31 Oct 2013

U.S. P.I.G.: Judge Defeats Challenge To ‘Medical Gag Order’ On Health Risks From Fracking

Pennsylvania authorities have denied a doctor the right to challenge a so-called “medical gag rule that prevents him and other physicians from warning the public about the health dangers associated with fracking.
RT: Dr. Alfonso Rodriguez of Dallas, Pennsylvania filed a lawsuit against the state last year, asserting that Act 13 of 2012 forces medical professionals to enter “a vague confidentiality agreement” that prevents them from having a completely honest dialogue with patients.
A gas flare burns at a fracking site in rural Bradford County, Pennsylvania.(Reuters / Les Stone) Hydraulic fracking involves drilling through underground shale rock with the help of chemicals - many of them toxic - to release natural gas. Earlier this month, a research team out of Duke University examined Pennsylvania wastewater and found what they described as “alarmingly” high levels of radioactivity, salts, metals, and other potentially harmful sediments.
Yet the “medical gag rule” forbids doctors like Rodriguez from going into depth about the health problems that chemicals from fracking can cause. Critics have said the bill’s passage, and the court’s refusal to grant Dr. Rodriguez the right to speak freely with his patients, is an indication of just how entrenched the oil and gas lobby is in state politics.

Digital Apartheid in The New Millenium - Max Keiser

Alex Jones: Alex welcomes Max Keiser to the program via Skype to discuss the state of the World economy, the plans of Obamacare and other programs to bankrupt America and how we can bring these facts to light.

Europe moves nearer Japan-syle deflation trap with shock price falls

ECB Banksters warned they must take immediate and pre-emptive action to head off the risk of full-blown deflation by next year
Ambrose Evans-PritchardBy All key measures of eurozone inflation fell dramatically in October, stunning the markets and leaving the region dangerously close to a Japan-style deflation trap.
Consumer price inflation (CPI) plunged from 1.1pc to 0.7pc, the lowest since the financial crash in 2008-2009. This is a massive downward surprise,” said Gizem Kara from BNP Paribas.
A string of debt-crippled states are now sliding into deflation, with Italy buckling over the late summer. The underlying rate is even lower once austerity-linked tax rises are stripped out
The shock data came as EMU-wide unemployment jumped to a record 12.2pc in September, with a further 74,000 people losing their jobs. Youth jobless rates reached 40.2pc in Italy, 57.6pc in Greece and 56.6pc in Spain.
“This is playing out in a very similar way to Japan in the early 1990s,” said Albert Edwards from Societe Generale. All it needs now is an unexpected recession and Europe will slide into outright deflation. The risk is a trade shock from Asia. That is when the markets will start to panic."

Rosalind Wiseman Calls For Society To “Listen To Boys”

By : Sometimes within a group, the focus can be so intense on events within its own immediate focus that it can miss an event that constitutes progress, especially if there is no direct nexus to the group and its idioms.
As we busied ourselves battening down the hatches for the  20/20 assault starboard, and simultaneous Daily Beast port side approach, we can be forgiven for missing the neutral merchant boat behind us, willing to provide us much-needed supplies if we only asked. That boat was the release of Rosalind Wiseman’s book, Masterminds and Wingmen, and more importantly, the tone of the discussion about our boys it demands.
On October 17, on the Al Jazeera-America program Consider This, educator and author Wiseman and host Antonia Mora discussed the book, which centers around how parents, siblings, teachers and educational staff (3 of the 4 being mostly women) miss opportunities to meaningfully communicate with our boys, in favor of simplifying them as “simple creatures” who just “move on” from emotional trauma and daily difficulty, thus isolating them to their own “deeply emotional lives” that certain sectors of society presume don’t exist. She points out, among other things, that we box boys in to always looking for a sexual angle with women (predator paradigm), and that we erroneously label almost all taunts and calls for physical tests as “bullying” behaviors, when they are usually bonding exercises that boys should not be shamed out of.

Lying Liars Who Lie: The Problem With Anonymity And Secret Courts

By In a recent Daily Mail column, Peter Lloyd argued that men accused of sexual crimes deserve the same anonymity as their accusers, given the lifelong consequences of even facing an allegation. Any published allegation of sexual misconduct, sexual assault, sexual harassment or rape will turn up in Google and social media searches for the rest of the accused’s life, and that is an injustice in and of itself, particularly when the accused is exonerated. Lloyd’s suggested correction is to afford the accused the same anonymity as the accuser.
In making his argument, he hits upon a very important, reluctantly discussed aspect of rape, and trial by media:  what do we do with false allegations?

