14 Nov 2013

NSA Spying Is Freezing US Companies Out Of Trillions

By Christopher Mims: Cisco announced two important things in today’s earnings report: The first is that the company is aggressively moving into the Internet of Things—the effort to connect just about every object on earth to the internet—by rolling out new technologies. The second is that Cisco has seen a huge drop-off in demand for its hardware in emerging markets, which the company blames on fears about the NSA using American hardware to spy on the rest of the world.

Cisco chief executive John Chambers said on the company’s earnings call that he believes other American technology companies will be similarly affected. Cisco saw orders in Brazil drop 25% and Russia drop 30%. Both Brazil and Russia have expressed official outrage over NSA spying and have announced plans to curb the NSA’s reach.

Analysts had expected Cisco’s business in emerging markets to increase 6%, but instead it dropped 12%, sending shares of Cisco plunging 10% in after-hours trading.

Do Not Obey The Govt The TV The Queen Or The Corporation - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver

UK 2013: Police, Government and Party all singing from the same hymn sheet

I’m sick of being told “parallels with 1984 are risible”
Remember: he wrote those words 65 years ago
By John Ward: Earlier yesterday I posted about the inability of Chief Constables to grasp the fear decent citizens of all ages have about the growing incidence of feral behaviour among Underclass offspring. Their lack of willingness to get their knees brown on this issue is providing the obvious excuse for Camerlot to produce legislation that gives any present or future government the right to keep us all in metaphorical chains.
orwellThe UK Government is about to pass legislation which will make any behaviour perceived to potentially ‘cause nuisance or annoyance’ a criminal offence. The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill also grants local authorities, police and even private security firms sweeping powers to bar citizens from assembling lawfully in public spaces. The Bill has successfully passed through the House of Commons without issue, and is now in the latter stages of review by the House of Lords, after which it will receive Royal Assent and become Law.  Those who refuse orders under the new rules will face arrest, fines and even prison time.

Putin Calls Assad On Geneva-2, Chemical Weapons, Persecution Of Christians

RT: For the first time since 2011, the Russian and Syrian presidents spoke on the phone to discuss developments in the Syria crisis. Vladimir Putin called Bashar Assad about the Geneva-2 peace talks and the destruction of Syria’s chemical stockpile.
President Putin called President Assad to talk about the preparations for the Syria peace talks, and to share Russia’s concerns over the reports of a surge in extremist persecution of religious minorities in Syria, the Kremlin press service said on Thursday. 
The Russian President said he hopes that major Syrian opposition groups will take “a constructive approach” and participate in the peace conference in Geneva. 
Putin told Assad he was “satisfied” with Syria’s cooperation with the UN and the OPCW (International Chemical Weapons Watchdog).
The presidents discussed the procedure for bringing the Syrian chemical arsenal under international control and its ultimate destruction. 
Putin said he was concerned with purposeful persecution of Christians and other religious minorities by extremist groups in Syria.

Chickens Clucking

Victor Zen: So these women got together to discuss making people believe in feminism after a rebranding effort, and I kinda wanted to gnaw on their ankles a bit. Uh oh, too rapey?
In case more people ask, yes, the bra on my head was mine. Picked it up from Goodwill to start putting together a costume for a feminist character.

Life After The State + Revolting French Farmers

liarpoliticians: Guest Dominic Frisby talks about his book, where he examines subjects like fascism, Obama the baby bomber, quantitative easing and the trashing of currencies, and gold / silver / Bitcoin protection.

Her chief defense was really “I am a woman”

avfm-saludes-mar8-1923-colorBy : During the early decades of the 20th century in the United States , and other countries, such as France, it was well-known that women were not subject to the same accountability in cases of homicide in which the victim was male as members of the opposite sex were. That women had a “license to kill was recognized by a large number of juries. Chicago was the most notorious of all cities in the us for this chivalric practice of routinely allowing women who kill to go free with little or no punishment. Such was the situation in this period that those cases in which a woman was actually found guilty and given a sentence appropriate the her homicidal crime that it was, in itself, a newsworthy topic.
The case of murderess Paulette Saludes, is one of these. she was found guilty of murder despite her pleading emotional insanity,” the standard procedure for murderesses expecting to cox the jury into endorsing her right to kill. Mrs. Saludes lawyer stated plainly, according to news reports, that his client’s defense boiled down to that one principle that had such a storied reputation for melting the hearts of juries confronted with deciding the fate of a jealous woman who murdered a man whom she felt had betrayed her. That defenser was: I am a woman.”

Join Up The Dots And Germany’s Bankster Union Game-Plan Becomes Clearer

German power is about to prove decisive.
By John Ward: Here we are again, back at the Target 2 system that allows peripheral eurozone States to get a stealth bailout by having huge outstanding liquidity (loans really) from the ECB, while Germany has equally huge liquidity (deposits really) at the central bank. Target 2 was originally designed purely as a monetarist transmission system. But national ClubMed central banks have perverted this by simply drawing on it, up to but not including putting anything back.
Controversial (but very smart) German economist Hans-Werner Sinn continues to argue that “It is as though the ECB were acting as a purchasing agent of German savings, which it then services and distributes to the crisis countries at whatever conditions it deems appropriate”. Sinn represents Bankfurter concerns, and for years he has been rubbished by CDU spokespeople/Berlin bureaucrats who did the Yes I know it looks like a turd Tsunami heading our way, but it’s really only accountancy of no significance. Clearly Sinn was and is on the ball: and in the New Germany that has risen from the Bundesrepublik elections, he is now in fashion rather than out on the wacky moons of Saturn.

Misandrist Coward Barret Weber, Sociologist From The University Of Alberta,

By : When I first watched the video by a handful of young men, apparently from Edmonton, Alberta, it did not come as any surprise. Still, I sat through it, and listened to the hyperbolic accusations of misogyny, rape apology and victim blaming. I also listened to the smug “suggestions” that A Voice for Men change its name, because it was not a voice for those men.
Aside from the fact that it is A Voice for Men, not The Voice for Men, and the fact that no one at this site has ever even claimed to speak for all men, even men in the men’s movement, much less men across the board, I still sat and listened attentively, wondering if there would be anything new. Of course there was not.
That includes the fact that the video posted on YouTube as a “response” to the work of Men’s Rights Edmonton had comments and even ratings disabled to prevent the listening public from expressing their opinions about what was said.
Well, I have suggestions for the men in that video. One, the word “response” is not a word you should be using with a straight face. A response implies some sort of dialog. A response indicates some sort of exchange of ideas. Your blanket censoring of any opinions other than your own betrays the fact that dialog and exchanging ideas are not concepts you have picked up along life’s road. Either that, or those ideas have been stripped from you courtesy of youreducation.”

TPP & One World Government

Enslave Single Fathers - Commentary - David Cameron’s Government Is A Wretched Hive Of Scum And Misandry

Torquemadia: As I was walking to work this morning I saw a rather attractive woman and just thought "I'm going to make her pregnant". And now, low and behold she is. No we have never met or made any contact. But I am certain that through my shear force of will I have "made her pregnant". I also give her permission to have the child. Hopefully she won't find out who I actually am so I don't have to provide for the child. Other than through the excessive taxes that I, as a single employed man has to pay, which provide the lifestyle available to so many unemployed, single mothers that is not available to unemployed single men.

Family Law Needs a Butt Whoopin!!!

Brandon Lyons: My vision of how we will make a paradigm shift in the way family law works!