4 Nov 2013

The language of misandry in academia

A collection of quotes by faculty members, students, and administrators
By Here you will find a warehouse of quotations by faculty, administrators, and students who display moderate to extreme forms of misandry – contempt or hatred toward men and boys.
This collection should be a useful resource for those new to men’s issues in academia. It should also be useful to advocates as a “go-to” resource for identifying and referring others the kind of hostile learning environment that has become pervasive in certain academic circles.
To clarify, this post is focused on misandry as it occurs in the spoken or written word only, but stops short of where misandry is presented visually on banners, posters, and so forth. If you would like examples of that, see the post “The Face of misandry in academia: a collection of banners, posters, and other visual aids.”
The list is meant to be extensive, but not exhaustive. There is no feasible way to contain all the examples of misandric language in academia in this post. That being said, if you would like to add any that are not included on the list, feel free to do so – with citations that can be independently verified – in the comments section.
As we go through the quotes, there are some things I would like you to bear in mind. As I said in the post introducing the basics of institutional bias in academia, misandry in academia is not merely a collection of infrequent and disassociated anomalies arising from individuals uninfluenced by supportive or acquiescent peer groups. On the contrary, it is culturally pervasive in academia in a way that cannot be reasonably characterized as incidental or coincidental.

Inflationary deflation and increased underemployment: how far can suspension of disbelief stretch?

caminflatThe political class must understand that a mélange of doubletalk and massaged numbers will only destroy them in the end
By John Ward: I’ve just been reading about the “near record low inflation” in the eurozone, courtesy of Zero Hedge. Being in the  eurozone at the moment, I wish I could find some of it.
A sample of one is more than that if one experienced researcher compares like-for-like numbers year on year. Thus far in 2013, I’ve spent several weeks in Italy. You can get excellent bargains on some clothing (a beautiful pullover in Parma, for example, in a half-price sale) but the grocery inflation there I’d say is running at 20%. Italians I met agreed. “Even the price of a beach bed has doubled,” one couple told me on the South East coast in August. Just buying a few groceries in Turin at a hypermarket cost me around £40.
In Greece, the economy’s on its arse, but the price of wine, beer, gas and restaurant food is through the roof. The reason is simple: Troika taxes. But all Troika taxes do is tighten the vicious circle on the lower-middle and poor classes, who then evade tax (which all the professional classes do anyway) and so as the take falls, the taxes rise further….as does inflation. The economy, needless to say, continues to go up a gear, and is now in Sixth Reverse.

Honey Badger Radio Cathy Young and the Immoderate Moderate

By Our Honeybadger Brigade has a radio show, in case you hadn’t heard, and these days they have their very own YouTube channel where they upload previous episodes of their shows. Here’s one of their best that recently went up.

Mainstream Media RT News Admitting Lame Stream TV Is Controlled Brainwashing Propaganda

"Controlled TV Brainwashing Propaganda will take the spring out of humanity's step this millennium."

Misandric Fixation: World’s Champion Man Hater – 1909

avfm-hunt-nov28-1909By Readers of A Voice for Men are familiar with some of the more notable and articulate present-day adherents to gender ideology of the SCUM Manifesto variety such as Josefin von Zeipel Segerberg, Pamela O’Shaughnessy (“Vliet Tiptree,” pseudonym), Krista Leighanne Milburn (“Krista Jane Heflin” pseudonym). Many people erroneously suppose, however, that the eugenics-inspired, genocidal ideation-styled, violent authoritarian types of feminist utopian philosophy find their source exclusively in ideology. The fact is that the mentality called misandric fixation (see “What is Misandric Fixation?”) need not arise through the influence of ideology or deliberate intellectual cogitation of any sort. Further it can be observed that ideological misandry has existed long before the explosion of radical feminism in the 1960s.
Michigan champion misandrist Sarah Hunt needed to take out no student loans, study no opaque critical theory texts, to come up with a thorough and practical way to live in an exclusively feminine bubble.

Misandry: Movember Radio Distain

johntheother: Growing a moustache for Movember? Opposed to men including yourself getting cancer? Celebrating manliness with your awesome 'stache?

