18 Sep 2013

Britain is back to being the sick man of Europe!

Productivity has gone into reverse since 2007, and the gap with the US and Germany is now as big as it was two decades ago

: Productivity is a key measure of how well an economy is doing. Put simply, it measures how effective a nation is at making stuff and providing services.Looking back over the decades, it has tended to increase by a bit more than 2% a year in the UK as more skilled workers use better-quality kit to provide the new products that come on the market.
In the five years since the start of the financial crisis in 2007, Britain's productivity growth has not just stalled but gone into reverse. Had the pre-recession trend continued, output per hour would have been 13% higher than it was when the markets froze up; in reality, it was 2% lower.
The recession was global, so the UK is not alone in suffering a productivity hit. The impact was, however, more severe in Britain than elsewhere, which is why the latest international comparisons show a drop down the league table.
One way of looking at the official data is to conclude it marks a return to the days when Britain's relatively poor productivity record saw it dubbed the sick man of Europe. There was a marked improvement in the 1990s and the first half of the 2000s, but this came to an end in 2007. Now the gap with the US, Germany and France is as big as it was two decades ago.

Are You Ready For US Yellenomics? "Bernanke on steroids"

Janet YellenBy Michael Snyder: Are you ready for Janet Yellen Wall Street wants her, the mainstream media wants her and it appears that her confirmation would be a slam dunk.  She would be the first woman ever to chair the Federal Reserve, and her philosophy is that a little bit of inflation is actually good for an economy.  She was reportedly the architect for many of the unprecedented monetary decisions that Ben Bernanke made during his tenure, and that has many on Wall Street and in the media very excited.  Noting that we "already know that Yellen is on board with Bernanke's easy money policies", CNN recently even went so far as to publish a rabidly pro-Yellen article with this stunning headline: "Dear Mr. President: Name Yellen now!"  But after watching what a disaster Bernanke has been, do we really want more of the same?  It doesn't really matter whether she is a woman, a man, a giant lizard or a robot, the question is whether or not she is going to continue to take us down the path to ruin that Bernanke has taken us.  As I have written about so many times, the Federal Reserve is at the very heart of our economic problems, and under Bernanke the Fed has created a mammoth financial bubble unlike anything that we have ever seen before.  If Yellen keeps us going down that road, financial disaster is inevitable.

QE∞! No Fed Taper!

The Doc: 
  • QE∞! No Fed Taper!
  • Interest rates to remain at zero
  • Gold & silver go vertical! Silver now up $2 off the days lows, gold up $50 and spiking!
Full FOMC QE∞ statement below:

A Christian's Perspective on The False Jewish Identity

Morris - Some quotes from the interviewee:
So there can be any ethnic person such as an Ethopian or Italian that can like a sports team and live a lifestyle as a "fanatic" of that team so too anyone can live a "jewish" lifestyle but that doesn't change their ethnicity.

Men's Rights: 'Why men still marry and have children despite the social and legal ruin they risk in doing so' + Child Psychiatrist Defends Drugging my Child w/o my Knowledge or Consent

Typhon Blue: "Those brown people!" I'm not saying this didn't happen or doesn't happen, but I wish people would think critically and ask questions. All the evidence in this case is one activist's statement and two people contacted by Reuters (where did their contact info come from?) Why didn't they interview the medical staff if they were so sure the authorities weren't trustworthy?

Our society is not safe in the hands of banksters + John McDonnell MP "this is not a recovery it's a robbery" and The War Machine - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver
'Greedy fuckers privately own the Bank of England and Federal Reserve printing trillions... what for? Put that in your nut!

Contract reveals US NSA paid French hacking company unknown sum in 2012 to develop software exploits

By Madison Ruppert: A recently released contract reveals that the National Security Agency (NSA) paid a French hacking company an unknown amount of money in 2012 for a 12-month subscription to a “binary analysis and exploits service.”
The contract, released under a Freedom of Information Act request, shows firm proof of the massive malware purchasing program run by the United States.
While it was most recently revealed that the FBI employs hackers, this is the first time that a document has been publicly released that clearly shows the NSA’s exploit purchasing program.
The contract, released by MuckRock, shows that the NSA paid a redacted sum to Vupen, a company based in Montpelier, France, for a year’s worth of exploits.
The exploits purchased are sometimes called “zero-day attacks” due to the fact that they remain undetected and unpatched by software developers.
They are “complex codes custom-written by hackers to target undisclosed security weaknesses in widely used operating systems like Windows and software programs like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Java, and Flash,”

The Armageddon Looting Machine: The Looming Mass Destruction from Derivatives

By Ellen Brown: Increased regulation and low interest rates are driving lending from the regulated commercial banking system into the unregulated shadow banking system. The shadow banks, although free of government regulation, are propped up by a hidden government guarantee in the form of safe harbor status under the 2005 Bankruptcy Reform Act pushed through by Wall Street. The result is to create perverse incentives for the financial system to self-destruct.
Five years after the financial collapse precipitated by the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy on September 15, 2008, the risk of another full-blown financial panic is still looming large, despite the Dodd Frank legislation designed to contain it. As noted in a recent Reuters article, the risk has just moved into the shadows:

[B]anks are pulling back their balance sheets from the fringes of the credit markets, with more and more risk being driven to unregulated lenders that comprise the $60 trillion “shadow-banking” sector.

Canadian Billionaire Predicts The End Of The Dollar As Reserve Currency; Warns "It's Likely To Get Ugly"

Beginning with how war criminal Kissinger and Nixon enabled the USD as the world's de facto reserve currency through oil, Canadian Billionaire Ned Goodman explains in the brief but far-reaching clip how it is both inevitable (and rapidly approaching) that the rest of the world will turn its back on the dollar. With China and Russia (among many others that we have detailed in the past) agreeing on non-USD swap terms for energy, the cracks are starting to show and as Goodman details, "in the 1930s, everyone wanted USD (backed by silver)," but today, backed by nothing, "everyone wants to get rid of them." Buying hard assets is crucial (he has never been more bullish of gold) as we head into a period of stagflation or even high inflation; and as Goodman previously commented "the world is totally upside down right now - it's completely crazy," in fact, he adds, "I'm keen on anything that's going to live with higher inflationary numbers, because I can't see the world getting out of the problems that it's in.

Half of world’s richest women are Chinese

By Lu Nengneng: Yang Huiyan, 32, heiress to property developer Country Garden, has retaken the title of China’s richest woman from another property tycoon Wu Yajun, 49, this year, according to the Hurun List of Richest Women in China 2013 released today.
It has been five years since Yang ceded the top spot of the list compiled by Hurun Research Institute. Based on calculation made in August, Yang's wealth shot up 60 percent to 51 billion yuan (US$8.3 billion) from a year earlier when she ranked 11th after Country Garden, 58 percent owned by her family, reported a 20 percent increase in revenue and a 17.9 percent growth in profit last year.