17 Oct 2013

ASEAN Union, Petition Shutdown, Monsanto's Nobel + "Econ 101 with Glenn Jacobs aka Kane"

Why I stopped worrying and learned to love the currency collapse

Deflation Land: For the past 300 years, the historical pattern has been for the era marked by a century to continue into the following century by fourteen or fifteen years.
Let me explain.  Everyone knows that the 19th Century, its uprightness, its optimism and sense of purpose, the halcyon days of British Empire, came to an end with World War I, starting in 1914 and building to a nasty crescendo by 1916.  The 20th Century had arrived, and it had some real horrors in store for us.

Self Rape with Speshul Snowflakes

Honey Badger Radio: As a woman involved in the Men's Movement, I'm often asked how it is that I came to be interested in men's issues. Sometimes the question is asked with skepticism, because, after all, why would a woman be interested in the rights of half the sentient beings that share the planet with her?

Malala Told Obama The Most Awkward Thing Ever‏ + Obama and The Plan for World War 3

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Well, that was awkward. A Nobel Peace Prize nominee meets with a Nobel peace laureate and his family, and asks him to stop killing innocent people in her country with drones.
President Obama 'The Baby Bomber' invited Malala Yousafzai, a 16-year-old Pakistani advocate for girls' education, to meet with his family. And she promptly explained that what he is doing works against her agenda and fuels terrorism.

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Malala is a victim of violence in Pakistan, having been attacked by religious fanatics opposed to her work. But Obama may not have expected her to speak up against other forms of violence in her country.

Malala recounted: "I also expressed my concerns that drone attacks are fueling terrorism. Innocent victims are killed in these acts, and they lead to resentment among the Pakistani people. If we refocus efforts on education, it will make a big impact."

Apartheid Israeli Regime's Land Theft in West Bank up 70%

UK BANNED Press TV: A new report says Israeli regime land thief construction on Palestinian people's lands in the occupied West Bank has increased by about 70 percent.

Israeli organization Peace Now said on Thursday that the genocidal Tel Aviv regime began the construction of 1,708 new land theft units in the West Bank between January and June of 2013, up from 995 units during the same period in 2012.
 The organization also stated that the new illegal land theft activities were “drastic,” and that some 50 percent of the new construction projects were started in “isolated settlements.”

Free Money Price Distortion - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Alasdair McLeod

liarpoliticians: Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert look into the continued collaps of the US Dollar, with cheap quantitative easined money, and the manipulation of asset prices. This is not exclusive to the USA though, as the UK is doing the same nonsense.

To Bullshit and Self Serve: UK Police & Crime Commissioner Ron Ball on 'plebgate'

liarpoliticians: Ron Ball, Police & Crime Commissioner for Warwickshire, comments on the latest revelations on Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell's "plebgate", which shows the police lying about what actually happened in a meeting with the MP, and the dishonesty of the UK police. Nobody is resigning over their lies, and the over promoted useless home secretary isn't firing anyone. Source

NSA Revelations Kill IBM Hardware Sales in China

By Wolf Richter: The first shot was fired on Monday. Teradata, which sells analytics tools for Big Data, warned that quarterly revenues plunged 21% in Asia and 19% in the Middle East and Africa. Wednesday evening, it was IBM’s turn to confess that its hardware sales in China had simply collapsed. Every word was colored by Edward Snowden’s revelations about the NSA’s hand-in-glove collaboration with American tech companies, from startups to mastodons like IBM.
But the fiasco was tucked away under the lesser debacle of IBM’s overall revenues, which fell 4.1% from prior year, the sixth straight quarter of declines in a row. Software revenue inched up 1%, service revenue skidded 3%. At the hardware unit, Systems and Technology, revenue plunged 17%. Within that, sales of UNIX and Linux Power System servers plummeted a dizzying 38%. Governmental and corporate IT departments had just about stopped buying these machines.

Manimony or the Gynocentric Model of Change + A Brief Addendum on Marriage

The Art of War: Tony Blair's controversial 'Iraq selfie' stars in new exhibition at Imperial War Museum

By Martin Robinson: Grinning in a 'selfie' with a blazing Iraqi oilfield behind him, this is how Tony Blair is being portrayed in a new exhibition about modern warfare.
The Imperial War Museum North in Manchester says Catalyst: Contemporary Art and War, a collection of 70 works created since since the First Gulf War, forms the largest and most important show of its kind for years.
At its centre is the kennardphillipps' take on the decision to invade Iraq ten years ago, with a happy Tony Blair cut in front of a shocking battle scene of smoke and flames in Iraq.
Powerful: Kennardphillipps' take on the decision to invade Iraq ten years ago shows a happy Tony Blair in front of burning oil field

1957 A Kid Explaining To An Old Man What An Anarchist Is And Why Government Equals Violence

Why are men going their own way when it comes to relationships? + My name is Alison and I am a survivor of rape hysteria + MGTOW What about our young men and boys?

Everywhere, men are stepping back when it comes to romantic commitment. Many young men are simply indifferent to the idea, some are afraid, while others are angry and have this bitter message for the opposite sex — "We don't know you; we don't need you, and we don't want you."
* * *
By Andy Thomas: In 1970, more than 94 percent of women in the UK were either married or had been married by the time they were 40 years old. Since then, marriage rates have plummeted, and over all age groups, married couples are now in the minority. The decline of marriage is a popular topic of discussion in the media with many commentators putting it down to changing lifestyles and freedoms for women. Indeed, there is a general consensus that young women are putting careers ahead of relationships, and as a result, the number of marriages taking place per year has almost halved over recent decades.
For much of the last 40 years or so, it is undeniably true that women have been postponing both marriage and childbirth. I would argue, however, that there is now a new phenomenon taking place, one that is a harbinger of radical change for the relationship between men and women.