19 Sep 2013

Neonazi Greece: "My child is a rapper not a communist!" Hundreds said goodbye to Paul Fyssas + Here We Vote Against Fascism - Referendum for 50,000 signatures

By Perseus999: Anti-fascist rapper and metal worker was stabbed to death by 25 neonazis on the night of Tuesday 17 September in the Keratsini area of Piraeus.

Pavlos Fyssas, a 34 year old antifascist and hip hop artist (Killah P), was murdered by Golden Dawn neonazis in Keratsini, a working class neighborhood in Piraeus.
From eye-witness report: "Around 24:00 a group of 15-20 fascists, wearing black t-shirts and military pants and boots, was deployed on P. Tsaldari street. During that time, Killah P was walking with his girlfriend and another couple when he was spotted by the fascists shouting "what are you looking for here, you know there is no place for you in this hood". The fascists hunted the two couples down P. Tsaldari street towards Gr. Lampraki avenue, where from another street, a new group of around 10 fascists came out and surrounded the guys. At that time, a car drove opposite in an one-way street, stopped, the driver came out and stabbed Killah P once in the heart and once in the abdomen (the stabbing on his abdomen had an upside-down "L" shape).
The whole scene took place in the presence of DIAS motorbike police, that only afterwards and only as soon as most of the fascists had already dispersed, arrested the murderer

Silver up big - and you cannot help the people!

silverfuturist: For every buyer there is a seller. Prices go up and down. If you promote an asset, in the long run just as many people will lose wealth as who made wealth listening to you! Maybe even more will lose wealth, as the early adopters were buying before you started talking about it. But those who lost money will be mad. And some will blame you. Source

To challenge these statements is blasphemous

By Simon Black: En route to Chile - “Truth. noun. The quality of state of being in accordance with fact or reality.” This is how my dictionary defines truth: it can be ‘fact’. But it can also mean ‘reality’.
The people who control the system have figured this out– if they can change someone’s reality, they control the truth.
Think about all the pithy aphorisms thrown about, particularly here (USA) in the Land of the Free. For example, They hate us for our freedom.” Or, You’re innocent until proven guilty.”
These statements are total nonsense, completely unsupported by the facts.
But through sheer volume of repetition, they’ve become reality for most unquestioning citizens… and hence, truth.
This is also the case in finance and economics. For example, I heard the following statements just in the last 48-hours while visiting the Land of the Free:
America will never default on its debt.”
The debt doesn’t matter because we owe it to ourselves.”
Again, these statements are totally unsupported by the facts.
The notion that the US government won’t default on its debt is simply historically inaccurate.

"Fed Credibility In Tatters", Credit Agricole Laments: "Market In State Of Shock"

Tyler Durden's picture The "market is in a state of shock" after the Fed's decision to postpone taper, noted Credit Agricole's David Keeble adding that "Fed credibility and its communication strategy are in tatters." This, as others have noted, will make it many times more difficult to manipulate yields lower in the future as the "Fed is moving to a new way of looking at asset purchases."
As we explained in detail 15 months ago, Keeble notes the Fed appears to have clearly signaled that the degree of accomodation is not linked to size of the Fed balance sheet, but that the flow of Fed buying is "very important." So, it's the flow, not the stock.
Keeble does warn that rates could rise once again in the next several weeks if Congress reaches resolution to avoid government shutdown - which could perhaps be the post-fiscal-year-end signal for another Taper-tantrum.

On the Male desire for Unfreedom - Stardusk

bar bar: Off the cuff discussion of said topic

Psychotic apartheid ‘Occupier’ Israel behind injustice and instability in region: Iran's Rouhani

UK BANNED Press TV: Iran President Hassan Rouhani has inteligently and honestly criticized the Israeli regime for doing injustice to people of the Middle East and sowing instability in the region.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the American TV channel, NBC, Rouhani correctly described the apartheid Israeli regime as "occupier and usurper" and one which does injustice to regional people and has brought instability to the region through its warmongering policies.

NHS, Govt, BBC fraud, 50k eviction notices, Prince Killing - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver

Cameron and Osborne Ponzi housing bubble - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Guest Simon Rose - The continuing rape of savers

liarpoliticians: Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert look into PM David Cameron's and chancellor George Osborne's Ponzi schemes to inflate the UK property sector.

Russia: UN inspectors ignored evidence on Syria chemical attacks

'The UN inspectors, headed by Swedish scientist Dr. Ake Salstrom, were informed about this, but ignored the information in their report.'
"The United States has been acting 
highly selectively and using double standards!"

HSBC Whistleblower Speaks, Uncovered Terrorist Financing

wearechange: Luke Rudkowski interviews Everett Stern, a former employee of HSBC that uncovered and blew the whistle on the company knowingly financing criminals, terrorists and drug cartels. Source

The Kosher Seal Revealed

63 High Government Debt Episodes and What They Tell Us about Our Options Today

By f f wiley: Do you wonder what to make of America’s soaring government debt and what it means for the future? Or, if you already have it figured out, are you interested in research that might challenge your position?
Either way, you might like to see the results of this exercise:
  1. Take each historic instance of government borrowing rising above America’s current debt of 105% of GDP.
  2. Eliminate those instances in which creditors received a lower return than originally promised, due to defaults, bond conversions, service moratoriums and/or debt cancellations.
  3. Of the remaining instances, consider whether and how the debt-to-GDP ratio was reduced.
In other words, let’s see what history tells us about today’s debt levels and what comes next. You may find the answer surprising.