10 Jul 2013

Chuck D Reveals The Most Powerful Force In The World

AJ: Chuck D and Professor Griff of Public Enemy met up with Infowars.com after their Austin concert. Learn what is the Most Powerful Force in The World. Source

Search Engine “Duck Duck Go” Experiences Traffic Surge in Wake of NSA Scandal

By Michael Krieger: The tremendous positive impact from Edward Snowden’s NSA revelations will only be properly appreciated in the years and decades ahead, but I believe they will be extraordinary. In fact, we are already seeing many of them. From the recent halt on the CISPA bill in Congress, to the forced exposure of authoritarian shills in the mainstream media as they struggle to publicly defend the NSA. However, perhaps the most significant long-term impact will be the resulting boom in the privacy business.  If you recall, I wrote a piece titled Bitcoin and Kim Dotcom: Why it’s Time to “Encrypt Everything” a couple of months ago.
In what I think is great news, the alternative, “non-tracking” search engine Duck Duck Go has seen a surge in traffic since the NSA scandal was revealed.  As was noted in a Guardian article from today: If the NSA demanded data from DuckDuckGo, there would be none to hand over.”  More on this fascinating trend below:
Gabriel Weinberg noticed web traffic building on the night of Thursday 6 June – immediately after the revelations about the “Prism” program. Through the programme, the US’s National Security Agency claimed to have “direct access” to the servers of companies including, crucially, the web’s biggest search engines – Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.

Irish people issue warning to banks by shutting down repossessions

lorrietyre: Allsop Space is an English Company who had no involvement with Ireland until after the Banking Crisis and resulting attack on struggling homeowners and small business people. They are here for one purpose and one purpose only, to cash in on the misery and misfortune of Irish people who have been let down by Banks and betrayed by politicians. http://awakenlongford.wordpress.com/2...

THE PAEDOFILE: Police catch the small fry as Judges let the big fish off

Our police and judiciary are either incompetent, or protecting the powerful. Looks to me like it’s a mixture of both.
spinksViolent paedophile, snuff movie suspect and professional child trafficker Warwick Spinks. Longest ever sentence: five years
The Slog: More anonymous perverts are passing through the Courts, there’s been another arrest in connection with Elm House – already-known bit player – and a small paedophile ring discovered in Sheffield. Here we are again – just like Hackgate – months pass by and nobody in the political class has been collared. Thanks go to all of you who keep emailing me with news of such things, but without sounding churlish they add up to one obvious thing: tid-bits being thrown to the baying wolves, delaying tactics while more evidence is covered up, distractions to take people’s minds off the odd actions of former Welsh and Home Secretaries.
The paedophile ‘investigation’ closely resembles the Global econo-fiscal meltdown in one important way: the people involved in allegedly sorting it out will do anything rather than admit it’s a socio-cultural disaster. Sad little teachers in provincial towns get banged up, but any mention of Leon Brittan is fobbed off with the “rumour and innuendo” shtick….exactly as it was applied to Cyril Smith when he was alive. The worrying thing is that this isn’t a Front Page issue any more. The filibustering of those protecting the fiddlers is doing precisely what they intended

Exposed - True Cause Of Chaos In Egypt

By Dan Rubock: It's no secret that the situation in Egypt is deteriorating by the day, but for some bizarre reason the ultimate cause of the recent chaos remains generally unknown. Ask any friend or colleague what they think initiated the Egyptian revolution and most will come up with something like 'The people were unhappy with the government, so they rioted', or words to that effect.

But that's only part of the story...nobody seems to be talking about why the people were unhappy in the first place.

Chinese Exports Slump Most Since 2009

Tyler Durden's picture Equity futures markets (US and Asian) and AUD are sliding off overnight highs amid the worst YoY exports performance in China since October 2009.

The 3.1% drop (compared to expectations of a 3.7% gain) is the biggest miss in a year and the first negative print since January 2012 - making the second big miss in a row as the 'fake' trade data driven by the shadow-banking-arbitrage is unwound out of historical data.

Unable to fight the abusive Tory party..paralysed victims + Condem UK Govt financial terrorism: NHS Royal Mail + DWP = BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver
"Lying Fucking Shitbags!"

MGTOW: Why are men going their own way when it comes to relationships?

Andy Man: Everywhere, men are stepping back when it comes to romantic commitment. Many young men are simply indifferent to the idea, some are afraid, while others are angry and have this bitter message for the opposite sex — "We don't know you; we don't need you, and we don't want you."

Misandry: Vladek Filler and Mary Kellett + GirlWritesWhat vs Femitheist Divine - Epic Clash of the Titans

Stardusk: Evolutionary Autopilot; the Parameters of Modern Maladaptation

Deep silver thoughts


US PIG (Prisoner Industrial Gulag): 'Police' arrest man for criticizing their parking, seize cameras from witnesses

 By Madison Ruppert: In a quite blatant instance of fascist 'police' overreacting to criticism, two shock troopers in Nevada arrested a man for loudly criticizing their parking habits then seized cameras from witnesses.
While the man admitted that he was being “rude” because he “hates cops,” the reaction seems a bit extreme, to say the least.
Police in Nevada have hardly been encouraging positive publicity lately what with allegedly violating the Third Amendment by forcibly occupying private homes and now this.
Unfortunately, US fascist P.I.G. troopers violently reacting to being filmed is hardly rare these days