28 Jun 2013

Now silver up a buck?


Why Centralization Leads to Collapse

By Charles Hugh Smith: A system that suppresses dissent is fault-intolerant, ignorant and fragile. 

Increasing centralization has been viewed as the solution for all social and economic problems for quite some time. The Eurozone project is one recent manifestation of this belief. 

The basis of this belief is rationality and efficiency. If we centralize production and decision-making, we eliminate all sorts of inefficiencies. Decisions can be made by "top people," and supply chains can be rationalized from a hopelessly inefficient clutter down to a supremely rational and cost-effective pathway. 

Ironically, in eliminating inefficiency and messy decision-making, centralization eliminates redundancy, decentralized pathways of response and dissent. Once you lose redundancy and all the feedback it represents, you lose resiliency and fault-tolerance. The centralized system is fault-intolerant and fragile.


Hands Off Snowden!‏

Let the political asylum process go forward.

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Edward Snowden is in more danger than ever Already over 30,000 of us have asked President Obama not to touch him.  Yesterday the President publicly said, "I'm not going to be scrambling jets to get a 29-year-old hacker."
If you haven't yet emailed the White House, please do it now.
The choice between secrecy and democracy rests with the fate of our whistleblowers.

Now that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is en route to Ecuador or elsewhere for political asylum, there is a real danger the U.S. government will try to grab him under the guise of law enforcement.
Click here to tell President Obama: Hands off Edward Snowden!

This is urgent. Please do two things in the next minute:

**  Click here to tell Obama that the U.S. government must not engage in any abduction or other foul play against Snowden.

US Laws You Didn't Know Existed

Selective punishment
Why do you think you have the right to spy on me?

GLOBAL LOOTING: How the EU Finmins’ scheme offers us almost no protection from haircuts

The thrusting lances of the Knights Template will skewer us all in the end
The Slog: I confess to wondering more and more, as the world careers towards disaster, at what point people will wake up to the systematic rules being drawn up around that world in order to steal every last bit of wealth left to us….now that the econo-banking mess is beyond self-repair.
Already, the European press routinely refers to ‘bail-ins’, casually reporting that EU FinMin clowns have finalised the Template that Was to be Unique…but will clearly be universally applied – probably starting with Italy. The process that emerged from FinMin fulmination is fairly clear. Insured deposits (of under €100,000) are to be fully protected; Uninsured deposits (of over €100,000) are not protected, but given preferential treatment; and Bail-ins of at least 8% of the banks total liabilities have to come to before any resolution funds are tapped.

Ecuador resigns from ATPDA and offers $23 millions to train americans on human rights

ciudadanoecuatoriano: Ecuadorian communication secretary, Fernando Alvarado, announces that Ecuador resigns from ATPDA, because Ecuador "do not accept pressure or threats from anyone". This, in reference to some media and political actors who claims to suspend the ATPDA, if Ecuador decides to give political asylum to Edward Snowden.

"Future Gold $3500 - $50,000" - Jim Sinclair

Sprott Money: Jim Sinclair answers questions from our readers about the gold and silver markets and his outlook on the economy. Jim Sinclair is the CEO of Tanzanian Royalty Exploration

When female privilege backfires...

girlwriteswhat: Were women historically oppressed? Are they now, in developing countries?
A look at two societies under extreme and unusual pressures, which are considered oppressive to women, gives an insight into that age-old (actually, 200 year-old) question. The answer? *People* are oppressed. Men and women make trade-offs with each other.

The Queen Feudalism Ian Brady R Brooks Round up T Bliar war + "The Queen is famously frugal" + govt to sell student loan book to private sector bailiffs - BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver

The Jews Who Own The Media + Obama's Jewish War On Syria + Edward Snowden...When Truth Becomes Treason

Exposed: UK cops unit SOCMINT sucks up data from your online networks

RT: It appears the UK's sweeping surveillance is going beyond the GCHQ phone and online eavesdropping.  
A special ed police unit who mistook Orwell's 1984 for their handbook has been scanning what British citizens are posting online in social networks.