20 Jul 2013

The feminazi that broke me + Check Your Stupid + funny racist comedian

RazorBladeKandy: Finally a feminist who was so annoying she broke my spirit.

Confessions Of A Keynesian Debt Serf

Tyler Durden's picture Our keenly attuned absurdism/farce/idiocy meter was buzzing while reading the following piece from Yahoo Finance, yet despite our best efforts to discern the thinnest thread of sarcasm or self-deprecating humor, it appears that the author of the article was dead serious. Which is what makes this piece all the more deliciously funny. 
We present it without commentary as it speaks for itself, and because the author's delusion is a grand testament for why nothing can ever change until the endless bubble boom-bust cycle finally ends with the elimination of central-planning banking once and for all, which can only happen after a full systemic reset (and which is why instead of urging change from the disastrous course the US and the entire world is currently on, the only reasonable option as this point is to encourage its acceleration).
From Yahoo Finance
Why I’m Draining My Savings to Stimulate the Economy

For several years, the economy limped along because of me. I scrimped on everything, did it myself if I could do it myself, and hoarded money out of fear that the recent recession had another dip or two left in it.
Things are different now. I’ve turned my savings into spending, rung up thousands of dollars’ worth of purchases on my credit cards and in the process paid a lot more in taxes. And I’ll probably keep spending like this until I nearly run out of money.
In other words, I’ve bought a house.

Enough Oz-Economics… Let’s Get Back To Kansas-Reality

Submitted by Ben Tanosborn: We simply don’t get it; better yet, we simply don’t want to get it!  For all our proud puffing of an academic structure in economics second to none, coupled with business expertise we continuously claim to be the envy of the world, we’ll soon be proving ourselves as nothing but an inflated yokel with our pants down, squatting behind a pyrite-dust sprinkled curtain in a fantasyland we’ve created and nostalgically view as the United States of Oz.  And by soon, one can predict it to be within a short generation… two decades, at most, by all indications.
Rampant predatory business and limitless unrestrained greed have made our free enterprise system during the past three decades nothing but a joke in bad taste… for our system is neither free, nor does it reward enterprise.  Ours has become a system of maximized spoils serving exclusively those who hold what has become the primordial factor of production or wealth creation: capital.
Although the game “rock-paper-scissors” is gradually coming into disuse in the folklore of our current youth, I vividly recall it as an American childhood staple, even if its roots had been transplanted from Asia; one certainly preferable to the flipping of a coin.

Simulations, Smoke & Mirrors - VIX manipulation and Quantitative Easing - Max Keiser with Wolf Richter

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the mass lobotomy that is the knitting needle of market manipulation to the brain; Ben Bernanke's Pepto Bismol talk as simulated fearlessness and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) like wearing thirty seat belts. In the second half, Max talks to Wolf Richter of TestosteronePit.com, about the turmoil in the Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) market and about private equity and hedge funds buying up properties only to take those properties off the 'for sale' list and put them on the 'to rent' list.

Fox News Interviews Freedom Hero Adam Kokesh from Jail

djgabrielpresents: Hero Anti-government activist Adam Kokesh, who is currently jailed on trumped up (magic mushrooms) drug charges and is facing a firearms charge in D.C., says he will run for President in 2020 on a platform of abolishing the leach faux democratic US federal government.

World's Biggest Virus May Have Ancient Roots

Pandoraviruses were discovered lurking in the mud of Chile and Australia, half a world apart.
By Geoff Brumfiel: Researchers have discovered the largest virus ever, and they've given it a terrifying name: Pandoravirus.
In mythology, opening Pandora's Box released evil into the world. But there's no need to panic. This new family of virus lives underwater and doesn't pose a major threat to human health.

Govt+lobbyist one big mothafucka confliction - BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver

Central Banksters Make the Best Terrorists

By Richard (Rick) Mills: Ahead of the Herd - As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information
From the minutes of the Federal Reserve meeting April 30th - May 1st 2013…

"Many participants indicated that continued (job market) progress, more confidence in the outlook, or diminished downside risks would be required before slowing the pace of purchases."

On May 22nd Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress that a decision could be made, at any of the next few Fed meetings, to scale back the $85 billion in bonds the Fed is buying each month if the economy looked set to maintain momentum. The S&P 500 closed 0.8% lower, the dollar hit a three year high and the bond market sold off with yields on the 10 year Treasury notes jumping above 2%.

Speaking at a Boston economic conference Bernanke backtracked saying the Fed would continue to pour stimulus into the US economy, so long as inflation stays low, below 2.5% and until unemployment improves to below 6.5%.

Why rhodium scares me + Self Proclaimed Guru speaks to Rhodium! + More silver and chickens


Our "As You Wish" Markets Have Reached the Cliffs of Insanity

Next stop:  
the Pit of Despair?

Similarly, investors have fallen back in love with the capital markets, whose continual response their increasingly irrational hopes has been "As you wish."

Slumping GDP & Revenues

For example, U.S. GDP growth is awful it's slow and getting slower. It grew 1.8% in Q1 (lower than initially thought) and now analysts are tripping over themselves in a rush to lower their target estimates for Q2; some to as low as 0.3% (Morgan Stanley).

Feminist Frequency Debunked + Typhon Blue Interview "Compassion for men and boys"

The Shanghai Gold Surprise

By David Baker and David Franklin: The physical gold market continues to develop in the most wonderfully counterintuitive way. While the paper gold price languishes below US$1,300 per ounce, physical demand out of China is now reaching previously unforeseen levels. If you’ve heard this story before, it’s more of the same, except that the demand tonnage is now so high as to be almost comical.
According to data released by the Shanghai Gold Exchange, the amount of gold contracts settled for physical delivery on its exchange reached a staggering 1,098 metric tonnes year-to-date as of the end of June.1 This is an astoundingly large amount of physical gold. For perspective, 1,098 tonnes represents approximately 40% of the entire estimated global gold mine production in 2013. It also represents roughly 1/8th of the US Treasury’s official gold reserves, and over 100% of China’s stated official gold reserves. If the rate of physical delivery on the Shanghai Gold Exchange continues at current levels, it will deliver the equivalent of over 100% of global mine production by the end of this year… all through one exchange.