11 Sep 2013

Scams vs. Conspiracies (Why we can't ignore Anita Sarkeesian) + Mens Rights Edmonton in Calgary...on gay pride day

The Humiliation of Palestinian Refugees (Full Movie)

للاجئين الفلسطينيين في العراق، الاردن، لبنان، وسوريا، يعانون من الاهانة اليومية على يدي اخوتهم العرب لسنين طويلة. هل حان الأوان لمعاملتهم بكرامة وعزة؟ هل الوقت مناسب لمساواتهم قانونياً بمواطنين الدول التي يقيمون فيها واعطائهم حقوق المواطنة كاملة، والجنسية؟

Palestinian refugees in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria suffer a daily humiliation at then hands of their Arab brothers. It is way past time that they were given dignity, equality before the law and Iraqi, Jordanian, Lebanese or Syrian citizenship.


Manipulation of Consciousness - Greeks Are Awakening

By Angelos Vianniti: Fear is a timeless tool that uses any kind of political , religious and economic power , not only to consolidate and defend its interests and sovereignty , but as a necessary and appropriate means of expression. It is vital for each power can impose fear of consequences and punishment for those who do not recognize the ownership , resist it, or represent a competitive force.

" Good governance can be sold to a society , just like any other commodity " - " Constructing the Consent »-Edward Bernays.To enable the relevant authority to impose its sovereignty when it does not have the desired effect with the power of persuasion, is forced to show her real face and consolidate power with the power of power . The message is clear and obvious : "If you're not with me , you will suffer the consequences. I do not care if you agree with me or not, just make what I ordain . Not interested acquiesce , but to obey . " 

The management of fear

Inherent characteristics that distinguish the New World Order than any other form of power is the fact that in itself is invisible and undefined and has the ability to manipulate mass consciousness through the power of media.

Msandry: Feminism's Pimp Hand + AVFMS launched, EFMS suspended, possibly more diverse future content +

karen straughan: "Are the Vagina's in the house!" Eve Elsner screams to a cheering audience of feminists. Yep. All us women? We're just vaginas. And that's all that we are. You know who else reduces women down to their genitals? Pimps.

Deja vu in Syria

AlJazeeraEnglish: Weapons inspectors, WMDs and calls for intervention - have journalists already forgotten the lessons from Iraq? Plus, journalism reinvented: the challenges of covering the Syrian war from afar. Source

Bad will hunting

johntheother: Bad Will Hunting (or, how I learned to stop worrying and love a contrived moral panic)

Study Shows Planet Plunging into Global Cooling

Project: Liberty Defined: + Will Assad's Arms Plan Stave The Black Hearted Globalist's Deadly Agenda Or Only Postpone WWIII?

Putin Bitch Slaps 'Baby Bombing' Obama In To Putting Attack On Hold + Assad Lays Down His Conditions: "Deal Depends On US Stopping Aid To Terrorists", Israel Disposing Of WMDs

Tyler Durden's picture UPDATE from Reuters
  • French draft UN security council resolution would give Syria 15 days to make complete declaration of entire chemical arms program
  • Draft would demand immediate UN inspections of all sites based on Syria’s chemical weapons declaration
  • Would threaten Syria with further necessary measures in the event of failure to comply (via Reuters)
Starting just 1 minute late, the President begab by unapologetically conjuring images of WWI and WWII and stuck to the line that "we know" Assad was responsible for killing his own people with Sarin. Then moved to fear-mongery over what Iran might do, adding that he was very much for strikes. But, in giving Congress the hot potato he knew decision would be difficult. The US military does not do 'pin pricks' and a "targeted" strike will send a message to Assad. While recognizing the need for a diplomatic solution, Obama made it clear that those efforts would follow a military strike. But then, after all the angry banter, he then backed down and said, will work for peaceful solution by putting the strike on hold and will bring a resolution to UN. Ending on a more aggressive note, he warned Republican and Democrat lawmakers to rethink their opposition to the strikes should they be needed.

Silver Manipulation - HSBC Connection To US Mint? Christian Garcia & Mike Maloney