13 Jul 2013

Why I Don't Respect Apologetic Philosophy 1, 2 + 3

Gary Edwards: Theres something fishy about where this stuff comes from. Why not go for credit(s) in the real world instead?

"No more counting of the dead" Iain Duncan Smith + Trayvon Martin Conspiracy fracking NHS N Ireland - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver

"Dirty disgusting British immigrants all over the world!"

Incubator of Racist Central Planners: Drunk Goldman Bankster Knocked Out For Screaming Racial Slurs, In Serious Condition

Tyler Durden's picture As if the nation (US) didn't have enough racial tension on the line with the Zimmerman trial about to leave many people on either side of the gaping racial/social/political divide very angry any minute, now the banksters are involved. And not just any banksters, but apparently ones from that universally lauded incubator of racist central planners, Goldman Sachs.
According to the Post, "a drunken man was punched out and sent to a hospital in serious condition last night after he yelled racial epithets at a couple quietly eating at a West Village burrito shop, cops and witnesses said. The violence went down at about 5:50 p.m. outside the Benny’s Burrito on the Greenwich Avenue and Jane Street. A black couple was sitting outside the Mexican joint when an intoxicated white man stumbled into their table. Douglas Reddish, 25, who was eating with his girlfriend, tried to help him regain his balance, cops said, and the wait staff came over to shoo the table crasher away.
This nigger wants to fight me!” the belligerent man yelled, cops said.  
Reddish knocked him out with a blow to the face,

Feminism needs males, too - sianfergs makes an effort

Angelo Agathangelou: sianfergs is clearly making an effort and has grasped that something is afoot. Her article is a statement that she recognizes this. Unfortunately her feminazi training still shows through for those in the MGTOW mindset. Nice try, no cigar, but you're on the right track.
sianfergs: As I've mentioned in a previous article, I believe the definition of feminism is the idea that women should have equal rights, and should be treated equally to men. As such, feminism is primarily about the empowerment of women. However, I think that being a feminist necessarily includes being a masculist (in the sense that I believe in the equality of males and detest misandry), even though many feminists wouldn't label themselves as such. I'm a feminist, but also a masculist, and because gender isn't binary I like to call myself a gender activist. I, however, prefer to call myself a feminist or gender activist because I believe that sexism against women (and discrimination against transfolk and the rest of the LGBTIQ community) is more prevalent.

Banksters and wearable tech - Max Keiser with Reggie Middleton + US/UK MIC spying becoming unaffordable - Stacy Herbert + The Truth About REITs

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the Anonymous Analytics take on Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), a 'real estate investment trust' which happens to incarcerate huge swathes of the population in these real estate holdings, i.e., a gulag. Anonymous, however, reckons that, as states reverse harsh drug laws, CCA could be a good company to sell. In the second half, Max talks to Reggie Middleton about Google Glass, Irish banks and the psychology of populations accepting financial fraud from the elite.

"Join us" How cryptography is a key weapon in the fight against empire states

The original cypherpunks were mostly Californian libertarians. I was from a different tradition but we all sought to protect individual freedom from state tyranny. Cryptography was our secret weapon. It has been forgotten how subversive this was. Cryptography was then the exclusive property of states, for use in their various wars. By writing our own software and disseminating it far and wide we liberated cryptography, democratised it and spread it through the frontiers of the new internet.
The resulting crackdown, under various "arms trafficking" laws, failed. Cryptography became standardised in web browsers and other software that people now use on a daily basis. Strong cryptography is a vital tool in fighting state oppression. That is the message in my book, Cypherpunks. But the movement for the universal availability of strong cryptography must be made to do more than this. Our future does not lie in the liberty of individuals alone.
Our work in WikiLeaks imparts a keen understanding of the dynamics of the international order and the logic of empire. During WikiLeaks' rise we have seen evidence of small countries bullied and dominated by larger ones or infiltrated by foreign enterprise and made to act against themselves. We have seen the popular will denied expression, elections bought and sold, and the riches of countries such as Kenya stolen and auctioned off to plutocrats in London and New York.

NSA Spying Never Catches Israelis!

Snordster: WHY NOT? Nobody spies as heavily as the israeli's, how come they've never been busted? 
Jim W Dean: Intelligence analysis ALWAYS follows a dual track of analyzing what you can see...and what you can't. The massive coverage on the recent Snowden revelations has basically all been theater as most had already been revealed and/or was known about by every Intel agency on the planet.

Apartheid: Arrest of 5-year-old Palestinian child causes outrage around globe

UK, Europe and USA BANNED Press TV: The recent arrest of little Wadie Maswadeh, a 5-year-old Palestinian child by the apartheid Israeli regime's shock troops has caused outrage around the world. The Israeli death squad arrested the little child for allegedly throwing a rock, even though the arrest of anyone that age is a violation of the regime's own laws. After the arrest, the child was dragged about interrogated and threatened and the child's father was handcuffed, blindfolded and beaten.
Inhuman Etyan Buchman, a spokesman for the Israeli death squads, responded to the outrage declaring: "This is conduct that was considered reasonable by all military personnel involved."

Robins: The Perfect Murder Machine + Manatees: I Saw Manatees Gang Rape A Crippled Manatee Once

The Onion: The robin is murder personified. Watch in terror as nature's perfectly crafter killer tears apart worm after worm after worm.

10 things baby boomers won’t tell you

The aging Me generation is still putting itself first
By Catey Hill:
1. “Paws off, Junior. This cash is mine.”
Children of boomer parents shouldn’t expect a big inheritance, even if their parents are rich. Only about half of high-net-worth baby boomers — those with more than $3 million in investible assets — say they consider leaving money to their kids a priority, according to a 2012 U.S. Trust Survey. In contrast, nearly three-quarters of people older than boomers say it’s important to them.
Even boomers — typically defined by demographers as those born between 1946 and 1964 — who do plan to leave an inheritance may do so with strings attached. Indeed, nearly seven in 10 high-net-worth boomers surveyed by U.S. Trust said they were not fully confident that their children could handle an inheritance.

STASI USA: New Phone App Helps Tattle on Neighbors with Guns + Petition to Prosecute Eric Holder Nears 1 Million

AJ: A new Smart Phone app describing itself as "tattle ware" allows users to upload information regarding locations where they have "gun related concerns," allowing people to anonymously report their neighbors and others if issue is taken with their ownership of firearms.

Politically Incorrect Jewish News + The Great Transformation