6 Oct 2013

The Banksters: Greece Considering Confiscation Of Private Assets

Tyler Durden's picture The last time we opined on the possibility of a Cyprus-style "bail-in" in Greece, which is essentially a legally-mandated confiscation of private sector assets held hostage by the local financial system, until such time as the balance sheet of said financial system is viable, we were joking. Well, not really joking.
But not even we thought that a banking sector "bail in", in which unsecured bank liabilities, which include bonds and of course deposits, are used as a matched source of extinguishment of non-performing bad debt "assets" could spread to the broader economy, and specifically to unencumbered private sector assets. Alas, this is precisely what Greece, which is desperately to delay the inevitable and announce it needs not only a third but fourth bailout, appears keen on doing.
As Kathimerini reports, the Greek Labor and Social Insurance Ministry is "seriously considering drastic measures in order to obtain the social security contributions owed by enterprises and to avoid having to slash pensions and benefits." What drastic measures? "The ministry is planning to force companies to pay up or face having their assets seized, so that the 14 billion euros of contributions due can be recouped."

Living With Lies Hoaxes Gambling & Adulterated Food

Morris: The Hoaxes Were for Shock Not for Somalia
NODISINFO: The front bumper, headlights, underneath spoiler, and more are free of cracks and acute damage. Therefore, there was no one in this car who struck a White House/Capital Hill barrier.

Racism, Sexism & Feminism

Govt/war machine/energy/health Put a gun to your head - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver

The Crisis Today Is Far Worse Than 1981 + Extended Stay And The Wall Street Meth Labs

David Stockman:  “There was a different issue during the 1970s crisis.  Today this central banking disaster is not only a United States problem -- it has spread to the entire world.  All of the central banks are doing the same thing....

So this time the disease, the outbreak of destructive central bank policy, is global.  That wasn’t true in the 1970s.  In the 1970s it was led by the Fed, once it was unshackled from the Bretton Woods system and the discipline of the Gold Standard in August, 1971.

From Cascading Complexity To Systemic Collapse: A Walk Thru "Society's Equivalent Of A Heart Attack"

Tyler Durden's pictureOver a year ago, FEASTA's David Korowicz stunned the world with his fascinating analysis titled "Trade-Off: Financial System Supply-Chain Cross-Contagion: a study in global systemic collapse," in which he shone a much needed light on the "weakest link" choke points of modern hyper-complex society: a forensic investigation into a "Minsky Moment" thought experiment gone wrong, one crossing the systemic instability threshold, and culminating with society, economics and the modern world as we know it grinding to a halt and worse.
Since Korowicz' analysis is precisely the terminal outcome that awaits the world caught in a state of relentless denial that even refuses to contemplate "Plan B", what we said then is that "everyone who wishes to know what will happen unless everyone is aware of what may happen" should read said study in global systemic collapse. Before proceeding further, we urge all readers who are fascinated by the topic of crossing thresholds of social, systemic instability to read the original analysis if they have not done so already.
The original paper led to an eruption in opinions and responses both on the pages of Zero Hedge and elsewhere, to an issue that has chronically received virtually no media attention (for obvious confidence preserving reasons in a world in which centrally-planned ignorance confidence is bliss), we are delighted to present Korowicz's follow up, "Catastrophic Shocks through Complex Socio-Economic Systems—A Pandemic Perspective" which "provides an overview of the effect of a major pandemic on the operation of complex socio-economic systems using some simple models.

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Swiss to vote on income for all

ramzpaul: Swiss citizens are demanding a crucial change in the constitution, pushing for the introduction of a guaranteed income for everyone.

Insider secrets from a Forex Bank Trader

Shaun Overton: Shaun Overton interviews Batur Asmazoglu from Myndos Capital. Batur traded €100 million in forex markets for Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse and has worked for several other banks and funds for over a decade. The interview covers London trading life, how market makers operate in the forex market, algorithms and quants and trading psychology.

Zeitgeist Examined

Stefan Molyneux: Analysis on the recent "Zeitgeist Versus the Market" debate with Peter Joseph. Do you enjoy word salad?

Extradited To US Solitary Confinement - Tahla Ahsan Vigil

Morris: Talha Ahsan is a British-born poet and writer with Asperger syndrome. He was extradited to American Supermax in October 2012 after over 6 years of detention without trial in the UK. Currently in pre-trial solitary confinement. Source