8 Nov 2013

Analysis of Domestic Violence & Mankind Conference 2013

By James Williams of Men’s Matters Radio has a new video exploring the recent Mankind Conference 2013 in the UK, and discussions of domestic violence there. Source

People Protested Against Everything at London's Million Mask March

By Victoria Turk: On November 5—celebrated in Britain as Guy Fawkes Nightpeople around the world protested in V for Vendetta-style masks as part of the Million Mask March, a series of demonstrations aligned with the Anonymous hacktivist movement.

Mary Koss And the Rape Game - Honey Badger Radio

The Siren-song of Welfare State

By Hugo Salinas Price: Our world is run – and has been run for some time now – by a relatively very small group of individuals who have it in their power to manage, as they think, the economies of nations. Managing the affairs of a nation implies making people behave in ways in which they would not otherwise behave. National management of an economy thus means making millions of individuals do what they wouldn’t do if left to themselves.

US University Men: A Success Story

By On November 6th, KSU Men (KSUM) has been approved by the Student Activities and Budget Advisory Committee (SABAC) of Kennesaw State University. The video above plays a recording of the speech I gave to SABAC. Representation for men and boys has now spread to academia in the Southeast United States. I will be serving as the president until December 2014, and KSUM will outlive my time on campus. I have three awesome people helping me run the organization, and I could not ask for a better lineup. KSUM’s administration is split 50/50 between men and women, and the students who support us are diverse.

Moms can’t be dads, too

By : I could never raise my son without his father. I’d have to, of course, if my husband died. But it would be very, very hard. When it comes to my son, my husband is simply indispensable. (He’s indispensable to me, too, but that’s a different post!)
I wish every boy in America had a father like my son’s. Without strong fathers to guide, instruct and discipline them, boys lack purpose. And that’s what we have far too much of in America today: boys who lack purpose.
According to the Census Bureau, 24 million children in America live in biologically father-absent homes. The results are mind-boggling. “Virtually every major social pathology has been linked to fatherlessness: violent crime, drug and alcohol abuse, truancy, teen pregnancy, suicide. All correlate more strongly to fatherlessness than to any other single factor,” writes Stephen Baskerville in “The Politics of Fatherhood.”
Fatherlessness hurts sons and daughters, of course. But I’m focusing on males for several reasons. (1) Our culture spends enough time on women and girls and not nearly enough on boys and men. (2) Males are different from females in that they have a propensity to act out on their personal pain, and society suffers as a result. Women’s pain is more internally focused. (3) Boys are ‘men in the making’ and are therefore harmed by fatherlessness in a primal and unique way.


The Plane Truth ~ Gas and Gold: Goodbye to the Petrodollar with Jim Willie

Cyprus - HALC

HALC: It's one of the most militarized areas on the planet. It's home to the world's only divided capital. Since Turkey illegally invaded the island in 1974, northern Cyprus has been filled with abandoned "ghost cities" and 40,000 armed Turkish troops. With new reunification talks on the horizon, will there finally be a resolution to "the Cyprus problem"

Imagine if a country sent its fleet of ships to the United States, stormed America’s beaches, and proceeded to take control of the northern third of our nation. Imagine that Washington D.C., New York, Chicago and dozens of other cities were occupied by foreign armed forces and that everyone originally residing in those cities was forced to flee south, abandoning their ancestral homes and private property in the process.
That is the harsh reality Cypriots have lived since 1974.
In the summer of 1974, Turkish forces invaded the Republic of Cyprus. The takeover of the northern third of the island was swift and brutal. Hundreds of thousands of Cypriots fled their homes, triggering a massive humanitarian crisis that exists to this day.

High-End Food-Fraud Scandal Deliciously Spirals Out of Control, Whacks Japanese Consumer Confidence

By Wolf Richter: Honesty and trust are still valued in Japan, by the 99% that is, not by the government, Japan Inc., and the most despised outfit of all, TEPCO, the owner of the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Japan is a food culture. So when pricy dishes with fresh ingredients of unique origins are served in restaurants, or are sold for special occasions, trust is particularly important. But now, Japanese consumers are being ambushed by an unprecedented food fraud scandal that expands by the day with new revelations, lame confessions, half-denials, and lots of finger-pointing.
Today it was Hotel Okura Co., which operates of the luxurious Hotel Okura in central Tokyo and other landmark hotels across the country. It confessed that restaurants at 13 of its hotels and three additional restaurants had misrepresented 235 menu items. For example, the menu claimed that a dish contained high-end Shiba shrimp when in fact it was a lowly Pacific white shrimp. And that super-juicy Japanese-style beef? It had been injected with fat.
Even a traditional ryokan hotel in the ancient city of Nara, Japan’s former capital, now a beautiful tourist spot, confessed that it, among other deceptions, used cheap Australian beef and served it has high-yen Japanesewagyu.”

Job-Hunting in Germany? Better be a Woman.

By There is rampant discrimination against men in Western societies. Let me continue this tradition by giving an example of institutionalized pro-female bias in Germany. Obviously, since women have it so tough and not only live longer and retire earlier, they all also deserve nice cushy jobs. What better place to look for than any job related to the government?
If you’ve got a minute or two, then copy and paste the following line into Google, and look at hundreds of thousands of results:

Frauen werden bei gleicher Eignung, Befähigung und fachlicher Leistung bevorzugt berücksichtigt, sofern
nicht in der Person eines Mitbewerbers liegende Gründe überwiegen.

Karl Marx Right - Real US Economy Trampled by “White Elephants”

By Marc Faber: I would like readers to consider carefully the fundamental difference between a “real economy” and a “financial economy.” In a real economy, the debt and equity markets as a percentage of GDP are small and are principally designed to channel savings into investments.
In a financial economy or “monetary-driven economy,” the capital market is far larger than GDP and channels savings not only into investments, but also continuously into colossal speculative bubbles. This isn’t to say that bubbles don’t occur in the real economy, but they are infrequent and are usually small compared with the size of the economy. So when these bubbles burst, they tend to inflict only limited damage on the economy.
In a financial economy, however, investment manias and stock market bubbles are so large that when they burst, considerable economic damage follows.