14 Sep 2013

Eric Schmidt - spying is fine - In P.I.G. USA

ramzpaul: Google head commented that the United States government spying on its own citizens is just a normal part of society... In a Prisoner Industrial Gulag. Source

Freedom Of Speech in a 1984 World

Morris: We seem free to say a lot, but we are also under surveillance. Source

No Surrender + Addicts Wanted - Missiles with Relish


Shaping Our World: The rulers of mankind, international banksters, control the issuance of money.Everything can be based on money.So when they control the money they can control everything as everything is developed through money creation.But we know that this balance can only be tipped by an awakened, loving and united humanity.So using the power that gives them the issue of money, they were able to control all the functions and activities of man.In this way they managed to keep humanity in ignorance, cultivate hatred between them and divided into different social groups such as social classes, religious denominations, political parties, football teams , etc.Thus the dissolving of the immune system.Dissolved self-defense and the ability to walk committing inhumane crimes against us and carry their plans for the final subjugation through global dictatorship and the New World Order.To reverse their plans and save the present and the future of humanity, a citizen must activate and use the following strategy, following the series of steps below:

The Awakening of Cyprus and Earth - The Critical Number of 92

Shaping Our World: Like most people today we realize we are in one of the most important and critical phases of change and transition on both a personal and a collective global level. A transition from the old, corrupt, dark into the new energy characterized by more light and unity. We are in one of the most critical phases of the history of Cyprus and the whole of our Earth . Perhaps many of us have felt that we are not at this time here by chance , we have a very significant and important task ahead of us. And so indeed it is!

The purpose of this letter is to rally the unity and cooperation of all people with an open heart and open mind and consciously work towards light both in life and in the life of the planet.

As today banksters everywhere and the darkness has declared relentless war through the media, through Policy and Government, through the Economic Crisis
, to circumvent freedoms, the oppression of nature and health, through brainwashing, mind control and more generally of our lives and therefore insists darkness, light persists even more and of course it has all the necessary tools not only to resist but to prevail at the state level!

Military Times Survey: 75% of Troops Oppose Strikes on Syria

By Michael Krieger: It’s always a good sign for an empire’s fortunes when the commander in chief of the armed forces completely loses the confidence and trust of the troops. While we have all seen various polls demonstrating the general public’s complete opposition to unprovoked military aggression against Syria, I hadn’t seen a survey focused on military members until now. The results are not good for the establishment. From the Military Times:
To the list of skeptics who question the need for air strikes against Syria, add an another unlikely group — many U.S. troops.
“I haven’t heard one single person be supportive of it,” said an Army staff sergeant at Fort Hood who asked not to be identified by name.
A Military Times survey of more than 750 active-duty troops this week found service members oppose military action in Syria by a margin of about three to one.
The survey conducted online Monday and Tuesday found that about 75 percent of troops are not in favor of air strikes in response to reports that the Syrian government used chemical weapons to kill civilians in that country.
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Cyborgs, Brain Scan ID Technology & State Line Checkpoints


“Nobody knows what the fuck is going on…”

Hong Kong - Financial circles in Hong Kong are buzzing today on the new Goldman Sachs projection that gold may drop below $1,000 an ounce. And in merely suggesting such a death sentence for the metal, Goldman’s pronouncement pushed the paper price of gold contracts down $20+.
Many technical indicators underscore Goldman’s views. There’s very little floor for gold prices below $1,200, signaling that gold could gap down quickly.
Conventional wisdom is also moving against precious metals. Newspaper headlines are telling us that emerging markets are toast (India, Indonesia, Brazil) while the developed economies (US, Europe, Japan) are on the mend.
Of course, the facts don’t really support this.
  • Unemployment in much of southern Europe continues to soar, and Greece is imminently in need of yet another bailout.
  • The Japanese government’s most recent budget numbers indicate payments on the national debt totaling 22.2 trillion yen, which constitutes 51.5% of the government’s 43 trillion yen tax revenue.
  • In the Land of the Free, the US government is just a few weeks away from defaulting. Again.

Feminazi Anita Sarkeesian: The #anitagate petition

Message to all Awakened ~ Μήνυμα προς όλους τους Αφυπνισμένους

Mike Nikolaou: Once everyone is awake and knows the truth at the same time occurs and how to deal with any "unwanted" situation. Awaken yourself ... Awaken and everyone else around you .. in one way or another, for example, talk about what you know and then something magical will happen .. individual and the collective level.