Apparently, you are disgusting. Shame on you, prickly faced jerk!

UK Fastest Growing Economy..Poppies And The War Machine - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver

Nobel Peace Prize, Asylum for Snowden: Germans Turn Up Heat

By Wolf Richter: While the US government wants to get its hands on NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and crucify him properly, the German government remains red-faced and tangled up in its own underwear over revelations that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s very own Handy was bugged by the NSA. Yet the German intelligence service, like those of other countries, has cooperated tightly with the NSA and its British sister, the GCHQ, to build an all-encompassing, borderless, seamless surveillance society. And they all have become information omnivores.
So the government is trying to dodge this mess. I say “government” in a rhetorical sense because Germany doesn’t actually have a government. The winner in the September elections, the conservative CDU/CSU, and the second largest party, the left-leaning SPD, are still churning their coalition negotiations. Compromises are apparently hard to come by.
Nevertheless, the government that doesn’t yet exist doesn’t want any more of these embarrassing details to bubble up. Germany is a mercantilist state. Exports are more important than anything else. It runs a massive trade surplus with the US. And mucking up the previously cozy transatlantic relationship, as the Snowden debacle is in the process of doing, would be a horror. But Snowden’s revelations trickle out relentlessly like Chinese water torture, and now there is a groundswell of support in Germany to offer him asylum.

Google's Schmidt Blasts "Outrageous", "Illegal" Domestic NSA Spying

Tyler Durden's picture: Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt is the latest to admit he is shocked, shocked, to learn there was spying going on in here. In an interview with the WSJ  "bristled" at the recent report that the U.S. government has spied on the company's data centers, describing such an act as "outrageous" and potentially illegal if proven. Then again, since the NSA's domestic espionage is effectively unchecked expect by a secret FISA court which approves virtually every spying request, the legality of the NSA's activity has little relevance but merely confirms what Snowden wrote in his "manifesto", in which he correctly noted that he has opened a long overdue debate over the meaning of civil liberties and lack thereof in the age of the authoritarian superspying big brother state.

"Slut Shaming" and Anti-Bullying Laws

Julie Borowski: "Slut" shaming, "fat" shaming, and general bullying have been topics in the news lately. What should be done about bullying? Do we need a law to stop it? I discuss my views on bullying and shaming in this video.

Snowden meets with German MP regarding being witness in NSA spying investigation [Silent Videos]

WikiLeaks: On Thursday 31st October NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden met with German Green Party MP Hans-Christian Ströbele regarding being a witness for a possible investigation into NSA spying in Germany.
There is large public support in Germany for an official investigation into the lengths of US spying there, which includes the tapping of German chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone. These revelations are based on documents provided by Snowden to journalists and mean that he is well-placed to be an expert witness for such an investigation.
Ströbele, who has been publicly calling for the German government to launch this investigation, travelled to Moscow where Snowden has been since gaining temporary asylum in Russia, to see if he would be able to participate in such an investigation.
At the meeting Snowden signed a letter stating that he would be willing to be an expert witness in Germany if circumstances allowed.

The Global Corporatocracy is Almost Fully Operational

By Don Quijones: 2013 is proving to be a hectic year for corporate lobbyists and free trade advocates, as they frantically flit, like busy bees pollinating succulent orchids, from one global free trade conference to another. And at long last, it seems that their hard work appears to be paying off.
In the last month alone world leaders from 12 countries, including the U.S., Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Mexico, pledged to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) by the end of the year. On the other side of the globe, meanwhile, Europe has signed a sweeping free trade agreement with Canada. And what’s more, despite all the furore over allegations of NSA and GCHQ spying on European national leaders, most EU member states are determined to ensure that the fallout from the scandal does not derail ongoing talks for a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a treaty that would effectively knit together countries with nearly half the world’s GDP into a massive free-trade zone.
Indeed, the president of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, has already suggested that it may be necessary to temporarily suspend negotiations — not out of concern for joining in partnership with a nation whose recent actions have betrayed every possible notion of mutual trust, but rather out of fear that continued negotiations in the current climate could feed anti-free trade sentiment: