20 Aug 2013

"Boiling Frogs" Countdown to Financial Collapse - A Conversation with G. Edward Griffin

Stefan Molyneux: Stefan Molyneux and G. Edward Griffin discuss the basics of the central bankster Ponzi scheme, past examples of honest banking, theft through inflation, monetarily enabling the military industrial complex, false patriotism and how long it will be until the collapse of the current system.

Bitcoins are private money in Germany

By Saumya Vaishampayan: Bitcoins have been classified as private money or units of account in Germany, according to media reports.
The recognition of the virtual currency as private money came in response to a parliamentary inquiry from the Federal Ministry of Finance in Germany.
“The German Ministry of Finance does not classify bitcoins as e-money or as a functional currency; they cannot be regarded as a foreign currency. Nevertheless they have to be subsumed under the German term of ‘Rechnungseinheit’ as a financial instrument,” Martin Chaudhuri from the Ministry of Finance told CoinDesk. Rechnungseinheit translates to unit of account in English.
One bitcoin recently fetched $118.52 on Mt. Gox, a popular bitcoin exchange.
This classification brings the question of applicable taxes, especially a sales tax, to the forefront. The German government said commercial transactions in bitcoins shouldn’t be tax exempt, according to a report in TechCrunch citing Die Welt. Germany earlier this year ruled bitcoin activity would be subject to a capital gains tax, but added that investors would be exempt from the tax if the bitcoins were held for one year.

"Anti-Zionism is NOT Anti-Semitism" - Chris Phillips to Sean Hannity

SaveOurLiberty: Chris Phillips the organizer for the 'Million March Against Fear' in DC on 9/11 "Anti-Zionism is NOT Anti-Semitism" Edited by WD

US High Cathedral of Fraud - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Owen Jones

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss Mom and Pop investors taken out on a slab and their wealth burnt to a crisp by the high cathedral of fraud that is the New York Stock Exchange and its degenerate priests of high finance. Max proposes a scheme of mortgages collateralized by food stamps.

Gold, Silver & A New Super-Major Bull Market

James Dines:  “Remember, gold moves on its own cycle.  It has come down with the whole raw materials crash in China, and it’s dragged down every single raw material including rare earths, uranium, everything.  But gold is different.  Curiously enough we have been getting an upturn in some of these rare earths and uraniums.  They seem to be moving together for some reason.  The answer to that is probably somewhere deep in mass psychology. 

But the most important thing to remember about the geopolitical situation is that gold is a hedge against two things:  Currency debasement, in other words too much printing of phony paper money, and also geopolitical fears....

“And that’s happening in the Middle-East.  That’s expressing itself in Egypt right now.  The violence is going to get much worse.  And of course whenever there is trouble around the Suez Canal, the prices of oil and shoots up.  Why?  Because the people in those areas are uncertain about their currencies -- will they be there tomorrow?

Doodling in Math Class: DRAGONS

Vihart: You can totally draw fractals freehand, yo. Tomorrow's class will be in approximately three weeks. Things to look up if you want: Dragon Curve, Sierpinski's Triangle, L-systems, fractals, space-filling curves.

The End Of Zero Interest Rates May Create A 'Huge Financial Disruption Akin To The End Of A War' - CREDIT SUISSE

By Ashley Kindergan: It wasn’t so long ago that the challenge of making money with interest rates stuck around zero was investors’ top concern. Those days are gone. Today, they’re worried about the opposite: the threat that now-rising rates pose for fixed income investments. That, and the downturn in emerging markets that many only recently embraced in the hunt for yield caused by those near-zero rates.
It’s easy to identify the date that things changed: May 22, the day that the Federal Reserve first alerted markets that it might soon start “tapering” the $85 billion in monthly asset purchases it has been making since December to juice the economy. And soon looks to be getting even sooner. A steady improvement in U.S. employment figures—unemployment fell from 7.6 percent in June to 7.4 percent in July—has brought into focus the 6.5 percent unemployment target the Fed set as a prerequisite for raising short-term interest rates. On Thursday, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released yet another piece of good news on the employment front: New applications for unemployment benefits sank to their lowest levels in six years in July.
That’s great news for Americans who happen to be landing new jobs, but not as pleasant for bond investors worried about rising rates.


The Amazing Atheist: "Make sure the bastards can't fucking take it down!" IT'S CRUCIAL AT THIS JUNCTURE TO FOLLOW MY SOCIAL MEDIA, as it may soon be the only way I have to communicate with you.

Cannabis Revealed: Why Is Marijuana Illegal?

TruthNeverTold: The answer will probably shock you. It is time to LEGALIZE NATURE!

Google says UK courts have ‘no jurisdiction’ over the company, Brits can’t sue over privacy violations

By Madison Ruppert: Google responded to a lawsuit filed by Apple users in the UK who object to the harvesting of their browsing habits by Google without their permission by simply claiming that British courts have “no jurisdiction” over Google.
Google has had numerous problems around the world thanks to their privacy violations, especially surrounding their complicity in National Security Agency (NSA) spying. Indeed, the German interior minister told Europeans to avoid using Google if they fear NSA surveillance.
Note: if you’re concerned about privacy, take a moment to implement our easy methods to block online tracking
In the latest case, individuals who used Apple’s Safari browser on their devices between September 2011 and February 2012 claim that Google was able to bypass all Safari security settings and harvest browsing data with a temporary cookie.

Why The 2,776 NSA Violations Are No Big Deal

By Ron Paul: Thanks to more documents leaked by Edward Snowden, this time to the Washington Post, we learned last week that a secret May 2012 internal audit by the NSA revealed 2,776 incidents of “unauthorized” collection of information on American citizens over the previous 12 months. They are routinely breaking their own rules and covering it up.
The Post article quotes an NSA spokesman assuring the paper that the NSA attempts to identify such problems “at the earliest possible moment.” But what happened to all those communications intercepted improperly in the meantime? The answer is, they were logged and stored anyway.

We also learned that the NSA routinely intercepts information from Americans while actually targeting foreigners, and that this is not even considered a violation. These intercepts are not deleted once discovered, even though they violate the government’s own standards. As the article reports,once added to its databases, absent other restrictions, the communications of Americans may be searched freely.”

Why Won't Men Commit to Her?