16 Oct 2013

MGTOW: The World is Upset + The spirit of chivalry (1818)

UK Sheeple: The Fall of the United Kingdom + Meet Blanksy

"It's easy to be a warmonger when it's subsidized by other people,
 particularly people that haven't been born yet."
Stefan Molyneux: The state of the United Kingdom economy including government spending, budget deficits, interest on the debt, unfunded liabilities, public sector worker pensions, retirement savings, educational spending, health care costs, the death pathways, the myth of austerity, taxes, military spending, monetary policy, inflation, standard of living, income distribution, unemployment and mental health.

The NWO aka the 0.7%: Millions of Millionaires at Top of Wealth Pyramid of Corruption

WSJ: How much of the world's wealth is held by Americans? How many multi-millionaires and billionaires are there on the planet? Who are the .7%? Drilling into Credit Suisse's 2013 Global Wealth Report, WSJ's Jason Bellini has #TheShortAnswer. Source

Outrageous misogyny against poor innocent grrl!

By : A horrible rape-culture embracing man in this video humiliates a girl by suggesting she is influenced by his wealth. As any right-thinking person knows, real womyn don’t think or act this way, this is the old Straw Feminist cliche, and any suggestion otherwise is a blatant example of the rampant cultural misogyny of our times!
What’s that sound I hear? You’re laughing? Stop laughing! There is nothing funny here! This man victimized this poor girl who was only showing her open-mindedness. He tricked her! Trickery is misogyny!

The Perils of an Ideological Approach "Cultural, Institutionalized and Legalized Misandry."

karen straughan: What happens when a person's brain gets locked into a specific model of analyzing the world?

The Feminist Power Fantasy and Traditionalism

Typhon Blue: Feminism is a power fantasy. Men who are raised in a western traditionalist way will be attracted to power fantasies because they desire to sacrifice something in order to earn a place in society. Feminism gives every man something he can sacrifice. Patriarchal false consciousness and his awesome powers over space-time.


X Reine Roro: Our lives do not belong to the states and their assassins! The memory of the brothers and sisters, friends and comrades killed stays alive through our struggles! We do not forget our brothers and sisters, we do not forgive their murderers.

Misandry: Concordia equality + Feminism And Relationships

barb rossa: Hypocrisy of the costa concordia sinking

US financial crisis; where is it going to end + UK Parliament turns its back on firefighters, postal workers, teachers + Benny Wenda leader of West Papua independence - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver

PAEDOPHILES & BUREAUCRATS: Fernbridge edges closer to top Tory arrests….but….

‘Six MPs in Amsterdam’ fingers The Monday Club
The Slog: The Exaro investigative site this morning quotes sources inside the Met’s Fernbridge paedophile operation as saying they’re following “new lines of enquiry” involving six former Conservative Ministers who frequented Amsterdam’s paedophile brothels during their time in office. One of these is a former Minister who has been under suspicion for some time…and probably also the protection of one or two embarrassed spooks and Sir Humphreys who were, no doubt, blackmailing him about it at the time.
A senior detective is quoted as saying this time there will be no cover-up, so he may well have booked himself a slot in the upside-down-in-ditch position. We shall see: but the really interesting thing here is that the mention of recreational trips to Amsterdam can only mean one Tory ginger group: the infamous but now defunct Right Wing Monday Club.
Last March, The Slog posted a lengthy piece pointing the finger at seven former members, some of whom were also implicated in Monday Club circulars talking of trips to Amsterdam. One former Clubber was the quiet former Tory Wet Peter Bottomley, whose politics are light years away from the Club, and yet bizarrely he was a member….

US is exceptional...it's the largest debt nation in the world!

RT: There may be progress in US over the government shutdown and debt ceiling, but it's not all good. The deal being talked about now wouldn't resolve the crisis - but rather kick the can down the road setting the scene for another budget showdown early next year. For more on this RT talks to investor Jim Rogers, author of 'Street Smarts - Adventures on the Road and in the Markets'. Source

Mother or Monster? - In His Own Words

By It’s day 15 of Domestic Violence Awareness Month for Men and Boys, the invisible victims of domestic violence. “David” shares his childhood memories of his mother, who was more monster than parent. The image Axis II is an original work by David.
In 1962, my Dad met my Mother. After they married, he worked as a mechanic at a reputable dealership and provided a good living, but they had problems. My Mom wanted a baby and a child was the one thing that would finally make her “happy.”
In late 1963, my older brother was born. Pregnancy was hard on my Mom. She had complications. My older brother was “puny” and had a lot of health problems. At this time, Dad said Mom started having “seizures” and uncontrollable fits of rage.
Due to complications, she was prescribed medication. The pain medications were very addictive and easily obtainable. Dad said the bickering escalated into a regular ordeal. Mom blamed Dad for everything, claimed he didn’t love her and was obsessed with worry that he’d leave her. Things became violent (against him) and she threatened suicide regularly.

Glenn Greenwald: “The Most Shocking Stories Have Not Been Published”…Is This Why He Left The Guardian?

By Michael Krieger: Just yesterday, I was taken aback by an article in Time magazine in which Glenn Greenwald was quoted as saying:
The archives are so complex and so deep and so shocking, that I think the most shocking and significant stories are the ones we are still working on, and have yet to publish.
The above statement was expressed during a speech by Greenwald at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This takes on an entirely new meaning now that we know Mr. Greenwald has decided to leave The Guardian. There have been grumblings for several weeks now that the relationship between the journalist and the paper had been strained. Whether or not that is the result of new censorship resulting from government pressure on the paper at this stage is unknown. Either way, I can’t wait to see what new information he has in store for us, whether it will be through a Brazilian news organization or an independent venture.
Below are statements from both Glenn and The Guardian:

World Bankster Bondage: The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind

By HiddenSecretsOfMoney: You are about to learn one of the biggest secrets in the history of the world...it's a secret that has huge effects for everyone who lives on this planet. Most people can feel deep down that something isn't quite right with the world economy, but few know what it is. Gone are the days where a family can survive on just one paycheck...every day it seems that things are more and more out of control, yet only one in a million understand why.