30 Jun 2013

THE PAEDOFILE: Abuse is rarely black and white….but it IS a global business

In today’s depressingly bumper issue:
govetwatMad people who hamper the anti-paedophile cause – The Madeleine McCann industry – Exclusive Bryn Estyn victim interview – Growing doubts about Steve Messham – Hard evidence of global paedo-porn – Kenneth Clarke cleared – Michael Jackson condemned – Napier arrest may preface new Elm House arrests – The Groucho, Jeremy Hunt, Peter Bottomley, Virginia Bottomley enigma – A right Royal cover-up – Michael Gove faces Ofsted storm as another paedo-school closes.
190,ooo cases of school sex abuse 
audited by Ofsted
The Slog: Plopping into my inbox and jumping out from Twitter this week are the growing evidence – undeniable evidence, if we’re being honest here – that loosely affiliated paedophile rings do manage to adopt kids, and traffic them. I have seen the trail for myself in Plymouth, but sadly a Judge in the West Country will put me in prison under a sort of lettre de cachet gagging order if I write about it. So I won’t.

6 Reasons Libertarians Should Reject the Non-Aggression Principle - Rebutted!

Stefan Molyneux: An analysis of an article criticizing the Non Aggression Principle.

Stacy Herbert The Great British Bank Robbery Parts 1 & 2

The Artist Taxi Driver
"Banksters pulling figures out of their arse... 
Goldman Sachs runs Europe"

Snowden, Greenwald and the media saga

AlJazeeraEnglish: Media treatment of the whistleblower and the journalist who brought his revelations to light.

500,000 injured every year by UK NHS, 3,000 killed! + US-Taliban talks in Doha +

Double Standards with Afshin Rattansi is a political satire program broadcast from the heart of London that exposes the hypocrisy of world powers with comedy and high-profile guests. NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden leaves Hong Kong; Qatar change of Power; US-Taliban talks in Doha; John Kerry Interview in Qatar about NSA/Taliban in Afghanistan; Berlusconi jail sentence; FIFA under 20 in riot torn Turkey; Joe Biden vs. Obama over NSA wiretapping and metadata; UK Health Service kills 3,000...

US PIG: Exploding number of elderly US prisoners strains system, taxpayers

Apparently too frail to stand, Anthony Marshall was pushed to his jail cell in a wheelchair trailed by an oxygen tank. A pillar of Upper East Side privilege had become a monument to age and infirmity.
Marshall now joins the ranks of other high-profile, graying defendants – including accused former mobster James “Whitey” Bulger and convicted financial fraudster Bernard "Bernie" Madoff – who stand to spend their twilight years behind bars.
And they’re by no means alone: Prisoners older than 55 make up the single fastest-growing segment of the U.S. prison community – a largely invisible shadow population.

Obama 'The Baby Killer' Does South Africa, Protests Ensue

Tyler Durden's picture: If OkunaMyData LyingKing Obama was hoping for a warm reception upon his arrival in the second leg of his 3 nation African tour, in Johannesburg, to celebrate the life of South Africa's critically ill, 94 year old leader Nelson Mandela, he got quite a surprise when local police had to lob stun grenades at local protestors who had gathered at the world's once most famous apartheid ghetto, Soweto, where they chanted against US foreign policy, American baby killing drone strikes, US policy in Guantanamo and Iran and much more. They were hardly racist.

Libya destroyed by western backed foreign mercs - Phone Call

Morris: The battle lines are being drawn between Tribal loyalties and Muslim Brotherhood loyalties. Many more people have died in Tripoli (40) in Benghazi (40) and also Sabha. The Government seems powerless, behind the scenes Qatar is a big player, and the weapons depots are open.

"Immigrants don't deserve any help health or dignity" Jeremy Hunt + Obama visit to Africa..rubber bullets and stun grenades - BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver

Apartheid Israeli regime shock troops attack and demolish more Palestinian homes in the Jordan Valley

Press TV: Israeli regime shock troops have accelerated housing demolition in the Jordan Valley in order to expand settlements. In the most recent case, forces raided a small village near Jericho at dawn, demolishing two houses and animal sheds. The residents stated that this is part of an ethinic cleansing policy so Israel can claim the entire Jordan Valley area and rid of it's indigenous population.

Another UK meat scandal: ‘Tens of thousands of diseased cattle sold for human consumption by Defra’

Belfast Telegraph: Diseased cattle, slaughtered after testing positive for bovine tuberculosis (bTB), are being sold for human consumption by Defra, the food and farming ministry has said.

The raw meat, from around 28,000 diseased animals a year, is banned by most supermarkets and burger chains, The Sunday Times reported. Tesco, for example, rejects it because of "public-health concerns surrounding the issue of bTB and its risk to consumers".
But it is being sold to some caterers and food processors, and finding its way into schools, hospitals and the military, or being processed into products such as pies and pasties, the newspaper said.
A Defra spokeswoman said: "All meat from cattle slaughtered due to bovine TB must undergo rigorous food safety checks before it can be passed fit for consumption. The Food Standards Agency has confirmed there are no known cases where TB has been transmitted through eating meat and the risk of infection from eating meat, even if raw or undercooked, remains extremely low."
The meat is sold with no warning to processors or consumers that it comes from bTB infected cattle.

World First: Lampizator 'BIG SIX' DAC - "The best sound we can possibly make"

By Angelo Agathangelou: There's a major culture shock from the mass produced plastic molded crap available for sheeple consumption at our local 'white goods' 'mega mart'. I was surprised recently that Bang and Olufsen is in the same crap category. Terrible sound quality encased in funky designs at extortionate prices going on at our local. SHAKABUKU after exposure to real quality?
With Lukasz Fikus DAC4 you get an idea of what can be achieved when the goal is sound reproduction for the music lover rather than a sting for the benefit of the 0.001%. Of course this colours ones perceptions, B&O... I always thought I wanted some of that.

I would say DAC4 is master reference for the music lover and IMHO utterly recommended for a test in any system. So what we are looking at here is an exercise in supreme reference-ness! I noticed a new page on Lukasz "Make Mozart, Not Nukes!" commercial web-site so in his words:
Level 6 = the best sound we can possibly make