8 Oct 2013

The monster behind the beautiful mask

A Voice for Men: It’s day 8 of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Shrink4Men, AVoiceForMen and DAHMW are committed to raising awareness about male victims of domestic abuse, the invisible victims.
Today’s In His Own Words is another object lesson in what can happen when we ignore the warning signs and our gut instincts. It is also the sad tale of “George,” a man who very much wanted a woman to love and with whom to build a family and a life together. Instead he got Harry Potter porn characters interacting with facsimiles of his children and is now lucky if he sees the kids once a month.
The Monster Behind the Beautiful Mask
I never thought I would be the victim of emotional abuse. I am an attorney and deal with people in adversarial setting everyday. I am a strong Type A man, but one who is humble and puts others before myself.
My giving nature and desperation for a family and kids made me vulnerable to being victimized. Even once I knew I was a victim, it took a lot for me to take action, leave my 8-year marriage and file for divorce the same day I moved out of my home.

The Blunt Truth About The US Government Shutdown

StormCloudsGathering: Time to put the "government shutdown" circus in perspective.

Feminism: Holding Japan hostage

A Voice for Men:Your house is on fire and you have 3 options before calling the firemen:
1. Throw water at the flames
2. Run inside the house and wait
3. Not calling the firemen because you need time to make up your mind
It is not a tough choice, yet Japan’s birth rate is on fire and they are choosing a mix of options 2 and 3.
One of the nations with the brightest minds on earth is facing its self inflicted extinction by making the dimmest of choices. The main reasons for Japan to commit this paradox of slow economic-seppuku-by-demographic-starvation are, to my eye, the following:
1. National Racism in the guise of Cultural Pride
Japan will not accept immigrants, not in the past, not now, not in the future. Simply because they either stay Japanese or nothing. No way around it, it is part of their culture to segregate the non Japanese. Today, even if born and raised in Japan, the children of Korean parents are not always issued Japanese citizenship and usually referred as Zainichi, not as Japanese.

Absorbing the Greek

It may well be, in fact, that when Schäuble first asked Papandreou, “Do you think there is any chance of paying this debt back?” four years ago, George replied “Of course”.
The Slog: I’ve started learning Greek. I’m using ‘started’ and ‘learning’ there in a fairly informal literary licence way, because various obstacles keep on getting in the way of progress on this mammoth project. They include terror, confusion, sleep, beer, dementia, sunbathing, and – above all – actual experience on the ground.
I’ll give you an example of the last of these, and just to bamboozle you completely (why should I be alone?) it involves Greek use of English. You can ask a Greek the following in English:
“Is it possible to hire a car from you?”
and the person will reply →         →        →               →                                  “Of course”.
Now, what the Greek person means by that answer is “Possibly”. But as it is deemed impolite to sound obstructive, “Of course” is the standard answer. I was trying to explain to my interpreter here a few weeks back that there is something almost defensively insulted by the way in which Greeks answer a question about ability to deliver with “Of course”. “Can you speak Urdu?” “Of course”. “Can you swim to Crete from here with a lead-lined elephant on your back?” “Of course”. And so on.

Hierarchy of Price Fixing - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Antal E. Fekete

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, discuss the good news for the economy as compensation payments for fraud trickles into the local economy and then they introduce the concept of the People's Price Fix and a Keiser's Hierarchy of Price Fixing.

Deleted - Daddy Justice

Ben Vonderheide: Daddy Justice attends a Silent Witness march in Reading, PA, and asks why only crimes involving male perpetrators are represented at the event. Source

What is the War Machine about? + Housing bubble bursts banks go boooooom!!! - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver

12 Very Ominous Warnings About What A U.S. Debt Default Would Mean For The Global Economy

Ominous Clouds - Photo posted on Instagram by annekejong
By Michael Snyder: A U.S. debt default that lasts for more than a couple of days could potentially cause a financial crash unlike anything that the world has ever seen before.  If the U.S. government purposely wanted to damage the global financial system, the best way that they could do that would be to default on U.S. debt obligations.  A U.S. debt default would cause stocks to crash, would cause bonds to crash, would cause interest rates to soar wildly out of control, would cause a massive credit crunch, and would cause a derivatives panic that would be absolutely unprecedented.  And that would just be for starters.  But don't just take my word for it.  These are the things that top financial experts all over the planet are saying will happen if there is an extended U.S. debt default.
Because they are so close together, the "government shutdown" and the "debt ceiling deadline" are being confused by many Americans.

Parker Vs the Man, Empower Yourself & Learn Jury Nullification

Caleb Leverett: To quote Adam Kokesh, "They don't consider things that don't immediately affect their quality of life or the moral implications of their actions".
Adam is more than a friend. He is a teacher and I have learned so much from him, as has Parker. Even before Parker came to live with me, he would go over to his friends' houses on weekends, gain internet access and watch Adam's videos.
Parker looks up to Adam. I wrote to Adam in prison. and told him about the video you just watched. He wrote me back on 8/27/13 and in the post script he said, "PS tell Parker I said he's a bigger badass than I am. Seriously. I don't know if I'd have the guts & perspective & wisdom to do what he's done at his age. At his age, I KNOW I wouldn't!"