5 Nov 2013

Welcome to my rape fantasy

By “We live in a rape culture, and don’t you ever forget it, not even for one minute!” A lot of money has been spent on the rollout of this thought product and the campaign keep going and keeps getting placed in larger markets. It is quite impressive. The entire enterprise is classic Edward Bernays “by the book” (the Bernays book being Propaganda, 1928, Horace Liveright, N.Y.). This “We live in a rape culture” trope is so widespread by now that we can confidently say that it is now the biggest rape fantasy the world has ever known.
We might ask, just how exactly does this biggest of all rape fantasies fit in to the psychological typologies of rape fantasies as understood by social science researchers? According to (“I’m being forced and I enjoy it.”) or aversive (“I’m being forced and I hate it.”) or, they can belong to a third and intensely intriguing category mixed. The incidence (among those women who engage in such a pastime) of these three types break down, according to Mr. “I’m being forced and I enjoy it and I hate it.”

Chris Christie is Backed by War Criminal Henry Kissinger for 2016 US Presidential Run

By Michael Krieger: In the seemingness endless sham that is the false choice between a crony, Wall Street owned Democrat and a crony, Wall Street owned Republican, political analysts are already desperately scrambling to guess who the GOP will run against establishment hack Hilary Clinton in 2016 (who was recently paid $400k by Goldman Sachs for two speeches).
In my opinion, it will be between the libertarian-leaning Rand Paul and the obese, neocon Chris Christie. Christie is already quite aware of this, and since he doesn’t really stand for anything, he recently decided to take a stand against something. That something is libertarianism, which he slammed in an irrational rant this summer in Aspen.
In case you had any doubt who the war mongering, establishment Republicans will stand with in 2016, you needn’t doubt any longer. PolicyMic just published an interesting article demonstrating that war criminal Henry Kissinger is solidly behind Chris Christie.


"Gun Powder Treason And Plot" - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News + Remember Remember

Mr Superbafrango The Artist Taxi Driver

The Definitive Chart on How to Identify a Terrorist

Terrorist chartBy Michael Krieger: A little over a year ago, I wrote an article titled:  You Know You Are a Conspiracy Theorist If…
It proved a useful description of the varied afflictions that might overcome your fellow man on the path toward becoming a sentient human being. These include critical thinking, the enjoyment of nature and the distrust of mainstream media.
Well now we have the United States Government Terrorist Identification ChartThis should further aid you in identifying if there are enemies in your midst. Pay close attention serfs.

Did I watch the game? No

bar bar: The nether apes strike again with a category five prole-quake.
"No I didn't watch the fucking game, asshole!"

Obama The Baby Bomber's Spying Angers Japanese Government

UK BANNED Press TV: Japan Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera says reports of the US spying on Tokyo -- if proved to be true -- could hurt the ties between the two countries.
Onodera made the remarks two days after The New York Times reported that US National Security Agency (NSA) has spied on Japan, adding that the NSA had used its surveillance powers to achieve economic advantage on Japan, Brazil and a number of other nations. 
On Tuesday, Onodera voiced serious concern about reports stating that the US has been collecting important data in Japan through illegal interception.

“So far these are only press reports,” the minister told journalists in Tokyo, adding, “But I do not think such actions are desirable as they are eroding trust between friendly states, including allies.”
Earlier, an unnamed US source confirmed that electronic espionage in Japan had been conducted through the American Embassy premises in Tokyo and US military bases in Japan.

The NSA was also said to have been bugging the Japanese Embassy in Washington.

The feminists’ great “equality” lie

By : Ask a feminist what feminism is about, and the answer you’re most likely to get is a statement about fighting for equality. Look carefully at the combination of stances which mainstream, established feminist groups take on intimate partner violence, and “feminism is about fighting for equality” is quickly exposed as a bald-faced lie.
In response to discussion on reciprocal intimate partner violence, and men defending against assault by a female partner, the feminist position is that there is never any circumstance that justifies a man “hitting” a woman. For context, I should point out that in this type of discussion, any use of any kind of physical force or resistance by a man ends up getting described by feminists as “hitting,” regardless of the context of the action. If a woman throws a punch at a man, and he puts his arm up to take the punch with his forearm instead of his face or his chest, that’s him “hitting.” If she jabs at him with a sharp object, and he takes it from her, that’s him “hitting.” If he can’t flee from her assault without going past her, any touch she feels or imagines as  he goes by is him “hitting.” If, to stop her attempt to hurt him, herself, or anyone else, he physically restrains her with a bear hug, that’s him “hitting.”
The sheer hypocrisy of the assertion that there could be any reason men should have no right to physically defend themselves from female abusers is evidenced by the use of “battered women’s syndrome” as a defense for women who kill their partners. Place the two assertions side by side, and reduce them to their most basic nature, and you have,”it’s acceptable to escalate domestic abuse to a more violent level, as long as the person escalating to greater violence is a female claiming self-defense.”

US medical professionals tortured suspects after 9/11 under CIA, Defense Department orders

By Madison Ruppert: An investigation conducted by an independent task force states that medical doctors and psychologists working for the U.S. military with violations of ethical codes under orders from the Department of Defense and CIA and participated in torturing and degrading suspected terrorists.
The report alleges that the violations occurred in military detention centers like Guantanamo Bay, where procedures like forcefeeding have been called torture and detainees were reportedly forcibly injected with “mind altering drugs.”
The Taskforce on Preserving Medical Professionalism in National Security Detention Centers concluded that medical professionals working with the government “designed and participated in cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment and torture of detainees.”
The report is based on two years of reviewing public domain records by a 19-member panel made up of experts in the military, medical, ethics, public health and legal sectors.
Medical professionals were told by the CIA and Department of Defense that the classic ethical commitment of “first do no harm” essentially did not apply because “they were not treating people who were ill,”

Feminism! It’s So Simple!

By “Only men could have a problem with feminism!” Chris Were quacks, while standing in the digital vicinity of Girl Writes What and Typhon Blue. “Feminism is about equality. It’s really just that simple,” Chris scoffs while rolling his eyes. Victor Zen takes a break from raping and pillaging to show Chris how brains work.

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