19 Jul 2013

Murder of pro-Syrian figure in Lebanon - tide turning against Zionism + FSA Place Food Embargo on West Aleppo - Interview with an Aleppen

George Galloway: Gunmen have assassinated a prominent pro-Syria figure in southern Lebanon, Syrian official SANA news agency says.

Verdict Is In: “The Bankster Lobby Is Simply Too Strong To Allow It To Happen”

By Wolf Richter: A culture of dangerous greed and excessive risk-taking has taken root in the banking world” since the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999, said Senator John McCain last week when he supported Senator Elizabeth Warren in pitching legislation they’d baptized the “21st Century Glass-Steagall Act.” Senator Warren told Wall Street, where failure has been rewarded with bailouts and record bonuses, that “Banking should be boring.” Wall Street must have gotten the willies. But it was a quixotic moment for two senators from the opposite sides of the aisle to stand up to the banking lobby.
“Big Wall Street institutions should be free to engage in transactions with significant risk,” Senator McCain explained – such as “investment banking, insurance, swaps dealing, and hedge fund activities,” Senator Warren clarified – “but not with federally insured deposits.” While the legislation “would not end Too-Big-to-Fail,” he said, “it would rebuild the wall between commercial and investment banking that was in place for over 60 years, restore confidence in the system, and reduce risk for the American taxpayer.”
Senator McCain isn’t quite the immaculate soul in this discussion: in 2008, as presidential candidate, he – along with his opponent Barak Obama – strongly supported TARP and the whole principle that these megabanksters must be bailed out at taxpayers’ expense.

The US overcriminalization problem: Congressional Research Service can’t even list all federal crimes

By Madison Ruppert: Have you ever thought about the number of acts which your government has defined as criminal? Even if you have, the number is probably larger than you think.

The federal government’s approach to criminalizing just about everything reminds me of how that same entity contends that just about everything is an indicator of potential terrorist activity. Similarly, public schools have turned typical childhood behavior into a punishable offense.
The problem of overcriminalization has now spread beyond the unknown number of offenses outlined in the federal criminal code into your local school, homeland security agencies and more.
Indeed, the number is so incredibly massive, that the Congressional Research Service told a congressional task force that they simply did not have the manpower and resources required to create a tally of all criminal offenses outlined in the federal criminal code.

"I'm a Daddy and I Know it"

DaddyCrazy5:  Parody of "Sexy and I Know it". This is how we do it with 2 older boys + triplets!!! Here's our silly video creating fun family memories. It made an AWESOME white elephant gift for our families. Directed by Mommy:) Enjoy!

An End To Us - Operation Paul Revere

StabilityFilms: A short film by Timothy Bolton & Jordan Ingram.

European Parliament may call on Snowden, NSA chief and Glenn Greenwald to testify about NSA spying

By Madison Ruppert: With the European Parliament getting prepared to launch an investigation into the massive National Security Agency surveillance programs, whistleblower Edward Snowden, NSA chief Gen. Keith Alexander and journalist Glenn Greenwald may be called to testify.
The series of hearings on the recently revealed NSA surveillance programs is slated to begin in September, which was established after the agency’s global spying efforts were revealed in June.
The fallout in Europe has been quite significant, though Britain and Sweden blocked an attempt to engage in wide-ranging talks on espionage and intelligence between the European Union and the United States earlier this month.
In addition to harsh criticism from government officials in Europe in the wake of reports indicating that the US spied on EU diplomats, a European student group has filed complaints in multiple countries over the NSA’s surveillance.
The outcry in Germany has been especially loud after it was reported late last month that the US collects metadata on a half-billion German phone calls and emails.

Response to feminist EveySolara + Malicious Feminazi Fecal Distribution

RazorBladeKandy: This is a response to EveySolara in regards to her challenge of GirlWritesWhat

OMFG!! The Govt just sold Plasma UK to Venture Capitalists + Sheila Coleman Hillsborough Justice Campaign interview + Privatisation and Austerity is not Cricket - BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver

Steve Keen Exposes Financial Fallacies and Debates the Mortgage Debt Jubilee!

"I don't understand gold." Yes, that's what our beloved Fed Chairman actually told Congress today. Maybe that's why Germany wants 300 tonnes of it back. That would be gold the Fed is holding on its behalf. We have just one word for you Finance Minister Schaeuble: tungsten.

China reportedly planning to back the yuan with gold

RBTH Asia Pacific: Recent media reports suggest that Beijing is considering backing the yuan with gold. This decision, if taken, will likely affect China's economy and may trigger a new wave of the global economic crisis. For Russia, however, such a scenario may have its benefits

According to media reports of early July, the People's Bank of China is mulling the possibility of phasing out the dollar as the reference currency for the yuan exchange rate, and to start using gold as the reference point.
The reports have not been confirmed officially, but analysts are warning that the step, if taken, will weaken the yuan and destabilise China's already troubled economy, ultimately provoking a new bout of the economic crisis worldwide.

F-R-A-U-D!: Banksters’ Brain Cells - Max Keiser with Pete Comley

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert ask whether or not it will ever be possible to unwind quantitative easing as the parallel universe it has created sucks out interest payments and central banksters' brain cells. They discuss the latest in a long line of market rigging - this time the traders who rigged QE.

Is the Men's Rights Movement really a bad thing?

MundaneMatt: The Men's Rights Movement is generally regarded as a bad thing, and even listed as a hate group. Sadly these are not the case, and are general lies by the Feminist hierarchy in the world.