14 Aug 2013

We Are Not All Feminists

OxfordUnion: Edwina Currie begins by honoring Camila Batmanghelidh for the work that she does with children, following this she talks about the days when she was at Oxford and the ridiculous rules that were imposed saying that only boy was allowing in a girl room overnight as long as she paid for extra linin. Two boys were only allowing in the room at one time meaning that when her family came to visit her boyfriend had to stand outside whilst her father and brother were in the room.
She says she disagrees with feminism on two counts both cultural and practical.

On the cultural side there is a part of feminism that hates men

feminists how easy do you need it?

johntheother: This is a question and a challenge to feminists. My guess is that any self identifying feminist who meets this challenge is an outlier. Feminists, decency, do you have any?

Ron Paul Channel FIRST EPISODE!! - Interviews GLENN GREENWALD

TheRonPaulChannel: Ron Paul is America's leading voice for limited, constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, sound money, and a pro-America foreign policy.

Anti Porn: The New Fascism

The Truth About Ritual Male Child Mutilation AKA Circumcision

Stefan Molyneux: The truth behind circumcision, including details on the procedure, it's history, rate of occurrence, claimed medical justifications, relation to masturbation, negative consequences and it's morality.

Mum with 2 kids steals baby food from Tesco:police called!! + 'Mums selling sex to feed their children as benefit cuts hit Hull's poorest' - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver

Canadian Activist Speaks Out About Police Abuse and Govt Harassment

AJ: Dan Dicks discusses film making in America, the harassment of press by authorities and the constitutional rights being violated regularly by authorities. http://www.pressfortruth.ca/

الإخوان يلقون مدرعة شرطة من أعلى كوبري ويمثلون بجثث المجندين - ?Brotherhood throwing armored police from the top of a bridge?

Frack Off: Balcombe The BBC Reporting Unlikely To Frack

Morris: The Police, A local, The BBC reporter and a Protester - all have a story - that is mostly hidden.
Angelo: Like the Germans who followed Hitler, officials have no opinion, they are just doing their job and are conditioned or complicit in keeping quiet.

A slave-based economy not a "free market?"


Apartheid: ‘Unprecedented’ Israeli settlement expansion could sink Palestinian peace talks

RT: The genocidal Israeli regime has released 26 Palestinian prisoners on the eve of renewed Middle East peace negotiations. But apartheid Israel’s earlier announcement of new settlements for the West Bank and east Jerusalem challenges the outcome of the US-backed talks.
Israel released 26 Palestinian prisoners Tuesday night, as a sign of good will. Eleven men were transported to the West Bank and 15 to Gaza. The buses bound for the Palestinian territories were greeted by thousands of supporters.
Celebrations in honor of the prisoners exploded in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, where crowds gathered to greet their heroes. Fireworks erupted in Gaza, where both Hamas and Fatah supporters, danced and drummed the night away.

Ramallah too became a huge scene for celebration where the released prisoners were greeted by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the presidential compound.  The men also laid a wreath at the resting place of Palestinian President Yasser Arafat.

The Dangers Of Undermining Savings

SaveOurSavers: Discussion on BBC 2's Newsnight involving Save Our Savers about the dangers of undermining savings and incentivising debt. http://saveoursavers.co.uk