19 Aug 2013


By Angelo Agathangelou: WilliamBanzai7, friend and featured artist on SGW hits the spot as usual with his latest X art vs the NWO. This certainly conveys my recent personal experience on board flight BA663 returning from Cyprus. He could surely make a similar banner for British airways and I am sad to say the flight attendants and sheeple passengers. Turn off the lame stream media folks. My four year old Sophia instinctively gets that "the banksters are trying to boogy-woogying with our brains papa!" She certainly didn't need my instruction to be terrified at the prospect of being groped by these fascists.

CIA Finally Admits It Is Behind Iran's 1953 Coup

Tyler Durden's picture In case Ben Affleck was looking for his next Oscar-winning CIA-o-mentary, the Central Intelligence Agency (which alas in a time of NSA permasnooping has become a bit of an anachronism) may have just provided the script, with the first official admission that the flipflops on the ground orchestrated at least one Iranian coup and is ostesnibly behind all other global coups (and non-coups coughegyptcough) in the past 50 years, but until they are confirmed they will remain merely "conspiracy theories."
From CNN:
A declassified CIA document acknowledges that the agency was involved in the 1953 coup that overthrew Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh.

MRAs: be quiet, be polite

johntheother: Get back to work for the benefit of those who disregard the humanity of men in preference for the utility of men. Go back to quietly and conveniently absorbing and dispensing violence for the benefit of your social betters. And when you're broken beyond your continued utility to the leisure caste of our society, kindly be so good as to quietly and uncomplainingly kill yourself, so nobody who matters is troubled by the unsightly spectacle of a human being in pain. Source

Indian Rupee Collapses - Worst Day In 20 Years

Tyler Durden's picture Presented with little comment (over our earlier detail) but just to note that around the world there are significant events occurring (even as the US equity market slumbers). So much for the gold coin ban - gold now trades at 4 month highs in Rupee terms.

Today's 1.46 Rupee slump is the largest in absolute terms since 1993... (the largest single-day percentage depreciation since 9/22/2011)...

China plans new gold standard for dominant Yuan

bondbuyUncle Sam goes foot-shooting, gets felled by snipers
The Slog: Last week I posted about how Bernanke has run out of road in his attempt to keep everyone happy. As so often in such circumstances, he’s pleased nobody in the end: not the brokers, not the Asian creditors, and most definitely not the US consumer.
I also posted last week about the huge percentage of US bond-offloading accounted for by Chinese and Japanese dumping. And I’ve posted ad nauseam about the inability to generate spending from people who’s wages one just spent a decade eroding by 30%.
But as America shoots itself in the foot, snipers are busy targeting its head. What follows will explain how.

Banana Republic UK: Glenn Greenwald Says His Partner Was Questioned SOLELY About What Guardian Was Publishing Next! + UK Government "Pulverizes" Guardian Hard Drives In Snowden Retaliation, Says "There's No Need To Write Any More"

SaveOurLiberty: Glenn Greenwald Says His Partner Was Questioned SOLELY About What Guardian Was Publishing Next!

New World Order Control System & Military Industrial Complex

"The American dream
You have to be asleep to believe it."
829speedy829speedy: USA the Disposable People - Welcome to the New World Order Control System & Military Industrial Complex
The term New World Order or NWO refers to the emergence of a totalitarian one-world government.

MGTOW and Right Left Politics Revisited

Disable internet tracking, make websites load faster and increase your privacy with these free plugins

By Madison Ruppert: Are you concerned about internet privacy? Does the idea of companies tracking you across the web creep you out? Would you like to block popular tracking sites so they can’t harvest and then sell your private data? Do you want websites to load faster?
If you answered yes to any of the above, this simple guide is for you. In the past, I’ve written articles specifically aimed at teaching readers how to block Google’s pervasive tracking technologies and remain anonymous online.
In this article, you will learn how to block hundreds of other sites and services with just a few clicks and no cost to you.
With people becoming more aware of the extent of the U.S. government’s surveillance reach via the PRISM program and XKeyScore, many are seeking to learn how to block tracking by the private sector. Here are some simple ways:
Since the so-called “Do Not Track” technology is all but completely worthless in the eyes of industry giants, the most effective way of blocking tracking is to just block the scripts in the first place.
The free Firefox plugin NoScript will block JavaScript, Java, Flash and other browser-based plugins before they load.

Re: Feminism: what is it? + PZ Myers accuses Shermer of rape

Quincy Quinn: So I watched Megan's video "Feminism: what is it?" and I felt compelled to make a response. I strongly disagree with Megan even though I like her videos. I honestly don't believe women are oppressed; I believe the reverse is true. I believe we live in a gynocracy, a place where women are the ruling class.

How about Feminazi Supremacist?

Yemenis slam US assassination drone attacks

UK Banned Press TV: Thousands of Yemenis have taken to the streets in the capital, Sana’a, to protest against the rising number of US killer drone attacks in Yemen.

MonSatan: Chile fights GMO in national protest against ‘Monsanto law’

RT: Thousands of Chileans have rallied against a bill dubbed the “Monsanto law” that would let multinationals patent GMO seeds. Activists say it will not only compromise food sovereignty in Chile, but will also harm consumer health.
Mass protests were held in at least nine cities across the Latin American country to protest the bill that would allow for the development of genetically modified seeds. Activists carried banners emblazoned with slogans such as Monsanto kills and Monsanto will patent your life.”

2% real growth per year over time

silverfuturist: And reversion to the mean when it looks like there has been more than 2% over time... also who gets all of those gains?