24 Jul 2013

High-Speed Train Derails In North-West Spain - 35 Killed, Hundreds Injured

When we recently described the case of the "monoderailed" Spanish "train to nowhere" we hardly had in mind just how sad and tragic this proposition would become in reality just two short weeks later. A high-speed train (traveling at 250kph) has derailed in Northwestern Spain - killing at least 35 people and injured hundreds more.

US Police Chief & Member Of School Board Mark Kessler Officially Tells Kerry & UN to “SUCK IT!”

Chief Kessler: NEED I SAY MORE :)

What my Mother Taught me About Rape + What are you gay?

SparkyFister: and more on sluts

By Winter Unemployment Explodes, More Foreclosures-Worse than Great Depression

Last week former president Jimmy Carter said "America has no functioning democracy!" That's not on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News or the BBC (British Brainwashing Corporation).
Greg Hunter: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says, "My prediction or expectation is by winter, the second downturn of the Great Recession will be in place. Unemployment will explode, more foreclosures are coming. It's going to be worse than the Great Depression." Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former Assistant Treasury Secretary.

Akala Knowledge is Power interview and Music + Democracy and Capitalism..if you like school you will love work + The Philosophy of Work-Nina Power

The Artist Taxi Driver

UK LENDING POLICY: Cable, Osborne and Carney lay groundwork for pre election stimulation splurge + How Westminster MPs are stealing small bondholders’ life savings to save their necks

The UK 2015 Election starts here
The Slog: You know things are desperate when the Financial Times runs a piece headed “Will the Royal baby buoy the economy?” Look Pink ‘un, it was a boy, not a buoy. The poor little beggar’s only 48 hours old and already he’s more influential than the Chancellor. Mind you, put that way well, yes, perhaps it does make sense.
Overnight, UK Business Minister Vince Cable has broken ranks again, this time with the Bank of England”s stricter monetarists. Vinny Livewire thinks the Old Lady has held back SME lendingby demanding that the banks hold ‘onerous levels of capital as a cushion against further shocks’.  Draper Osborne allegedly shares this view. Usually, I find myself nodding in agreement when Cable goes off-message, but this outburst seems oddly naive: has he not been following the thousands of SME fraud cases against RBS and other banks? Doesn’t he realise that no matter how lax you allowed these reptiles to be in terms of ‘cushion’, they’d still use the money selfishly for the own ends? Hasn’t he heard that Crash 2 is almost here?
Except it’s not quite as simple as that. There is an agenda here, and it isn’t that well hidden. This is about winning in 2015, and creating the right environment for QE-man Mark Carney to get down to the important business of chucking our money at the economy in order to make it look other than it is: a sort of narrow strip of quicksand, into which things are thrown, and then disappear.

Obama Backed FSA Rebels Slaughter Christian Village

AJ: Images obtained exclusively by Infowars show the aftermath of the massacre of a Christian village in Syria during which men, women and children were slaughtered and churches desecrated by Obama-backed FSA rebels.

Don't be that guy [part deux] + "Penis Wanted" ads

johntheother: Don't help her. Isn't that what the Sexual Sociopath's Assault organization of Edmonton is really trying to say?

As invasive in-store tracking technology becomes more common, companies attempt to self-regulate + US Federal government going after master encryption keys from Internet companies for easier spying

By Madison Ruppert: A little-known industry built around tracking customers in and around physical stores has grown considerably over recent years and now the industry is supposedly going to regulate itself amidst privacy concerns.
Companies and the technologies they use are quite diverse, ranging from facial recognition cameras in mannequins to systems that track signals from Wi-Fi enabled smartphones.
The latter technology is used by a company called Euclid which bills itself as “Google Analytics for the physical world.”
If Wi-Fi is turned on, Euclid can collect information including the presence of the phone, the MAC address, the phone’s manufacturer, the signal strength, and the name of the Wi-Fi network it is connected to (if applicable), according to the company’s privacy statement.
While the company says they don’t capture personal information or real-world identity, they are able to produce some quite amazing information for their customers.

Fingerprints: This Briefing Is Unclassified (Part 2)

Examining the Female Paedophile + Don't be that guy [part deux]

HumanityBites: Author Michele Elliott of 'Kidscape', in an interview recorded in 2004, provides an insight into women who sexually abuse children and covers how Feminists have attempted to suppress the reality of the high prevalence of female abusers.

Cyprus Real Estate Prices Post Record Plunge

Tyler Durden's picture Days after Cyprus banksters were bailed out (or, rather, in) in March, even if it meant the complete collapse of the local economy just to keep the country in the Eurozone and potentially the sale of the country's gold to provide its own funding toward the "common cause", the Eurogroup came out with a "Debt Sustainability Analysis" which predicted some hard times for the country but its eventual recovery. 
photoAbout a week later it emerged that the funding needs of the tiny island nation would be far greater than previously imagined, but for the time being, since the liquidity (if not solvency) situation had stabilized, all was well and that was one bridge that would be crossed when Europe came to it. That time may be coming fast. As Reuters reports, the Cypriot banking collapse has finally spilled over into the economy and resulted in a record collapse in local real estate values, which ranged from a 12.6% price drop in the valuation of an apartment to a 23.3% fall for office space in just the second quarter, which were the "sharpest recorded since RICS started collecting data