 To say this [anonymity] doesn’t matter is not only patronising, but irresponsible and sinister. It also smacks of some darker gender agenda.
Ironically, women like Bindel are enraged at the concept of pre-conviction anonymity for men, yet so few of them are equally outraged by the false accusers who betray the sisterhood (and the real victims of rape) with their lies.
Yet these women are damaging rape justice more than pre-conviction anonymity ever could.

Red Queen Syndrome - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Gregor Macdonald

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, discuss the Red Queen syndrome of running to stay in the same place - from money printing to fracking, more and more capital and energy are deployed just to stay economically even.

Why Drone Kill List Obama(The Baby Bomber)Care Must Be Stopped

OMFG!! Watch the monsters that run the country HALLOWEEN SPECIAL - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver

Orwellian USA: Google, Yahoo react angrily to NSA’s collection of our data as it was sent over their fiber optic cables

By Madison Ruppert: Both Google and Yahoo expressed outrage at the report of the National Security Agency’s access to the data traveling over the fiber optic cables linking company data centers.
This comes shortly after it was revealed that the White House both knew and approved of the NSA’s surveillance of major foreign allied leaders along with international outcry in France, Mexico, Spain and elsewhere.
The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that the NSA has the ability to collect information “at will” from hundreds of millions of Google and Yahoo accounts, citing documents leaked by Edward Snowden.
The documents show that the NSA, with the help of GCHQ, can apparently copy massive amounts of private data as it is transported across fiber optic cables between Google and Yahoo data centers around the world.
David Drummond, Google’s chief legal officer, said the company was “outraged” by the latest revelations.
However, Google has had a tight relationship with the U.S. intelligence community for quite some time now.
“We do not provide any government, including the US government, with access to our systems,” Drummond said.
Yet the earlier reports of the Prism program seemed to indicate just that.

“US Fiscal Failure Warrants A De-Americanized World,” Liu Chang and Jeff Brown, “Baba Beijing’s Belly Laugh Felt Round The World”

By Paul Craig Roberts: Xinhau is a news agency of the Chinese government. The Chinese government sees Washington as a largely spent power. Liu Chang puts Washington’s loss of uni-power status very concisely.
After you read the official commentary (below), read Jeff J. Brown’s commentary on Liu Chang’s report.
Jeff Brown is an American citizen who has worked in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and China, where he has lived for 10 years. He in fluent in English, Portuguese , Arabic, French, and Mandarin. Recently, Jeff Brown published a book, 44 Days Backpacking In China available from Amazon.com.
If you have not recently visited China, this book will give you an idea of the rising superpower, while the bankrupt and de-industrialized US disappears into Third World status.
Americans have been sold out by their “leaders.” America, looted and depleted by Wall Street and the military/security industrial complex, is sucked dry like the victim of a spider’s web.
China has the manufacturing and industrial power that America had before Wall Street and the corporations sold out the country. Russia has abundant natural resources. A China/Russian alliance is the consequence of US hegemonic behavior.
Moreover, both Russia and China have recently emerged from their existence under police states comparable to the one that is rising in the US. Countries that have recently lived under police regimes are not interested in returning to them. In the presstitute American media, both China and Russia are portrayed to be the police state that, in reality, now exists in the US.

Hell just froze over for the MHRM on WCCO Radio Minneapolis

By There are first times for everything. Some of us in the MHRM suspect that is just urban legend; an overblown myth that we disprove in the course of our daily lives as activists.  As it turns out, however, it is true. There is indeed a first time for everything.
The truism now includes fairness from the mainstream media.
Today I was interviewed by Chad Hartman on his WCCO Radio show in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As you will hear in this interview. Hartman did a great job of remaining impartial. He asked incisive, pointed questions, but did not in the least sound like he had been swallowing criticism of this site and this movement ala The Daily Beast’s Tod Kelly. It actually felt like I was being interviewed instead of interrogated. - PE Source
Paul Elam: I met a fair man in the MSM.