2 Oct 2013


Terrence Popp: Popp mathematically graphs out the life of a feminist, and it's a lonely existence indeed.

Orchestrating the Hoaxes the Radicalisation & the Islamophobia

Morris: Will British Muslims Wake Up To The Hoaxes?

Male Freedom and Female Security + Five Flawed Feminist Frustrations

Ayn Rand's Criticisms of Anarchism - Rebutted!

SM: Stefan Molyneux opens the listener mailbag to answer questions on the ethics of gambling, road safety in a free society, Ayn Rand's criticisms of anarchism and how a libertarian can survive in a liberal arts college.

U.S. P.I.G.: We Have Reached Peak Government!

By Charles Hugh Smith: If we are not yet at Peak Debt, we are getting close, and that means we are also getting close to Peak Government.
Have we reached Peak Government? That is, a structural point beyond which government can no longer grow sustainably?
To help answer the question, I've assembled charts of the foundations of growth: population, gross domestic product (GDP), private employment and output per person (i.e. productivity). These have grown 28%, 75%, 28% and 58% respectively. (I have used 1990 as a baseline, as the past 23 years gives us a reasonably accurate clue as to the long-term trendlines of the current economy.)
In other words, if growth depended entirely on population growth, the real (inflation-adjusted) economy would have grown 28% since 1990. Instead, the GDP rose by 75%. This is the result of rising output per person, i.e. an increase in productivity.

CAMERON CONFERENCE SPEECH: "Banksters doing god's work!" Sneak preview shakes media

David Cameron will explain this afternoon why the banksters are doing God’s work really. This exclusive excerpt sets out his vision for a Conservative Utopia.
The Slog: I’m sure most people would agree that I have my finger pretty firmly on the pulse of what ordinary people who are nothing like me think these days. You see, the one overriding thing we have in common is concern about money. It doesn’t matter whether you went to Eton or Bash Street School, money is always an issue: I want even more of mine and you wonder where yours went, so we have a mutual interest.
So today, I want to clear something up about money, and in particular why we must stop bashing banksters and get back to bashing the bishop. You see, banks get a lot of stick these days, and most of it isn’t deserved. We must never forget that banksters have played a central role in shaping our culture over the last 300 years – indeed, we wouldn’t be where we are today without banksters. We wouldn’t be turning corners in order to buy houses, or healing the economy by getting back to paying our way in the world. And if paying our way in the world means the deficit getting bigger, then this is a price we must pay for holding our heads up high and paying off debt. Only banksters have the money to help us do this successfully, and so we must support them in every possible way.

Disruption or Currency Crisis Coming + "The Golden Screw!"

Greg Hunter: David Morgan thinks a financial calamity is on its way. Morgan predicts, "I do not see hyperinflation, I see more disruption or currency crisis. You don't have to have hyperinflation to have a currency crisis." Even though Morgan doesn't see hyperinflation, he contends gold and silver prices will head much higher. He sees the true price of gold right now "between $5,000 and $7,000 an ounce" and silver at "$100 per ounce." Morgan predicts, "I think there is going to be a day in the future that you just can't get it.

Venezuelan president kicks out US diplomats, declares no ‘cordial ties’ until sovereignty respected

By Madison Ruppert: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro kicked out three major American diplomats from his country and stated that there will be no “cordial ties” with the U.S. until Venezuelan sovereignty is respected.
Maduro expelled the diplomats from a U.S. Embassy on Monday, saying that the officials were conducting espionage and attempting to destabilize his country.
Washington entirely rejected the charges, which Maduro said involve meeting with opposition leaders and encouraging sabotage of the Venezuelan electricity grid and economy, according to Reuters.
Maduro went even further than kicking out the diplomats, including Kelly Keiderling, temporarily in charge of the U.S. Embassy in Venezuela.
“Until the U.S. government understands it has to respect Venezuela, which is a sovereign country, there will simply be no cordial relations, nor cordial communication,” Maduro said at a cabinet meeting, according to China’s Xinhua.
One of the other diplomats expelled from the country was Elizabeth Hoffman, an official in the political section of the embassy.

Label GMO Disco (parody of Village People "YMCA")

'MRAs, Here To Stay, Feminazis Go Away' - Men's Rights Rally + Radical Feminist Protester Gone Stupid! + Ginormous monster nearly devours Girl Writes What!

If Men Showed Up: A few moments at the rally for Men and Boys at Queens Park, in Toronto, Canada on September 28th.
AroundTheBest: I'm a liberal and feminists are an embarrassment. It's been a long time since the movement actually stood for something reasonable. Now it's all about attacking gender roles, undoing the family structure and securing more rights for women.

Evidence: Stock Market Crash is Coming

StormCloudsGathering: We're getting very close to a stock market crash. In this video we go into the technical evidence.

The Coming New Barbarism

By Hugo Salinas Price: When the world’s present troubles surfaced about five years’ ago, I recall reading articles whose central theme was: there is excessive debt in the world. The amount of debt in the world exceeds the capacity of the world’s economies to service it and pay it down.”
To address the excess of debt in the world, four courses for action were mentioned:
The debt burden could be reduced by paying it down, via a policy of increased taxation.
The debt burden could be reduced by a policy of allowing mass bankruptcies to take place, which would write off substantial portions of the debt.
The debt burden could be reduced by a policy of massive monetary inflation which would devalue all debts and make them payable.
Alternatively, the intolerable debt burden and its absolutely inevitable reduction, nolens volens, would probably be achieved by a combination of all three policies.
In the intervening five years, the world’s excessive debt burden has not been reduced; on the contrary, it has increased. The governments of the world have behaved ostrich-like, burying their heads in the sand to ignore the problem, adopting infantile “extend and pretend” policy to debt and allowing further increases in debt in the hopes of spending their way out of difficulties by adding more debt to existing debt.