4 Aug 2013

How to fight the system - how to change

lorax2013: How to fight the system, how to change.

TORY ETHICS: thinner on the ground than a British supplier to government

The Slog: Reflecting their deep commitment to the future of Britainand its active encouragementthe Conservatives continue to be as good as their word.
Ethics-free spin Aussie merchant Lynton Crosby has now been joined in the Tory fold by Barack Obama’s campaign manager, Yank Jim Messina – the genius credited with creating a binding marriage of social media and political organisation that many in the US credit with securing Mr Obama a second term. And, um, troll swarming Republican sites while shutting down all sites via intermediary supporters that suggested the Black Dude just might be an empty suit with fewer democratic instincts than Dick Nixon.
The American Way is now The Camerlot Way. Waydergo! And to these patriotic, all-for-transparency appointments can be added:
* The appointment of a Canuck as Bank of England governor
* The unwillingness to stop immigration based on skill values
* The desire to put the multiple criminal Australo-American Murdoch in charge of UK media
* The hiring of Californian Spigit Software at the DWP
* Introduction of US asset-stripping Bain to the Department for Education.
And you didn’t even get me started yet on the defrauding of UK SME development by the Treasury’s preferred Gangsters, RBS.

US regulators 'find evidence' of banksters fixing derivative rates

US regulators have reportedly been handed evidence that traders at some of the world’s biggest banks manipulated a key rate for derivatives, pocketing millions at the expense of pension funds in the process
By : The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is probing 15 banks over allegations that they instructed brokers to carry out trades that would move ISDAfix, the leading benchmark rate for interest rate swaps.
Pension funds and companies who invest in interest rate derivatives often deal with banks to insure against big movements in the ISDAfix rate or to speculate on changes to interest rate swaps
ISDAfix is published each morning after banks submit bids for swaps via Icap, the inter-dealer broker, in a number of currencies. The CFTC has been investigating suggestions that the banks deliberately moved the rate in order to profit on these deals.
Given the hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of interest rate derivatives trades that occur annually, even the slightest manipulation can have a substantial effect. The CFTC, which started to investigate ISDAfix after last summer’s Libor scandal has now been handed emails and phone call recordings that show the rate was deliberately moved,

Co-op Land registration changes, illegal bonds, and seven toxic questions tabled in The House of Lords

leadersMore disclosures about why nobody in the élite political class wants to mention the words ‘Co-op bailin’
Three brass monkeys…..hear all, see all, say nowt
The Slog: Lord Myners has been a busy bee on the subject of the Co-op scandal. Last week, he tabled the following questions in order to turn the screws on a Parliamentary Establishment already terrified of the truth coming out (my emphases) :
Lord Myners (Labour)
To ask Her Majesty’s Government what assessment they have made of the impact of the absence of warnings from the Financial Services Authority or the Bank of England on the market in the bonds of Co-operative Bank; and why the regulators made public their concern about the capital shortfalls at Barclays and Nationwide but did not in the case of the Co-operative Bank.

To ask Her Majesty’s Government whether they are currently investigating, or have plans to investigate or cause to be investigated, whether employees of the Cooperative Group or Cooperative Bank gave assurances to retail savers and investors in the bonds and preference securities of the Cooperative Bank that might have misrepresented the capital status of those investment instruments and constituted the making of a guarantee by the Cooperative Group.
To ask Her Majesty’s Government whether the Cooperative Group or the Cooperative Bank or their directors and employees are or will be investigated for allowing a false market in securities issued by either body; whether the Financial Services Authority’s role will be investigated in respect of the same issue; and, if so, by whom.
To ask Her Majesty’s Government when the Cooperative Group and its directors and officers were last assessed as to being fit and proper to own and manage a bank; and by whom.


johntheother: Shame! what is it good for?

Thinking Of Reporting A Vatican Sex Crime? Now, It's Illegal!

