4 Oct 2013

Denying absolute truth is wholly illogical

By Madison Ruppert: If you’ve had even a few conversations in your life dealing with faith or philosophy, you have probably run across someone who claimed that there is no absolute truth.
Such claims usually go something like, “Well, that’s true for you but it’s not true for me,” or, “There is no absolute truth.”
For those familiar with such positions, it smacks of absurdity. Yet, somehow, it continues to be said in the course of informal conversations and even in college classrooms.
How this actually happens is hard to grasp, due to the seemingly obvious fact that such a position is self-refuting.
To explain how the position is self-refuting one must only apply the rule of “no absolute truth” to the statement, “There is no absolute truth.”
If it is true that there is no absolute truth, the statement itself would have to be an absolute truth, but it can’t be since there’s supposedly no absolute truth. Sounds absurd, right?
It’s something like saying, “I always lie.” If I always lie, then that’s a lie and I don’t always lie, but then I always lie but then I don’t always lie because I’m lying about saying I always lie. Clearly such a statement is nonsensical.
Yet somehow the notion that there is no absolute truth is given credence in some circles, even in what one would hope would be bastions of critical thinking such as centers of higher education.

Peter Schiff Warns of Economic Collapse and Martial law

AJ: Investment broker and financial commentator Peter Schiff joins AJ to reveal that the Federal Reserve's monetary expansion program, called Quantitative Easing, is destroying the middle class and pushing the American economy towards a cliff under the illusion of an economic recovery. Source

INTERNET DATING + Reason and Accountability + the return of The Anti-Feminist Panties of DOOM!

Terrence Popp: Popp lays down all his tips for how NOT to go about dating on the internet. Since just about everyone does this nowadays, listen closely and try not to get too offended. This one is brutal.

This is not a recession its a robbery "The Movie" Directors cut

The Artist Taxi Driver in association with SGW Blog et al

David Cameron’s absurd medical policies + Bangalore MHRAs hold legal seminar for men

David Cameron: How do you see the moon – is it through a telescope, or a microscope?
By Justice for men & boys (and the women who love them) has reported at length about the disastrous impact on the National Health Service of the decades-old policy to increase the proportion of doctors who are women. Today, 70% of medical students in the UK are women.
Dr Vernon Coleman, a veteran campaigner and writer, was pointing out in his books 30+ years ago that the policy would in time create chaos, and he’s been proven right. Female doctors are far more likely than male doctors to:
- quit the profession altogether (very few male doctors have partners willing to finance this option)
- work part-time rather than full-time, whether or not they have children
- refuse to work unsocial hours, including weekends
- refuse to work in the most demanding environments, including Accident and Emergency
It’s widely accepted that large parts of the NHS is in crisis, and spending out of control. The government knows that the prime cause of the problem has been the feminisation of the service, but cannot admit as much publicly. The  government’s strategy to ‘solve’ the crisis is to train more doctors, and doubtless 70% of them will be women. It costs £250,000 to train a doctor. British men collectively pay 72% of the income tax collected in the UK, and women only 28%. To borrow a phrase once memorably employed by Janet Bloomfield, the strategy is batshit insane.

Your Girlfriend May Be Insane!

SM: Stefan Molyneux takes listener questions and discusses critiques of capitalism, free market sustainability and the irrationality of cities, pursuing your dreams can be dangerous, settling for a damaged romantic partner, bad behavior is a choice, getting off psych drugs, creating a productive work environment, and liberal hypocrisy.

Golden Jackass: US T-Bond Market: The Greatest Asset Bubble in Human History Nears the Cliff

The Doc: The great global Paradigm Shift involves far more than wealth migrating from West to East in the form of Gold bullion. The corruption among the Wall Street banksters, the Chicago pit commodity traders, and the London banksters is all playing out in the COMEX & LBMA fall from grace.
This article should add a good deal more light on the phony USTreasury Bond market which is not well understood for its status as being the greatest asset bubble in human history, not just modern history. It exceeds the housing & mortgage bubble that formed a decade ago, if not from volume, then from scope since it is laced throughout the entire global banking system.
The USGovt shutdown is blatant evidence of the march to the cliff.
The global USTBond dumping, combined with some diversification from sovereign bonds to gold bullion, aggravated by Indirect Exchange, will continue to put great pressure on the USFed to maintain the bond equilibrium charade. The volume of USFed monetization is going to rise from all these negative factors at work. In 12 months, it will be clear.

UK MP George Galloway's crowdfunding campaign for 'Killing of Tony Blair' film more than half way towards £250,000 ($400,000) target

By : A crowdfunding project from Bradford West MP George Galloway and director Scott Imren to fund a documentary film about Tony Blair has raised almost £130,000.

The campaign originally set a target of raising £50,000 in 40 days on the Kickstarter website but revised it to £250,000 after hitting the target in less than a week.

Galloway has billed the documentary, ‘The Killing of Tony Blair, as part of a campaign to have the former prime minister tried for war crimes in an international court.

Hove-based director Imren said: “Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter are allowing film makers to bypass traditional television commissioners and film studios and talk directly to their audiences.

We are already getting lots of feedback from our backers alongside many offers of help. It is a truly liberating and interactive experience.”

UK DEFICIT: Hidden in the figures – how Camerlot fiddles ‘reduced’ the deficit

ozzsleeveTo quote the Prime Minister yesterday, “with the stroke of a Minister’s penhis Chancellor has made him a bare-faced liar.
Chancellor Goebbels Osborne: everything up his sleeve
The Slog: David Cameron made great play yesterday of how Britain’s deficit is falling…..because his Government has been austere, and because the economy is “turning the corner”. I posted earlier to demonstrate what complete tosh the latter of those claims is. Now here’s another Slogpost to deconstruct the complete bollocks that is the former claim.
First up, let’s reiterate one more time for luck the nonsense that this “austerity” represents. Actual Government expenditure is still rising. In the latest reported quarter for 2013, expenditure increased by 0.9%, the fourth consecutive quarterly increase.
Secondly, let’s not forget that the Draper’s savings are still dwarfed (by a factor of eight) by the huge amounts of QE money chucked at an economy which, as we saw earlier, isn’t responding.
Whatever this government has done is but a kid’s piss in the Pacific compared to what’s happening out there in that real cut-throat world of markets to which the Conservative Party claims to be ineluctably committed.
This morning, however, evidence has been released by the ONS to show that the Coalition has fiddled the deficit figures to give the Tories something to say at Conference. Like so many things in Cruel Britannia today, the léger de main clearly visible here is mere accountant’s fantasy.

Glenn Greenwald trashes GCHQ/NSA apologists Kirsty Wark, Pauline Neville-Jones

liarpoliticians2: Journalist Glenn Greenwald trashed GCHQ / NSA criminality apologists Kirsty Wark and Pauline Neville-Jones (both who have BA's in History - so exactly ZERO qualifications to talk about the internet or computers). Guest Anthony Barnett from OpenDemocracy is disgusted at the two apologists for state criminality, also defends the information released by Edward Snowden on the criminality of GCHQ and the NSA.

Everything about Qatar FIFA World Cup is wrong - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

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U.S. Police Kill Mother in Front Of Child + Yet Another Video Clip Of Today's Washington Chase...

AJ: D.C. Homeland paramilitary forces killed a dental hygienist in front of her small child because the woman drove past a new checkpoint. They chased her down and killed her. D.C. Is a very dangerous place to visit and Infowars is issuing a travel alert. Infowars has never been to a city even in 3rd world hell holes as bad..