29 Oct 2013

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Intelligence Officials Confirm White House, State Department Approved Surveillance Of Allied Leaders

By Madison Ruppert: Current and former U.S. intelligence officials confirmed that both the White House and State Department knew about and approved of surveillance of the phone conversations of allied foreign leaders, according to The Los Angeles Times.
This comes after it was revealed that the National Security Agency (NSA) spied on the phones of some 35 world leaders and has led to outcry in Spain, France, Mexico and Germany along with consideration of an anti-NSA resolution in the U.N.
Officials previously denied that President Barack Obama and those close to him knew about the eavesdropping of individuals at the highest levels of friendly governments.
Officials at the NSA and other intelligence agencies are reportedly upset and are under the impression that Obama is in the process of distancing himself from the activities and putting the blame on the intelligence community,

Stop Stealing to Pay for Hobbies!

Stefan Molyneux: Confronting voids in primary relationship, technology as an excuse to revisit communism, stop stealing my money to pay for your hobbies, how children experience the world, trying to hug ghosts, how not to overcome laziness, influencing behavior/owning results and connecting to your feelings to find ambition.

Ignored Reality Is Going To Wipe Out the Human Race

By Paul Craig Roberts: To inform people is hard slugging. Everything is lined up against the public being informed, or the policymakers for that matter. News is contaminated by its service to special interests and hidden agendas. Many scientists or their employers are dependent on federal money. Even psychologists and anthropologists were roped into the government’s torture and occupation programs. Economists tell lies for corporations and Wall Street. Plant and soil scientists tell lies for agribusiness and Monsanto. Truth tellers are slandered and persecuted. However, persistence can eventually win out. In the long-run, truth sometimes emerges. But not always. And not always in time.
I have been trying to inform the American people, economists, and policymakers for more than a decade about the adverse impacts of jobs offshoring on the US economy. The word has eventually gotten out. Last week I was contacted by 8th grade students competing for their school in CSPAN’s StudentCam Documentary Contest. They want to interview me on the subject of jobs offshoring for their documentary film.

America is a strange place. Here are eighth graders far ahead of the economics profession, the President, the Congress, the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, and the financial press in their understanding of one of the fundamental problems of the US economy. Yet, people say the public schools are failing. Obviously, not the one whose students contacted me.

Spot the Whistleblowers: Follow the (Lack of) Money

corbettreport: If there is one thing that defines our current political era, it is the unprecedented crackdown on government whistleblowers. If the Bush administration's invocation of the little used State Secrets Privilege to silence those exposing corruption is taken as the beginning point of this era, we have seen a steady progression throughout the past decade, culminating in Obama the baby bomber's unprecedented war on whistleblowers.

The Men's Rights Movement - Ryersonian Report + ''Equal'' Rights for Women + Male contraception funding needed! Vasalgel

By The Ryersonian did a surprisingly good job, at least better-than-the-usual-piss-poor job, of covering the Men’s Human Rights events in September of 2013. We thought you’d want to see it for yourself. These are the journalists of the future. Source

Bitcoin Resistance Starts Here! - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Simon Dixon

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, discuss the revolutionary solution that takes money and power from those who hate and gives it to those who will no longer wait for celebrities and pundits to cogitate, agitate and debate whether or not wristbands and hashtags - oh so quaint - can stop the plunder and pillage by the conmen, hucksters, and banksters backed by the state. Yes, bitcoin. The currency is already creating economic value across Africa, China and the developing world while Brits destroy economic value by moving their money into yet another corrupt bank.

DANGER AHEAD: EU PC Lunacy Passes First Stage

eulogotitleSix weeks ago a mad ‘anti-discrimination’ proposal passed the EU Civil Liberties and Justice Committee. It is now an Assembly vote away from becoming Law.
By John Ward: Some of you will have read about this issue elsewhere – The Slog commented upon it in outline form some months back. But for the information of anyone concerned about what free speech really is, I thought I’d give you an update.
About five weeks ago (On September 17th to be precise) a draft Bill proposal by a Group calling itself the Framework Statute for the Promotion of Tolerance was put before the European Parliament Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs. I know nothing about the outcome of this meeting, beyond the fact that it wasn’t thrown out amid loud cries of “Are you joking or what?”
This is one of many proposed clauses in the suggested legislation:
“defamatory comments made in public and aimed against a group (…) with a view to (…) slandering the group, holding it to ridicule or subjecting it to the false charges” may be considered group libel and, therefore, may be treated like acts of intolerance — as well as hate crimes.”

False Alarm: Obama Will Continue Spying On "Allies" After All

In a dramatic change of events that is a) sure to not win the administration any goodwill point with the citizens of the free, or enslaved, world or their insolvent leaders so desperately reliant on the US for day to day funding, and b) will confirm the state of complete policy chaos that is at the core of the Obama administration's handling of the ObamaPhone spygate (where for some reason the fact that the US spied on foreigners, as it should, has taken far more precedence over the NSA intercepting and recording each and every domestic communication, with neither checks nor balances), the earlier reported news originating from the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee Dianne Feinstein, who said that "the White House has informed me that collection on our allies will not continue, which I support" was a fabrication. Instead, as The Hill reported shortly thereafter,  "A senior administration official on Monday rejected Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Diane Feinstein's claim that the U.S. has halted intelligence collection against its allies. In a statement released earlier Monday, the California Democrat said that the White House "has informed me that collection on our allies will not continue."  But the administration official called that statement "not accurate."

When Criminal Justice Is Criminal: The Nicholas Alahverdian story

By : Nicholas Alahverdian is an activist for children who have suffered abuse while in the care of state controlled foster homes. As a victim himself of that abuse, and a Rhode Island state legislative page at the age of 15, Nicholas was able to garner the attention of lawmakers and push for reforms. That was made easier, perhaps, because he kept showing up to work at the state capitol with bruises and cuts on his body that had been inflicted by his caretakers.

Convalescent euro zone seeks to escape debt overhang

By Paul Taylor: As the euro zone's weakest members crawl through their longest recession in history, their prospects of recovery are weighed down by a crushing mountain of debt far heavier than before four years of financial crisis.
Italy, Greece, Ireland and Portugal all have public debt to legally 'inviolable' private banksters well in excess of annual economic output and risk a Japanese-style "lost decade" of grindingly low growth and high unemployment as they slowly repay their way out of trouble.
The average ratio of debt to gross domestic product in the 17-nation single currency area stands at 95 percent - lower than in the United States and far less than Japan but dangerously high for ageing societies that cannot individually print money or devalue.
The official European Union line is that each bailed-out country must clean up its own mess and grow its way back to health without debt relief or mutualization, except perhaps for Greece, which has long been declared a special case.

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