24 Sep 2013

US surveillance an 'affront' - Brazil's Rousseff to UN

RT: Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff lambasted US spying on her country at Tuesday’s UN summit, calling it a breach of international law.” She further warned that the NSA surveillance, revealed since June, threatened freedom of speech and democracy.
The Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff speaks at the United Nations (U.N.) General Assembly on September 24, 2013 in New York City.(AFP Photo /  Spencer Platt)
Meddling in such a manner in the lives and affairs of other countries is a breach of international law and as such it is an affront to the principles that should otherwise govern relations among countries, especially among friendly nations,” Rousseff said.
Without the right to privacy, there is no real freedom of speech or freedom of opinion,” Rousseff told the gathering of world leaders. And therefore, there is no actual democracy,” she added, criticizing the fact that Brazil had been targeted by the US.

“A country's sovereignty can never affirm itself to the detriment of another country's sovereignty,” she added.

British friends of apartheid Israel seek to turn the pro-Palestinian tide in universities

UK BANNED Press TV: British friends of Israel, supporters of the nuclear, Zionist apartheid regime of Israel and its expansionist policies, are promoting pro-Israeli propaganda initiatives at Britain’s universities as students start a new academic year.

In an attempt to undermine Palestine solidarity campaigns in the UK, the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) is hiring Canadian Beca Bookman, whose main area of expertise comprises working with the apartheid regime of Israel to weaken Palestinian solidarity movements. Bookman has already received a “Hasbara in Action” award from the Menachem Begin Foundation for his anti-Palestinian activities.

"Don't be that girl!" Typhon Blue Interview with CBC

Typhon Blue: This is an audio recording of an unaired interview I did with CBC's Nadia Stewart regarding men's rights posters appearing in Calgary. As far as I know nothing came of it although Karen Straughan was also contacted by Nadia for an interview.

When Feminazis hold a Science Fiction Conference

ramzpaul: WisCon, a progressive feminist science fiction conference, has introduced official racial segregation. K. Tempest Bradford, a famous science fiction author, has created a "POC Safer Space". The POC (People of Color) Safer Space is an area where Whites are not allowed.

Why You Can't Trust Corporate Media

AJ: The Associated Press has now shown they are just as malleable as CNN & FOX news when pressured by wealthy Saudis. Threatening to get AP reporter fired for a story that reported Saudi connections to chemical weapons supplied to Syrian Al-CIA-da, it appears that the Saudis have now made good on their threat. Source

The Ego Balloon - ΤΟ ΜΠΑΛΟΝΙ ΤΟΥ ΕΓΩ

SHAPING OUR WORLD: First the international banksters checked the economic system of humanity by gaining the right in each country or regional association to issue their own money and give it to countries with interest. Then they created physical industry, producing infinite material goods. Through the Media they enchanted humans and created the need to earnestly want to acquire. In order to capture them, a balloon was inserted into his own Ego and a pump was used to inflate it. The pump that blows air and inflates the balloon was the person through choices, to undermine the good in us and to deliver it. As long as man inflates the balloon of ego and pull us down both international banksters offered him the opportunity to enjoy the goods, which they themselves created. Man closed his entire being and soul into this balloon. As long as the body tastes material pleasures both the soul is rotting and the person feels fake security.

Time for the Greek liberal/left to combine and fight its real enemies, not Golden Dawn

