12 Aug 2013

I Was Raised To Hate Men And Now I Don’t Know What To Think About Feminism

Men were always wrong. Men were aggressors; men were rapists; men were stupid; men were obsessed with their penises; men were responsible for forcing my mother into a heterosexual marriage and motherhood

: I don’t remember learning about feminism; I never had some undergraduate feminist “click” moment. The gender wars were part of my life from my first breath. imageA suburban working mother with twins in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, my mother was outspoken about feminism in any given situation. I had T-shirts with feminist slogans on them and when I was little, my parents thought it was hilarious to point out some instance of sexism in our environment and then look at me for the punch-line. With my hands on my hips I’d stomp my foot and say “Male chauvinist pig!”

I was an outspoken kid. I stood up for myself against bullies. I never hesitated to raise my hand in school. From an early age I understood that I was expected to make it on my own in the world. I could be whatever I wanted to be, career-wise, and men were not required.

When I was 10, I told my mom I was going to grow up to be a journalist, live in a loft in Paris, and have “a succession of live-in lovers.”
When I was 11, my mom came out as a lesbian and my parents got divorced. She had met a woman -- who she is still with to this day -- and they wanted to be together. My dad moved across the country and everything changed.

The demonisation of UK lads mags isn't about equality or respect. It's a sexist assault on healthy masculinity

  • Co-op has removed Nuts from its shelves for refusing to use modesty bags
  • Feminists are threatening supermarkets with legal action under equality laws
  • Despite anti-page three campaigns, half naked men are pictured everywhere
By Peter Lloyd: For the past few months Britain's feminazi community have taken affront with men's magazines.

According to their Lose The Lads Mags campaign, publications such as Nuts, Loaded and Zoo objectify women while green-lighting domestic violence in a nation of misogynistic men. 
In a bid to have these titles banned, activists are using equality legislation to scare retailers into submission, arguing they'll face legal action if they disobey their orders.

USA: "National Identity Crisis!"

Gerald Celente: "A festival of human spirit, USPS takes photos of all circulating mail & more Palestinian land to be stolen by the Israeli regime. What about those "peace" talks? Guess that went out the window!"

A Religious Jew Says Give Israel To The UN

Morris: I don't agree with so much, and I don't want to contend with all the differing comments, but this man was quite popular here on this channel in the past, so: "Back By Popular Demand"
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Stefan Molyneux speaks to listeners about connecting to emotions, the inconvenience of feelings, the inability to fix your childhood through trying to fix other people, anarchy in our lifetime, liars, conformity, inspiration, creativity and discusses if empiricism is limiting.

Elysium: One of The Most Racist Films In History: Movie Review

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Women are from the Paleolithic

BlitheringGenius: Blithering on the different evolutionary pressures on male and female brains. Is this a trick question?

America's Next Colonies

The Truthseeker: Leaked Israel-US plan to carve up Asia at Friends [sic] of Syria talks; insiders mock Americans falling for false flags; Senate signing over foreign policy to Tel Aviv; and CIA infiltration of the media - Operation Mockingbird today.

Shale Gas found in D Cameron skull.. Quadrilla win contract + Chris Bryant misses point; hate is about control + OMFG!!! Iain Duncan Smith claimed for his underpants - BBC Suck O Cocks News

The Artist Taxi Driver

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