its indebtedness and secure Eurozone entry. Goldman continued to help Greece dress up its books and offered to intervene in 2009, although Greece turned them down then. The amount of debt raised, as in hidden, was €2.8 billion in 2001, and as a result of a restructuring in 2005, increased to €5.8 billion. Goldman earned large fees for these deals.
These transactions were of keen interest in the Eurozone, not merely because Goldman had helped Greece fudge its accounts and without this, erm, help, Greece would not have qualified for Eurozone entry (there have been efforts to downplay the accounting finesse, since Brussels was allegedly aware of the fact that Greece really was not qualified to enter). Mario Draghi, who was then the heir apparent to Jean-Claude Trichet as ECB chief, had joined Goldman in 2002 and was head of the group that handled the restructuring in 2005. The Bank of Italy issued a denial about Draghi’s involvement that Simon Johnson read as unpersuasive.

OMFG!! I'm gonna explode **spending review special** + OMFG!!! Some actual context for today's spending review + OMFG!! Osborne "a fairer society"

The Artist Taxi Driver
The BBC Sucks O Cocks News
"Ask Bankster Shill Gideon Osborne Where The Money's Going!"

The 441 TRILLION Dollar Interest Rate Derivatives Time Bomb

By Michael Snyder: Do you want to know the primary reason why rapidly rising interest rates could take down the entire global financial system?  Most people might think that it would be because the U.S. government would have to pay much more interest on the national debt.  And yes, if the average rate of interest on U.S. government debt rose to just 6 percent (and it has actually been much higher in the past), the federal government would be paying out about a trillion dollars a year just in interest on the national debt.  But that isn't it.  Nor does the primary reason have to do with the fact that rapidly rising interest rates would impose massive losses on bond investors.  At this point, it is being projected that if U.S. bond yields rise by an average of 3 percentage points, it will cause investors to lose a trillion dollars.  Yes, that is a 1 with 12 zeroes after it ($1,000,000,000,000).  But that is not the number one danger posed by rapidly rising interest rates either.  Rather, the number one reason why rapidly rising interest rates could cause the entire global financial system to crash is because there are more than 441 TRILLION dollars worth of interest rate derivatives sitting out there.  This number comes directly from the Bank for International Settlements - the central bank of central banks.  In other words, more than $441,000,000,000,000 has been bet on the movement of interest rates.

REVEALED: The disgracefully empty nature of Theresa May’s vow to clean up the cops

mayhangptMay….against backdrop of prescient slogan
The Slog: UK Politicians of all three major Parties have at various stages over the last fifteen years ‘vowed’ to do many things to make life fairer for, and easier on, the citizen. Vowing is what politicians do when they’re through hailing and insisting. By and large, the result has been much talk and almost no action. Among the highest profile subjects for this mouth-and-trousers treatment have been unethical banks, corrupt policemen, and tabloid journalists working for Rupert Murdoch amongst others. Today I bring you evidence as clear as the morning horizon outside my window here that all these vows are utter bollocks.
But first let us dwell on she who would be Maggie2 -  Theresa May-Ormaynot, depending on which way the wind’s blowing. She’s especially good at the vowing, because she has spotted that from the vows comes the votes. Which must explain why there have been so many vows since she landed, ludicrously over-promoted, at the Home Office. She has, in turn, vowed to crush the Judges, put police killers in jail for the rest of their lives, make the police name suspects they arrest in the media, get tough on Islamic extremists, clear away mobs in the streets, take Britain out of EU justice agreements, and most latterly, to purge the Met of its bad eggs.

NWO Tech: North Carolina State University researchers control cyborg cockroaches with Microsoft Kinect

By Madison Ruppert: Researchers at North Carolina State University have not only demonstrated the ability to remotely control cockroaches with an electronic implant but have now shown the ability to control the roaches with a Microsoft Kinect.
“Our goal is to be able to guide these roaches as efficiently as possible, and our work with Kinect is helping us do that,” said Dr. Alper Bozkurt of NCSU in a news release today.
I guess the Kinect isn’t only good for playing video games after all.
The Kinect is also being used by the researchers to collect data and detect how effectively the remotely controlled cockroaches respond to the electrical impulses that are used as the control system.
The end goal, according to the researchers, is to use the cockroaches to “explore and map disaster sites.”

A Drop Of Misogyny In A Sea Of Misandry + "Feminism as fucking usual! ..Ban Girlie Mags!" + Gillard FIRED, AVFM Speaks with Barry Williams

Typhon Blue: If you want a view of the "sea of misandry" watch this:

Arguments For God: The Cosmological Argument

Dumb money advantage + Silver smashed overnight $18.60