11 Aug 2013

Why 'Feminism' is poisoning Atheism (Part 4)

Thunderf00t: This is Jen Mccreight accusing Krauss of all sort of horrible things based on hearsay.

Based on nothing more than 'someone told me' she was happy to report someone as the number one, the worst offender. Go Social Justice Warriors Go!

A Mom Home Schooling and Steiner Teacher Training

Morris: A Mom relates her home schooling and training to be a Steiner Teacher.

Dear HealthyAddict

The Justicar: Her video to which this video is a response: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5K1VC...

The video of hers which her video references: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BK3g8...

The video of mine from which the screen capture appearing in her most recent video was taken (which wasn't by her cited but should have been): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_e1w...

Peter Schiff's Stand-Up Comedy At NY's Funniest Reporter Show

SchiffReport: Stand Up Comedy At New York's Funniest Reporter Show (www.nyfunniestreporter.com) and Peter Comes In 2nd Place.

Stardusk: Scientific Reality and the Dissolution of Political Ideology

His father was dragged off‏

The images of 5-year-old Khaled screaming out for his father as the Israeli security forces dragged him off are hard to look at. This is daily life for Palestinians living in the segregated, military-controlled West Bank. But a nonviolent movement for freedom is growing. And it needs our help. Pledge just £4 now to get them lawyers, cameras, training, and campaigners to take this local resistance movement global:
Dear friends, It was the hottest week of the year. All Fadel Jaber wanted was some water for his family. But Fadel lives in the occupied West Bank, where the Israeli government has redirected water pipes to provide swimming pools for Jewish settlers and empty faucets for Palestinians like Fadel.

When the Israeli forces dragged Fadel off for taking water, his heartbroken five-year-old son Khaled could be heard screaming “baba, baba!” as his dad was torn away. This is daily life for Palestinians living under the brutal fist of martial law where their land and water has been stolen by settlers and they have no basic human rights. But after years of violence and hopelessness, a movement is growing in Palestine -- a nonviolent resistance seeking the same thing that all Israelis already have: freedom, dignity and a state of their own.

For years, the media has focused on Palestinian militants, and to this day, extremists on both sides are pushing peace further out of reach. But what’s lost in all that vitriol are the loving families like Fadel’s that just want a normal life. Now, those families are stepping forward, leading peaceful marches, organizing sit-ins, and working with Israeli activists to seek justice and freedom. In response, the Israeli military regime has thrown them in jail, beaten up organisers, and ripped children from their beds.

More Trouble In Store For UK Banksters

A list of all the potential legal problems and investigations facing our big financial names makes daunting reading
The Barclays acquisition of Lehman Brothers could end up costing it dear. Photograph: Eric Thayer/REUTERS

HSBC has already been fined £1.2bn for breaching money-laundering rules and Royal Bank of Scotland and Barclays hit with major penalties for rigging Libor, but over the past two weeks Britain's major banks have warned shareholders of the wide range of investigations they still face that could lead to even more fines.
Some of the information in more than 30 pages of legal disclosures released during the banks' recent results dates back more than 10 years – such as HSBC's admission about a long-running complaint relating to its takeover of Household International in the US in 2002. Other details reveal a common theme, such as ongoing investigations into Libor rigging that saw Barclays and RBS pay £290m and £390m respectively.
A number of the banks cite the implications of a competition investigation into interchange fees in the MasterCard network as well as European investigation into credit default swaps, the derivatives that were thrown into focus during the eurozone crisis when they provided a gauge to market fears of a country defaulting on its debt.

Open Sewer of Fraud - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Robert Prechter

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the KK Ho of central bankers, Mark Carney, seeking 'escape velocity' while impersonating a bond trader. They also discuss the dreadful summer wind for the currency impersonating a reserve as good as gold.

Obama The Baby Bomber On NSA Spying: "I Would Be Concerned Too, If I Weren't Inside The Government"

Tyler Durden's picture In what is as close to saying 'trust us, we're from the government,' as it gets; President Obama's traitor-identifying, blame-pointing, cover-your-assing speech on Friday has done nothing to end the supposedly "critical NSA counter-terrorism tool," from being used on American citizens. People of America should be relieved, as the President stated unequivocally that he is "comfortable that the program is not being abused." If only American citizens were able to see all the moving pieces, Obama implied, they would say "you know what? These [government] folks are following the law," but because the program remains classified, it remains impossible to know what is really going on. Reassuring rhetoric aside, as the AP notes, Obama offered these inspiring words regarding the ongoing concerns that law-abiding citizens may still have beyond his assurances: "I would be worried too, if I weren't inside the government." Another teleprompter-less glimpse of what he really thinks? Perhaps; but for now, the NSA will continue to sweep phone records of all Americans with the possibility of creating similar databases of credit card transactions, hotel records, and Internet searches.


The drones are losing.

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U.S. drone strikes have dropped off dramatically in Pakistan this summer.[1] 

According to the Associated Press: "The CIA has been instructed to be more cautious with its attacks, limiting them to high-value targets and dropping the practice of so-called 'signature strikes' -- hitting larger groups of suspected militants based purely on their behavior, such as being armed and meeting with known militants, said a current U.S. intelligence official and a former intelligence official briefed on the drone program.

"The CIA embraced the measures, feeling the drone program may be under threat from public scrutiny, the officials said."[2]

Over 66,000 threats of public scrutiny have been posted as signatures on our petition to ban weaponized drones. Click here to increase that number.

Even as the drone strikes are diminished, new evidence continues to emerge as to how many victims have been innocent men, women, and children. A Pakistani government report, never meant for the public, finds at least 147 civilians, including 94 children, killed in 75 CIA and 5 NATO strikes.[3]

It's time for us to seize the momentum.  We aren't demanding a temporary reduction in drone strikes. We're demanding a complete global ban on weaponized flying robots.