7 Aug 2013

Fracking Protest Support And Police Friendly And Firm

Morris: We hear about Poland and see the police in Balcombe and learn where the food is coming from. Source

Feminism and Men's Rights by an Ignoramus

karen straughan: In one study designed to capture child sexual abuse (with wording that places no moral value on incidents), only 16% of men with a documented history of CSA reported it, compared with 64% of women with such histories.
The narrative is "men are rapists/abusers; women are raped/abused"
The narrative is "women are victims; men are perpetrators"
I'd guess a lot of men talk themselves out of victimhood and a lot of women talk themselves into it.

ABC Names First Person of Color 'Bachelor'

ramzpaul: Video of the dreamy person of color:

US Govt Ties to Child Sex Trafficking: Speical Report

AJ: More than 100 teenagers involved in sex trafficking and exploitation were rescued over the weekend in coordinated raids encompassing more than 70 cities, the FBI said Monday.

The youngest child was 13 years old,

An interview with UK MP George Galloway

The Artist Taxi Driver

Feminazi makes false sexual assault allegation and then assaults innocent man

Leo Jam: Feminist makes false sexual assault allegation and then assaults innocent man while crowd cheers for her. She is so proud of herself.

Damsel in Distress - How Video Games exploit Women

ramzpaul: Feminist video explaining the danger of Mario Brothers:

Start at 11:15 to see the feminazi critique of Mario Brothers.

This is video #1 of three video. The last video in the series was published on August 1, 2013. This is a feminazi video series to expose the evil and misogyny of video games.

The Great "Abu Ghraib" Escape

By Raheem Salman and Ned Parker: How al Qaeda broke hundreds of 'bad guys' out of the world’s most notorious jail -- and what it means for America.

On July 21, the temperature spiked to a sweltering 107 degrees in Baghdad -- brutal heat for the guards and prisoners inside Abu Ghraib's cement confines. Outside, among a patchwork of green farmland and dry brown fields, federal police and army troops -- packing AK-47s, PKC machine guns and sniper rifles -- were positioned throughout the terrain, which is dotted with Sunni farms and villages where insurgents had once launched a guerrilla war against U.S. troops. Within the walls of the infamous prison, the guards -- armed only with pepper spray and clubs -- were the last line of defense from would-be assailants.
At around 9 p.m. that night, as detainees were being counted on the way back to their cells after dinner, the mortars began to fall.
A barrage of more than 40 rounds hit the grounds in rapid succession -- some counted as many as 100 explosions. As guards and detainees scrambled for cover, two car bombs exploded outside, punching a hole in the walls of the massive prison compound.
More than 50 gunmen wearing tribal robes then entered the grounds, wielding pistols, AK-47s, and hand grenades.

The Power of No!

0:00 - A Special Thank You
1:50 - How to Keep Your Job
13:10 - The Root of Crippling Anxiety
1:11:19 - Free Market Fire Safety
1:15:30 - Was your bad childhood worth it?
1:52:18 - The Power of No!

2% real growth per year over time

silverfuturist: And reversion to the mean when it looks like there has been more than 2% over time... also who gets all of those gains?