An appeal to Greece from one of its oldest supporters

The Slog: I’ve been spending quite a l0t of time time travelling in and out of, and around, Greece over the last month. Last night I was in Kalamata -  the Messinian capital in the Peloponnese, a warm place with cool people in it….albeit alongside the increased level of muggings and burglary that have marred Greece since the crisis took hold in a big way four years ago.
Although Kalamatians miss the elegant capital they used to inhabit, there are still huge parts of it – the Castle, the old town, the seafront taverna bars and the newer hip venues in the centre – that could rival any civilised European city for fascination and charm. Now that Antoniki (Samaras) has corruptly ensured a spanking new motorway links his home region to Athens, Kalamata offers easy access to all things of real importance in contemporary Greece. Traditionally, this area is solidly Right Wing (New Democracy) but last night Kalamata was the venue for a large joint Left demonstration in the centre against the neo-Nazi Party Golden Dawn. Or – put another way – the Left in Greece is just as parochial in its hatreds (and irrelevant in its enemies) as it is everywhere else in Europe.
The more time I spend in Greece, the more it becomes obvious that it is the same squeezed, respectable middle and lower classes that are paying the price of mad EU hubris, corrupt bureaucrats, political embezzlers and professional State rip-off greed as elsewhere in Europe.

Four Horsemen

RenegadeEconomist: FOUR HORSEMEN is an independent feature documentary which lifts the lid on how the world really works.

As we will never return to 'business as usual' 23 international thinkers, government advisors and Wall Street money-men break their silence and explain how to establish a moral and just society.

A Deep Look into the Shady World of the Private Prison Industry

By Michael Krieger: Private prisons are antithetical to a free people. Of all the functions a civilized society should relegate to the public sector, it’s abundantly clear incarceration should be at the very top of the list. Jailing individuals is a public cost that a society takes on in order to ensure there are consequences to breaking certain rules that have been deemed dangerous to the happiness and quality of life within a given population. However, the end goal of any civilized culture must be to try to keep these cost as low possible. This should  be achieved by having as few people as possible incarcerated, which is most optimally achieved by reducing incidents of criminality within the population. Given incarceration is an undesirable (albeit necessary) part of any society, the idea is certainly not to incentivize increased incarceration by making it extremely profitable. This is a perverse incentive, and one that is strongly encouraged by the private prison industry to the detriment of society.
I’ve written many highlighting the negative consequences of the private prison industry, and these have focused on the two biggest names in the space. Corrections Corp of America (stock ticker, CXW) and GEO Group.

'Americans and a Briton' among Kenya shopping mall attackers

Best Vidoes Ever: Kenyan special forces were still fighting on Tuesday morning what sources said were "one or two" Islamist militants inside the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi.
As sporadic gunfire and an explosion were heard at dawn, the attackers were said to be isolated either inside or next to a casino on one of the upper floors.
Earlier Kenya's interior ministry said its forces were in control of the centre and that all hostages had been freed.
The government says the militants include several foreigners.
"(There are) two or three Americans and I think so far I have heard of one Brit... a woman and I think she has done this many times before,"

The Truth About US Government Education +

Julie Borowski: You may have heard about Common Core standards that are being implemented in US public schools. This video is a brief explanation of some parts of Common Core.

Chinese Housewives vs. Goldman Sachs: No Contest + Is This The Start Of China's Gold Miner Buying Spree?

By Jeff Clark: Goldman Sachs is once again predicting that gold will fall, setting a new near-term target of $1,050.
Never mind the schizophrenic gene that would be required to follow the constantly fluctuating predictions of all these big banks; it's amazing to me that anyone continues to listen to them after their abysmal record and long-standing anti-gold stance.
Sure, the too-big-to-fails can move markets—but they say things that are good for them, not us.
When I visited China two years ago, guess who no one was talking about? Goldman Sachs. There was news about the US, of course, but the regular diet of journalistic intake consisted of Chinese activity, not North American. And surprise, surprise, the view from that side of the big blue ball was materially different than what we hear and read here—and in some cases, the opposite.
Not only has the average Chinese housewife, perhaps the most frugal and cautious species of savers in the world, probably never heard of Goldman Sachs and their call for $1,000 gold—if she had, she would think: 垃圾! (Rubbish!)
Here's some evidence. Since January 1, gold ETF holdings have fallen by roughly a quarter (26%, according to GFMS). But Chinese housewives aren't refraining from buying and certainly aren’t selling: