10 Sep 2013

All countries of the world hand in your chemical weapons

Syria, Rwanda and The Bloody Hypocrisy of American Interventionism - A Conversation with Ivan Eland

Stefan Molyneux: Stefan Molyneux speaks with Ivan Eland about the the build to war with Syria, the history of American interventionism, artificial middle eastern boundaries, a legacy of colonialism, absolutist irrationalities, prestige agreements, horrors which haven't provoked United States intervention and the strategy of economic warfare.

Selling Syria - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with comedian, Lee Camp + Max Keiser Deciphers Saudi Arabia’s Nat. Gas Pipeline Ambition To Understand Obama’s Syria Predicament

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, discuss 'financial terror,' cluster bombs and protestors without portfolios. They also discuss Standard & Poor's 'blasting' the $5 billion fraud lawsuit against them as retaliation for the rating agency's 2011 decision to strip the United States of its AAA credit rating.

Syrian Presidency Takes The Fight To Twitter

Tyler Durden's picture It seems Assad has more to say this morning...

Syrian Presidency @Presidency_Sy
: Once Western countries stop supporting terrorists&pressure puppets like Saudi Arabia&Turkey, problem in Syria will be solved easily.

Western misogyny no match for modern misandry

By Angelo Agathangelou: OK, so I rephrased Bab's title to make my point. I repeat, the central most important issue in this man's life is my children. In this regard, modern misandry in so called first world western society has rendered all men virtually impotent and certainly second class citizens. Therefore I submit for your reading disappointment another diatribe of man hate and belittlement of our raison d'etre by the feminazis. They just don't get it. The life rape of men and their children today.

Misandry no match for misogyny says Barbara Ellen

By Barbara Ellen: I’ve never known a woman carry that chilling aura of compressed perma-rage against the opposite sex that hangs around certain men (Angelo: Because she hasn't the threat of state child abduction and the execution of such by violent force that hangs over us.)

NSA is Really After Your Money + THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES

By : If anyone believes whatever the government or politicians say is the truth, then you have your head in the sand. Edward Snowden has revealed what the NSA has really been up to. They have access to the SWIFT system of all bank transfers. They are monitoring all money movements everywhere.
Anyone who truly believes these people care about protecting the Constitution or the interests of the American people just willfully blind. This will have a MAJOR economic impact and contraction for the global economy. They are supporting the very terrorists against Syria all for a pipeline. They will use the terrorists just as anyone else whenever their interests are aligned.
The NSA has been monitoring all banks accounts in Europe with access to the SWIFT system. They can block countries as they did with the Vatican and Iran. No money can be transferred via international settlements. They are preparing for the greatest hunt of all time – the confiscation of wealth to sustain government like we have never known before.

Art Offends Feminists, So We'd Better Hide It To Protect Their Feelings

6oodfella: This is the sad story of censorship being victorious.
Just what do they have to ban before wider society sees how disgusting these feminists are?
Women are so oppressed, and face so much discrimination, that the National Organization For Women protest a piece of art that they have great difficulty interpreting. They're not protesting about women not being allowed to work, vote, drive, get an education, pay taxes, spend their own money, run a business, own property, wear what they want, or date whom they choose, no, there's a reason they have to search for pathetic examples of "Misogyny" and make a lot of noise about it, it's because western women are not oppressed in any way, shape, or form.

Ron Paul to Warmongers: Leave Syria Alone!

By Ron Paul: Plans, rumors, and war propaganda for attacking Syria and deposing Assad have been around for many months.
This past week however, it was reported that the Pentagon indeed has finalized plans to do just that. In my opinion, all the evidence to justify this attack is bogus. It is no more credible than the pretext given for the 2003 invasion of Iraq or the 2011 attack on Libya.

Govt Controlled Media's Great Con Game on Americans

AJ: Alex talks with callers on the topic of how USA should respond to the lack of evidence for gas attacks in Syria. Source