Kopimi LeeCamp2: Two sources for the Vatican criminalizing whistle blowing -
1) Yahoo news via AP - http://news.yahoo.com/pope-criminaliz...
2) USA Today - http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/wo...

A moment of clarity; in a fake world + Equality; why some are worth more than others - BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver
"Fake banksters, government, money, 
jobs, media!"


BANZAI7 NEWS – Top U.S. officials did not meet Saturday to review the Al Ponzi threats that did not prompt regulators to issue a worldwide financial alert and close down 22 TBTF Banks for the rest of the year, a threat that has been described by Max Keiser as very specific.” The most specific he has seen in years.
JP MADOOFAH is mad that government threats have been made to JP Jane…

"White Girlz"

‘Poodle’ UK: MP’s to quiz GCHQ spies over $150 mln payments from US govt

RT: British spies working from the government’s GCHQ eavesdropping station will have to answer to MP’s about alleged millions of dollars paid to the British spy agency by the US and what was expected in return.
Sir Malcolm Rifkind, chairman of the parliamentary spy watchdog the Intelligence and Security Committee, has said that the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters will have to explain allegations that it received 96 million pounds (circa $150 million) from Washington over three years.
Labour MP Paul Flynn said the claims showed that Britain was “the poodle of the US”.
I don’t think anyone had any inkling of these payments. Clearly we fool ourselves that we have an independent foreign policy,” he said.
According to former NSA employee Edward Snowden, in return for the payments the British listening post was expected to “pull its weight” as at one point the Americans said GCHQ was not “meeting minimum expectations”.
The Intelligence and Security Commission has already begun investigating the UK’s involvement in Washington’s Prism intelligence program, which can harvest data from Facebook, emails and phone calls.

Researchers reveal that millions of ‘secure’ Kwikset smartkey locks can be opened with simple tools

Madison Ruppert: If you are one of the millions of people who have Kiwkset smartkey locks on your home, it’s time to seriously consider changing those out for something a bit more secure.
Despite the security claims made about the smartkey locks, researchers demonstrated the ability to bypass the locks with “a screwdriver and a paper clip and will present the technique at the DefCon hacker conference today.
DefCon is the same conference in Las Vegas where security researcher Barnaby Jack was going to demonstrate how a pacemaker could be hacked in order to kill someone. Jack was found dead in late July.
DefCon is also used by the National Security Agency as a way to recruit hackers, with Gen. Keith Alexander making appearances.
The researchers, noted lock hackers Marc Weber Tobias and Toby Bluzmanis, demonstrated the troubling technique for Wired, which captured it on video.
Tobias and Bluzmanis aren’t new faces at DefCon. In years past, they’ve demonstrated how to defeat what were thought to be high-security electronic locks like the ones used at the White House and other government offices along with electro-mechanical locks, deadbolts and widely-distributed electronic safes.

Could the manipulators keep up the pretence of economic health indefinitely?

Everyone with any degree of intelligence must sooner or later come to question a fixed view they have. New information comes to hand, so if you’re Harriet Harman you completely ignore it, and if you’re Boris Johnson you bend the results….but the rest of us with an objective brain think, “Hmm.”
For nearly five years now, I have held the unshakeable view that nothing can stop Crash2: that the loons at the top will keep trying to push the tide back with lawnmowers, but in the end events will overtake them. I still think this is the most likely outcome, but since last weekend I’ve begun to wonder if – by taking opportunistic advantage of this gathering storm – the sociopaths just might be able to keep the plates spinning almost indefinitely…and thus inflate away the debt as well as using wage-cutting to make the West far more competitive.
Once again here, there is a lesson from history. Although Hitler laid out a clear plan of his ambitions in Mein Kampf, he too was at heart an opportunistic genius who took full advantage of changing conditions. Although determined to re-occupy the Rhineland in 1935, he fully accepted that the covert German army was a sham, and that if the Allies resisted his move, he would be forced into a humiliating withdrawal. But no such resistance happened, and so the Führer went on gambling that Western appeasement would play into his hands.