9 Nov 2013

The Role Of Fascist Madness In The Markets

Don’t tell the boffins, but matter can be created after all. What’s more, doing so ensures that confidence will not be destroyed.  The Slog offers a Dummies’ guide to the mathematics  of conjuring something from nothing.
By John Ward: A couple of days ago, the Bank of England did nothing. I don’t mean that everyone turned up for work and played backgammon. I mean the Bank kept both the interest rate and QE programme level completely unchanged: the rate stayed at 0.5% (almost nothing in the first place) and the level at £375bn (untold riches to you and me, but the efficacy equivalent of trying to revive a dead rhino by fanning it with a stickleback).
So with everything at close to nothing, the Bank did nothing; and within 27 minutes, the FTSE had risen 0.1%.
hogarthtitleA proposed future role for central banks
Extrapolate that market rise forward for a given day, and the market would rise 1.6%.  If a central bank can raise the capital available to business that much by doing nothing, two hypotheses land on the surface of the brain like two giant Salmon being slapped onto a fishmonger’s counter:

  1. We do not need central banks.
  2. Central banks should do nothing more often.

As BitCoin Touches $400 The Senate Starts Seeking Answers... As Does The Fed

Tyler Durden's picture Moments ago BitCoin hit $395, and will likely cross $400 in the immediate future (the chart looks a little less scary in log scale).

So as more and more pile into the electronic currency, some due to ideological reasons, some simply to chase momentum, some out of disappointment with the manipulated gold price looking to park their savings in an alternative, non-fiat based currency, which a year ago traded 40 times lower, the attention of the government is finally starting to shift to what has been the best performing asset class in the past year, outperforming even the infamous Caracas stock market.

The Chinese Can Now Buy Real Estate and the Dutch Can Order Food Online with Bitcoin

By Michael Krieger: Understandably, pretty much all of the focus on Bitcoin as of late has been on price appreciation considering the extraordinary move it has undergone. Specifically, it has quadrupled in value from the post Silk Road shutdown lows a little over a month ago. While understandable, it’s a bit unfortunate at the same time. The focus on price is taking away from the great strides being made in its acceptance, and at the end of the day, it is acceptance that gives ultimate value to Bitcoin not buyers and sellers. In that spirit, I want to highlight two recent significant early adopters of Bitcoin, both overseas.
While I reported in April on a NYC landlord accepting bitcoin for rental payments, in China you can now buy property with bitcoin. More from Finextra:
Bitcoin acceptance in China has now extended into real estate with a residential developer in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech park in Shanghai finding a new way to promote sales through the acceptance of Bitcoin virtual currency.

USA Delaying National Bankrupty: World War III Approaches

Which déjà-vu: on 1st of August 2011 the US House voted with 269 to 161 voices for a debts tradeoff, on 16th of October 2013 it repeated the whole procedure although 285 delegates agreed, 144 refused those budgetary compromise. For years a pageant unparalleled takes its course and will end in the World War III. The progression of the next months disastrously shows like this one will look 
BS News: De facto the renewed increase of the US debt ceiling ushers in just European member states still in a bigger dollar dependence, by what Europe finally has no other choice than to approve all wars of aggression by the USA. Not at all unproblematic, because Millions West European citizens enjoy their elusive prosperity, accept tacitly wars since decades far from own front doors as long as they almost see satisfied their consumption obsession as well as their craving for recognition.

Venezuela Government "Occupies" Electronics Retail Chain, Enforces "Fair" Prices

Tyler Durden's picturehe socialist paradise that is Venezuela has already shown the Federal Reserve just how the world's greatest "wealth effect" can be achieved courtesy of the Caracas stock market returning over a mindblowing 475% in 2013. Of course, while the US inflation is still slightly delayed (if only for non-core items and those that can't be purchased on leverage) Venezuela's own 50%+ annual increase in prices is only part of the tradeoff to this unprecedented "enrichment" of society, or at least 0.001% of it - after all, it's all about the égalité.
More problematic may be the fact that in addition to a pervasive toilet paper shortage, a collapse in the currency, a creeping mothballing of the local energy industry due to nationalization fears, and a virtual halt of international trade as the country's FX reserves evaporate, Venezuela's relatively new government has adopted arguably the best and brightest socialist policy wielded by both Hollande and Obama, namely the "fairness doctrine."

