29 Aug 2013

U.S. Dollar: “Reserve” to “Laughing Stock” Currency in Less Than One Century

SPX-S&P-500-Large-Cap-IndexBy Michael Lombardi: As we march towards another debt ceiling limit…
The U.S. Treasury Secretary, Jacob J. Lew, wrote a letter to Congress this week stating the U.S. government will hit the debt ceiling by October. He wrote, “…Congress should act as soon as possible to protect America’s good credit by extending normal borrowing authority well before any risk of default becomes imminent.” (Source: U.S. Department of the Treasury, August 26, 2013.)
Lew added, “Protecting the full faith and credit of the United States is the responsibility of Congress because only Congress can extend the nation’s borrowing authority. Failure to meet that responsibility would cause irreparable harm to the American economy.” (Source: Ibid.)
Will Congress raise the debt ceiling again? It certainly will!
Since 1960, Congress has raised the debt ceiling 78 times—49 times under Republican presidents and 29 times under Democratic presidents. (Source: U.S. Department of the Treasury web site, last accessed August 27, 2013.)
The debt ceiling, which is set by Congress, puts a restriction on how much the national debt can be increased.
On August 23, 2012, the U.S. national debt stood at $15.97 trillion. Fast-forward one year to August 23, 2013, and our national debt hit $16.73 trillion.

Honey Badger Radio: Dr Phil and the Feminist Inquisition

karen straughan: Don't be that guy. My strength is not for hurting. Men can stop rape. Hear what she's really saying. She fears you. No means no. Teach men not to rape. Yes doesn't always mean yes.

According to the people responsible for these slogans and catchphrases, one of the primary purposes behind them is this:

Syria Time For Brinkmanship - Syrian Girl

Morris: Diplomacy brings no results - be like North Korea Steadfast! Source

Gail Dines Blackmails Radisson Hotels

Why would Assad use chemical weapons? + Syria vote; Cameron humiliated bully a dangerous creature - BBC Suck O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver

Sinkhole of Stupid - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Chris Martenson

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the sinkholes of stupid causing collapse wherever they occur and, how in Texas, they are totally fracked as the sinkhole of stupid has caused water shortages. In the second half, Max talks to Chris Martenson about the four signs of dangerous bubble territory, the markets oblivious to the costs of Fukushima meltdown and the bad economics of fracking. Source

MHRM Overview, 20/20 and crazy feminists

Syria - War is a Racket

ramzpaul: The usual Marxists suspects (those who will never fight themselves) are agitating for yet another war. The goal is to bring "democracy" and "equality" to Syria.

Exposed: US Helped Launch Syrian Chemical Attacks + No Restraint on Washington's Criminality - Will Lead to Nuclear War

AJ: In an explosive declaration, Syria's deputy foreign minister has now come out on record in declaring that the US, Britain, and France were instrumental in aiding the chemical attacks on Syria through a network of terrorists inside the country. Infowars Reporter Anthony Gucciardi joins Alex Jones to discuss the bombshell information.

The Killing of Tony Blair

By George Galloway MP: "Some people make a living, others make a killing" - an exclusive new documentary on Tony Blair which will break unexplored ground

"Hands Off Syria!" London Street Protest Against Syria Intervention At Downing Street +

Morris: Civil disobedience followed the anti war rally outside Downing Street. People remained seated in the street resisting police calls to disperse.