8 Jul 2013

A President, A Pope, A Prime Minister, and a Paedophilic Care System: why they should all be more accountable

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Some things never change.
The Slog: The Dodd-Frank financial reform act – a law designed to stop the madness that caused the 2008 financial crisis – was passed almost three years ago. About 30% of the  legislation has been agreed in Congress so far…and it’s all behind schedule. The Fed Reserve, for example, has granted Goldman Sachs a further two years to spread its ‘risky’ (aka insane frontal-lobe syndrome) trading forms across other Goldman group companies. Most of America’s megabanks were granted the same ridiculous leniency during June. We are witnessing lobbyist filibustering on an epic scale here: and it’s the ordinary Joes and Janes who are already being asked to pick up the tab. It is beyond appalling, and on its way past Bourbon monarchs in its arrogant unfairness.
The depraved corruption of the Vatican continues to amaze.

Genocide: Israeli regime policy - leave Palestinian taps dry

Paula Slier: A lack of water could literally be a reason why it's been so hard to dampen fiery relations between Israel and Palestine.Taps in the homes of Arab villagers in the West Bank run dry most of the time, as they complain Israel doesn't satisfy even their minimum water needs.

New Egyptian War: Americans Lose, Again

By Ron Paul: Looking at the banners in the massive Egyptian protests last week, we saw many anti-American slogans. Likewise, the Muslim Brotherhood-led government that was deposed by the military last week was very critical of what it saw as US support for the coup. Why is it that all sides in this Egyptian civil war seem so angry with the United States? Because the United States has at one point or another supported each side, which means also that at some point the US has also opposed each side. It is the constant meddling in Egyptian affairs that has turned Egyptians against us, as we would resent foreign intervention in our own affairs.
For more than 30 years, since the US-brokered Camp David Accord between Israel and Egypt, the US supported Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. Over that period the US sent more than $60 billion to prop up Mubarak and, importantly, to train and seek control over the Egyptian military.

Misandry: Greg Canning Interview - Agenda 21 resistance is growing

Menmatters: Australian presenter Derryn Hinch is sacked after a loutish interview with Dr. Greg Canning. Following this, Dr. Canning has a much more cordial discussion with James Williams concerning the spread of the evil empire of feminazis across the globe. It's distorted message is harming many communities, especially in developing countries and is supported by the international feminist movement and the UN with its Agenda 21 program. Men are being demonized and criminalized often due to corrupt laws and the lack of due process. However, resistance is growing.

Fed’s quantitative easing equates to Cypriot government stealing wealth + The UK Kleptocracy

By Max Keiser: Wealth confiscation by governments is not new. Over the years it takes different forms and the politics surrounding it comes in various guises.
Recently we’ve seen some interesting examples; Government agents JP Morgan confiscating wealth from MF Global customers is an updated version of scams on Wall St. decades old - going back to the ‘bucket shop’ days. Another recent example has been the confiscation of wealth by the Cypriot government, grabbing money out of people’s bank accounts is a classic example of a greedy government stealing from its own citizens.
Today we also have the Federal Reserve’s QE (Quantitative Easing) program as a stand out. In this scheme, the government prints record amounts of money; trillions of dollars in fact, and effectively deposits that money into the bank accounts of real estate and stock speculators instead of allowing it to circulate.
We know this for a fact as the measure of M2 - a broad based measure of ‘velocity’ of money is signaling a multi-decade low. Because virtually none of this money enters the ‘real’ economy, GDP continues to stagnate and tax revenues shrink - and the same government that gifts trillions to a few supporters also simultaneously imposes austerity measures - while building a record number of prisons and fighting dozens of wars to pick up the slack.

Illuminati History - Full Documentary (Greek Subtitles)

Moe - Gnostic Warrior: This is a great documentary that you have never seen on the history of the Bavarian Illuminati, Freemasonry and Secret Societies. It is in English with Greek subtitles.

NWO Suppressed Technology - Jim Marrs + Lingering questions about UK MP Robin Cook's death

AJ: Journalist and researcher Jim Marrs also joins us to discuss documented, real-world alternative energy systems being suppressed, and other technologies that are viewed as disruptive by the so-called 'elite' controllers.

STASI 2.0: What Germany Thinks Of "The Biggest Bugging Scandal In History"

Having taken the US, Hong Kong, Russia, Europe and of course Latin America by storm, Snowden's revelations are now focusing on the symbiotic relationship between the NSA and Germany's (very experienced) secret services.
According to an interview that will be published in this week's edition of Spiegel, "American intelligence agency whistleblower Edward Snowden criticizes the methods and power of the National Security Agency. Snowden said the NSA people are literally "in bed together with the Germans." He added that the NSA's "Foreign Affairs Directorate" is responsible for partnerships with other countries. The partnerships are organized in a way that authorities in other countries can "insulate their political leaders from the backlash" in the event it becomes public "how grievously they're violating global privacy." Telecommunications companies partner with the NSA and people are "normally selected for targeting" based on their "Facebook or webmail content."

The Origins of the State Part 2 + MAD AS HELL "Are you free?"

Stefan Molyneux: Why we assume that violence is order? Why do we assume that hierarchy is peace? Why do we assume that the initiation of force is both moral and immoral simultaneously? Why do we have such a fundamental terror over an absence of hierarchy?

Politically Incorrect Jewish News

Female Supremacism vs Autism - Asps & Elves

St37One: Are you obsessed with your social life, or are you obsessed with something else?

Girl Talk With Kate + MGTOW Boycott Israel