22 Oct 2013

Mom Arrested For Tanning Her 6-year-old

MrRepzion: Hey, look leatherfaces sister!

You won’t believe what the French are taxing now…

By Simon Black: At our workshop in Chile some months ago, European MEP Nigel Farage blasted French President Francois Hollande as leading the pack in the modern day Pantheon of idiots who are running countries around the world…”
You can see Nigel’s scathing remarks below, about 35 seconds in to the clip:
Of course, the French president had recently introduced a hate tax on its countries most successful people, driving out whatever few productive people remain in France.
But this hate tax was just the tip of le iceberg.
Just look at what they’ve done or announced just in the last month:

The US Dollar: A Run on the Bank

The Doc: In a bank run, what people are panicked about isn’t quite that they may lose their money. At the core of it all, what they are really terrified of is that they might lose the value they have stored in the bank, in the form of money. At this moment in time China has $1.2 trillion of stored value, on-deposit with “The Bank of the Dollar” in the form of Treasury bonds. Japan also $1.1 trillion of their hard-earned wealth on deposit in the same bank. The rest of the world has an additional $3.3 trillion combined on deposit with “The Bank of the Dollar”, as the total US Treasury debt outstanding that is held by foreign entities is a whopping $5.6 trillion. I hate to break the news to you, but there is a run on this bank going on right now. Oh, it’s still quiet and there is nothing approaching panic just yet, but make no mistake- these countries are all attempting to get their stored value out of that bank before everyone else tries to do the same thing.

Tell the UK Lords what you think‏ - Gagging on the giant boob of state

By Angelo Agathangelou: I received a survey today from '38 Degrees' asking for support and participation regarding 'The Gagging Bill'. It asked opinions about lobbyists, charities etc. After a few moments for consideration, with some apprehension, I responded by ticking only one statement, that it should be stopped and then made the following statement:

We do not need to be governed by banksters. Lets scrap the government. Then this issue would not exist. Anyway more than 150 in a group is not democracy, in my opinion the individual is lost. Tell me what majority of the people wanted to wage the wars 'of' terror on the poor folk of the middle east and around the world that our children's children will still be paying for? We have the capability for direct voting by the people, would the people of the UK have voted to pay for the massacre of around a million people including hundreds of thousands of little babies and children???

Take Two Red Pills, Call Me In the Morning - The Sudden and Surprising Rise of the Men’s Rights Movement

By Everything I am about to tell you is, to the best of my knowledge, 100% true. Everything I am about to describe comes from texts I have read with my own eyes, interviews I have heard with my own ears, conversations where I was both present and engaged. All that I write here, I write accurately – or at least as accurately as I am able.
But before I say anything – before you hear what I have to say, before you judge my actions, before you decide the degree to which I am right or wrong – know this:
I have held both the red and the blue pills in my hand, but I have swallowed the blue. 
This summer I was commissioned to do a story for Newsweek on the Men’s Rights Movement. I had pitched the idea after having received dozens of mysterious emails from men I had never heard of who all encouraged me to “take the red pill.”

Bandits, Banksters & Brokers - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Constantin Gurdgiev

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, discuss the bandits, banksters and brokers who will have taken all that we have got. No dollar, euro, yen or drachma will be left behind. And inflation, deflation and confiscation will take every last nickel and dime. They also discuss Americans turning their bodies into cash machines as they start selling off various organs to make ends meet.

The Feminazis: JTO The Rapey-Superstar!

By Both The Daily Beast and The Raw Story have recently grossly misreported john Hembling (aka John The Other) . One of many errors in these stories was to take a very old video Hembling did and hold it up as exemplary of his work, which is ludicrous on multiple levels. But let’s have John explain it:

Terrorist Obama Drone Bomber Is A War Criminal Say Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch

RT: US officials responsible for carrying out drone strikes have to stand trial for war crimes, says a report by Amnesty International, which lists civilian casualties in the attacks in Pakistan. Human Rights Watch has issued similar report on Yemen.
The Amnesty International report is based on the investigation of the nine out of 45 drone strikes reported between January 2012 and August 2013 in North Waziristan, the area where the US drone campaign is most intensive. The research is centered on one particular case – that of 68-year-old Mamana Bibi, who was killed by a US drone last October while she was picking vegetables with her grandchildren.

ObamaCare Stinks + "It's Debt Jim!" - WB7

Julie Borowski: ObamaCare is a mess that is especially bad for young people. It's causing insurance premiums to skyrocket, people are getting their work hours reduced, the ObamaCare exchanges will raise health care costs for young people... it's only making health care in the USA worse.

The Revolution is here.... + The Centaur Prince to be baptised Hallelujahhhhhhhh!!!!! - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver

Feminism: Boy Streaker Killed by Zero Tolerance

ramzpaul: 15 year old Christian Adamek, a good boy from Huntsville, Alabama, hanged himself on October 2, a week after he was arrested and branded a sex offender by feminazis ...for running naked across the Sparkman High football field during a game on a dare.

What You Don't Know About The NSA Spying Scandal (featuring Chris Hedges) + Meet SIBIOS: Argentina’s Massive, Orwellian Biometric Database

LeeCamp2: We are living in a time of inverted totalitarianism! Pulitzer prize-winning author Chris Hedges tells me we are in this first episode of the Moment of Clarity Show

Another Beautiful Sociopath + Quiet Lives Of Desperation - In His Own Words

By : It is day 22 of Domestic Violence Awareness Month for Men and Boys, the invisible victims of domestic violence. Today’s In His Own Words is yet another example of the meat grinder men find themselves in when they don’t have an understanding of abusive, sociopathic women.
The following is just a fraction of what “Matt’s” ex has put him, their children and his family through. She is still playing games with custody and using others to commit proxy violence against Matt. The UK family court system has enabled much of it.

Life with the Missus
It began at my workplace. She was younger than me and married, so we were friends and nothing more. After 8 months of friendship, she announced out of the blue that she told her ex-husband she was leaving him. She quickly added the disclaimer, “My leaving him has nothing to do with you.”
I had absolutely no idea she was having any problems with her marriage, and the way she spoke about her husband, it was as if everything was fine. I asked, “Why have you left him then?”
She claimed she’d been sleeping on the couch for months, and that he’d had sex with three of her ‘friends’ 5 years ago. She went on to up to say he was a ‘useless father’ to their 2 kids, and that he was ‘lazy.’ At the time, I felt very sorry for her, thinking what kind of person could do a thing like that with her friends?
That was back in 2006.

The Singularity is Science Fiction! Noam Chomsky

Nikola Danaylov: During our 28 minute conversation with Noam Chomsky we cover a variety of interesting topics such as: the balance between his academic and his political life; artificial intelligence and reverse engineering the human brain; why in his view both Deep Blue and Watson are little more than PR; the slow but substantial progress of our civilization; the technological singularity...