15 Nov 2013

Hip Hop, White Supremacy & Ponzi Capitalism

YourWorldNewsFilms: This is version one of the brand new documentary corporations won't want you to view and study. If you are upset at the way corporations have co-opted Hip Hop and re-sold it in the most racist, hyper-violent, and misogynistic ways possible, then this is a film you must watch. "Hip Hop, White Supremacy & Capitalism: Why Corporations Infiltrated RAP Music"

Zionist War Of Terror Puts Christianity At Risk Of Extinction In Certain Regions Due To Rising Backlash Persecution

By Madison Ruppert: A UK government minister warned that Christianity is at risk of extinction in parts of the world where persecution is on the rise.
Lady Warsi highlighted the bombing of a church in Pakistan in September that left 85 people dead and the recent shooting attack on a Coptic wedding party in Egypt as a few examples of the growing trend of Christian persecution.
One might also add the reported massacre of Christians in Syria and the general targeting of the Syrian Christian population, the persecution of Christians in India, the recent persecution of Iranian Christians and the increasing danger faced by Christians in Egypt, among other examples.
Warsi, the Minister for Faith, said that the targeting of Christians and other religious minorities has become “a global crisis” and, as The Telegraph put it, the gravest challenge facing the world this century.”
A mass exodus is taking place, on a Biblical scale. In some places, there is a real danger that Christianity will become extinct,”

Patriarchy Blows It Again

By One invariable element of the laundry list of grievances cited by feminists for the proposition that society is a deck stacked against women is the fact that, compared to men, there aren’t many women who hold public office.  Indeed, I remember many years ago hearing U.S. Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder, D – CO, inform us that it was “outrageous” that the percentage of women serving in Congress was so low.  The emphasis in her voice and her “frown and wrinkled lip” gave all and sundry the impression that she was well and truly ticked off.
Back then, I didn’t know much about the subject, but my off-the-cuff reaction was “Hey, we live in a democracy.  People vote, and women outvote men.  So what’s outrageous?  Does Schroeder really believe that women are biased against female candidates?”
Of course my common-sense approach to the issue didn’t hold any water with feminists.  When they think they’ve got an issue, they don’t let it go, facts and logic be damned.

The Rise of the Decentralized Web Continues

By Michael Krieger: I know I must sound like a broken record by now, but decentralization is without question the key to humanity’s future freedom and prosperity on planet earth. The good news is that many of our smartest minds are aware of this and are actively working on solutions at the grassroots level. It goes without saying that the Internet itself is one of the most revolutionary advances our species has ever achieved, and decentralization of this information flow and access must be one of our key objectives, particularly in light of NSA spy revelations.

One of the ways that communities across the world are fighting for ownership of the Internet is through localized meshnets, a topic I covered in my piece back in August: Meet The Meshnet: A New Wave of Decentralized Internet Access. This has been one of the more interesting themes I have learned about in 2013, and one that is only likely to spread in the years ahead. The New York Times recently wrote an article on it with some great new information. Some key excerpts are below:

Like most people, Kim Thomas has a broadband connection at home that she uses to check email, surf the Internet and stream music and video. But unlike most people, Ms. Thomas, 56, a program director for a charitable foundation in Portland, Ore., has no monthly bill.

EU Salary Boundless Usury - EU-Gehaltswucher Grenzenlos

Dream salaries, luxury pension from 61, 25% taxes: so life-EU officials. But that's not enough. The approximately 57,000 EU officials can expect this year with rising net salaries - thanks to a trick in the pension.

MM News: While the subjects in want and in some Southern states , there is up to 30 % unemployment, EU officials to allow astronomical salaries - and to the terms of which do not even dare to dream of a normal worker. 4365 alone , EU officials "earn" more than the Chancellor. Overall, the EU apparatus counts including so-called " contract employees " about 57,000 wage earners . And there are more every day .EU officials can expect this year with rising net salaries now despite two salary freezes . According to a report in the " Bild-Zeitung " ( Friday edition ) , the European Commission wants to retroactively reduce the pension contributions of officials dramatically from July. This will give up to 240 euros net a month more.

“Whole world is businessphobic,” rages Melon, threatens ban on every information source everywhere + THE CREATION OF A SHADOW STATE: The true meaning of “business friendly”

fallontitleBusiness terrorist fanatic Ich’fala Melon
Mad-Mullah Businessist in paranoid rant
By John Ward: One-time Libor-rate arsonist and prominent Un-Business Committee Heretic Prosecution member Ich’fala Melon received a euphoric reception last night when he addressed the Blankfein Holy Sepulchre League in New York.
“The spoiling tactics of the pro-Flufffy Bollocks anti-friendly business conspiracy are clearly visible for any one-eyed man to see in the Kingdom of the Blind” Melon told his audience, citing the following instances:
Time for Moody’s to be more Business-Friendly:
Moody’s cuts ratings of three big US banks
Morgan Stanley, Goldman and JPMorgan all lowered
Time for Economic stats to be more Business-Friendly:
Japan and Europe dash hopes for global growth
Second half of year had been tipped for economic gains
Time for Health Secretary Hunt to be more Business-Friendly:
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), the body that selects drugs for use in the NHS, has approved “fewer than one-in-three medicines” since 2005…almost all on cost bases.

Political Skepticism is Dead! Rob Ford, Crack-Smoking and the Future of Politics!

Stefan Molyneux: Rob Ford's dysfunction, the state of political skepticism and the future of politics.

Afghan Opium Record, GCHQ spoofs LinkedIn, GMO Apples

corbettreport: Corbett Report and Media Monarchy cover some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news.

Google+ sucks, but...

RazorBladeKandy2: This is a response to Boogie2988's video "PLEASE Fix Youtube and Google+"

Sarkeesian Effect Did 4chan White Knight? - HoneyBadger Radio

AVoiceforMen: Like all professional damsels in distress, Anita Sarkeesian had to choose a good dragon. Just the right looming shadow to fall over her delicate and fragile sensibilities; just the right cackling stage-villain to inspire her cries of helpless horror.

George Galloway Accused of Being a Racist by Israeli Student At Oxford Union

OxfordUnion: A smug, self-righteous, brainwashed and cowardly nationalist Israeli student shouting in Hebrew and brandishing the Israeli flag accuses George Galloway of being a racist then marches off refusing to engage in a discussion.

How not to look undead for male feminists