6 Jul 2013

No constitutional rights at DUI checkpoints on US Independence Day?

By Madison Ruppert: In this troubling video, ironically filmed on July 4, a 21-year-old man is seen showing local law enforcement that he knows his rights. Unfortunately, they don’t take too kindly to being confronted by someone who actually knows the law.
While one might expect this kind of activity from federal agents, it’s always surprising to see local law enforcement so clearly ignoring our (USA) rights protected by the Constitution.
This was apparently a DUI checkpoint, designed to find drunk drivers.

Misandry: Men are all rapists that need a reminder not to be - Don't be that guy + Dave Foley's Divorce

johntheother: Why is domestic violence being called "violence against women" are the advocates of this rhetoric totally unaware of the vast majority of peer reviewed research on DV indicating reciprocity, and that it has no sexual direction or identity? Are organizations like "battered women's support services" in Vancouver just money seekers with no real mandate to address real DV?

Bundesbank's Good News, China's Currency "On Its Way To Becoming Global Reserve Currency"

Tyler Durden's picture Following the most recent shift 'away' from a USD-centric world (with the China-Australia direct currency convertibility), it seems the possibility of China's Yuan as the next global reserve currency is getting closer. The Brits, Germans, and now the Swiss (who just signed a free-trade-agreement with China) are all actively vying to become Europe's Yuan trading hub as it seems the long line of developments to internationalize the currency over the past two years. As Bundesbank board member Joachim Nagel noted in a speech entitled "Reniminbi as a potential reserve currency" this week, "the Chinese currency is well on its way to becoming one of the future global reserve currencies." He noted that, although the USD is still the most commonly-used currency for settling trade with China; from virtually zero in 2010, the Yuan is used to settle over 12% of trading transactions now - and is likley to increase further.

41 IMF (International Money Fraudsters) "Bailouts" And Counting – How Long Before The Entire Ponzi System Collapses?

Nuclear Sign And Money Symbols - Photo by CannedcatBy Michael Snyder: Broke nations are bailing out other broke nations with borrowed money.  Round and round we go - where we stop nobody knows.  As of April, 41 different countries had active financial "arrangements" with the IMF.  Sometimes they are called "bailouts" and sometimes they are called other things, but in every single case they involve loans.  And most of the time, these loans come with very stringent conditions.  It is a form of "global governance" that most people don't even know about.  For decades, the IMF has been able to use money as a way to force developing nations to do what it wants them to do.  But up until fairly recently, this had mostly only been done with poor nations.  But now an increasing number of wealthy nations are turning to the IMF for help.  We have already seen Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Cyprus receive bailouts which were partly funded by the IMF, Spain has received a bailout for its banking sector, and as I noted yesterday, it is being projected that Italy will need a major bailout within six months.  How long can this go on before the entire system collapses?
Well, that would depend on how much money the lender has.
And so where does the IMF get their money?

Art of Debt Juggling - Max Keiser with Karl Denninger

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss tipping points on the way to the Bondpocalypse, a time when flipping houses to greater fools will no longer be a viable retirement plan and incarcerating your fellow slightly annoying citizens for eternity will be far too much decadence to afford.

Apartheid: Israeli regime shock troops continue often murderous attacks on peaceful protests - Shooting doctors tending the wounded!

UK BANNED Press TVThe apartheid Israeli regime's attacks against Palestinians have escalated this week during non-violent demonstrations organized throughout the West Bank. The attacks have left dozens injured and hospitalized. One of the victims was Palestinian resistance leader Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, who attended a non-violent demonstration held in the village of Betin against the illegal Israeli settlements.
Barghouti stated that Israeli regime shock troops randomly shot at protesters, wounding dozens of Palestinian citizens. He added that the Israeli death squads specifically targeted journalists who were recording the attacks.

'Freddy' Krugman and the Banksters: This Will End In Disaster

Can Men Talk About Feminism? + I AM AN ANTIFEMINIST! + Equalist

TheAmazingAtheist: I've been told by feminazis time and time again that I'm not "allowed" to talk about feminism because I'm male. This is my response to that.

The Lost Pyramids Of Bosnia - Sam Osmanagich

"The ancients lived in harmony with father sky."
Morris: Semir Osmanagic, who describes himself as Bosnian American, is becoming known as the person who discovered the existence of pyramids in the Bosnian town of Visoko. But this is only the latest enigma that has attracted the attention of the explorer. Osmanagic has spent a lifetime travelling to and researching ancient sites around the world. Source

7 Year-Old Girl Shot Dead in the Head at Point Blank Range by US Police

BoKnowsEntertainment: Grandmother Witnesses Cop Kill Sleeping Girl, 7
Source: http://www.blackenterprise.com/news/g...
This happened in 2010 and the trial is just NOW taking place?

Britain and Sweden block critical talks on espionage and intelligence between EU and US

By Madison Ruppert: Britain and Sweden vetoed plans to launch two working groups to deal with issues of espionage and intelligence with the United States, thus restricting upcoming talks in Washington to issues of data privacy and the National Security Agency’s PRISM program.
Instead of allowing two working groups to deal with the complex issues that have been raised in the wake of stories publicizing the United States’ surveillance of Europeans, especially Germans, there will be just one working group focusing on the PRISM program.
Interestingly, there is apparently no mention of the UK’s massive data mining operation run through GCHQ which hands data over to the NSA.


"To be blunt, the Tories represent the City and Globalism, Labour represents the TUC and feminazis, and the LibDems represent the EU."
The Slog: While there is, of course, far more to British politics than Labour and the Tories, the dominant philosophies under which most of us suffer stem from their oftentimes well-meant ideas that were relevant in the era from roughly 1944 to 1965. In 1979, some ideas from 1179 (contributed by Saladdin) were tossed in by Margaret Thatcher and Keith Joseph, and in retaliation at their success, Labour returned briefly to 1936. Then Tory bollocks was accepted by Blair and Brown, after which both Parties ran out of ideas: and now here we are in 2013, and both ‘sides’ have nothing to offer except Saladdin2 – this time it’ll be even worse and “Well, we think there’s no need  for more debt and the Prime Minister doesn’t get it whereas we’re your friend in tough times, which we will demonstrate by doing nothing about Murdoch, paedophiles, or cuts that we think are pointless but the Polls say you don’t and so we’ll go with you because we believe in the Will of the People”. It’s a snappy offering there from the Ed Miller Band, but other surveys are suggesting that – even with a thoroughly corrupt and ethically bereft Government ‘in power’ – Labour’s lead is slipping….whereas the more Right Wing UKip’s support is growing.
We are all sitting, tied up right next to the bunsen burner, in a laboratory where mad people are trying the same experiments over and over again, in the hope of a better result.