Cunning Stunts of History: Mary Koss and rape culture

Feminism LOL: One in four people believe a lot of bullshit. I blame Mary Koss.

Net Worth Enemas & Monetizing Bulimia - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Zac Goldsmith

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss net worth enemas and monetizing bulimia in an economy in which the central bank QE beatings will continue until morale improves.

MGTOW And Female Disapproval

By Yes I know: what would I, a female, know about the myriad factors that go into a male decision to Go His Own Way, or a male orientating his life to minimise or lessen, if not outright avoid, any engagement with women? It’s a fair point and the answer is: I don’t know. I can respect that decision and acknowledge that this man has the right to live his life anyway he chooses, but I really cannot get inside his head and feel what he feels or has felt.
Okay, having said that, this is not what this is about, this is about shining a bit of a spotlight on why some women, sometimes feminists, sometimes not, seem to have this visceral negative reaction to MGTOW, why some females take it upon themselves to pour scorn and vitriol on the heads of these men.
Actually the clue is in the acronym – Men Going Their Own Way. Now whether or not women will admit it, the fact is for a lot of women there is no male “way” because men only live by the grace and favour of women. Without that grace and favour men will be made to feel the full force of female disapproval, which manifests itself in many ways, from the violent to the relatively benign – ever seen a women convey her disapproval of a male action by a slight pursing of her lips, a slight stiffening of her body? I am betting we have all seen this happen to a man or boy, and have noticed an immediate change in the behaviour of that man or boy.

The Truth About The New Google & Youtube Format?

TO VOTE OR NOT TO VOTE: The media Establishment is deliberately trying to present Russell Brand as just another Labour Luvvie

By John Ward: A couple of years ago, I watched Russell Brand giving evidence to a Parliamentary Committee on drug misuse. In one half-hour spell, he offered the Westminster Red Carpeteers more solid, commonsense advice about the problem than they have received from the media in the last forty years. He also did it in a manner so engaging and free of jargon, I decided there was a lot more to the bloke than I’d hitherto realised.
Since then, I have made it a priority to Google him once a week and see what he’s done and said. The output is usually worth listening to, and always very funny. I watched him reduce a US news network show to tears earlier this year, and was gripped by his encounter the other day with Jeremy Paxman. His performance on this last occasion has spawned, as everyone awake already knows, a combination of vicious attack from the nasties and untutored praise from the fluffies.

The NWO: Motorola Patents Electronic Tattoo That Acts As A ‘Mobile Microphone, Lie Detector And Digital Display’

By Madison Ruppert: Motorola, now owned by Google, has applied for another patent for technology that seems like complete Orwellian science fiction: an electronic tattoo to be placed on a person’s neck that acts as a “mobile microphone, lie detector and digital display.”
This makes Motorola’s stomach acid-powered tablet that turns your body into a living password seem like the equivalent of a floppy disk. When Motorola announced the password pill, they also announced a more rudimentary electronic tattoo.
Australian news outlet The Age reports that the electronic tattoo would eliminate background noise that can disturb phone conversations by capturing vibrations or sound directly from the user’s throat.
The tattoo would have its own power supply built-in and would transmit the sound through Bluetooth, near-field communication (NFC) or ZigBee.
The patent, filed in 2012 but published on Thursday, states that the tattoo could also be used as a lie detector, according to the patent. The tattoo would measure the electrical conductance of the skin, known as the “galvanic skin response.”

Lies, Corruption and the Moral Decay of The West

Stefan Molyneux: Standing opposed to the lies of those in power...