16 Nov 2013

MGTOW: Another Rant On The Nether Apes

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"Pussy is not all it's cracked up to be gentlemen."

THIS IS NO GREEK MYTH: New poll confirms Golden Dawn supremacy

Crunch time for Alexis Tsipras
The latest opinion poll from Greece has a more robust sample than the last, but confirms its findings….and establishes as clear fact that Golden Dawn is now the largest Party by voting intentions in the Hellenic Republic.
By John Ward: The results combine the findings of two online polls conducted by electronic newspaper Zougla.gr over the last two weeks.Golden Dawn has consolidated its lead with 22.6%, followed by SYRIZA with 19.2% and New Democracy (effectively the ruling Party) third with just 16.7%. Independent Greeks and KKE are on 4.9% each, with junior Venizelos-led Coalition Party PASOK near-insignificant at 4.5%.
Assuming some horse-trading on Right and Left, we are still looking at a stand-off in the next election. All told, what we have here is Right 35% and Left 25%. But even though one could produce a Government with neither Syriza or GD in it, this would be a suicidal thing (socially) for any Establishment to attempt: disenfranchising 3 voters in 5 isn’t a very clever strategy.
There are however some astonishing new signs on the “where votes were gained and lost” dimension.

Deadly Money Printing Sins - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Cody Wilson

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss confessions and corruption, back doors and austerity. They look at Mark Carney's claim that house prices are rising because of expectations of higher wages and at David Cameron's calls for permanent austerity for the non-corporate class. Max suggests QE is being used not only to keep TBTF banks afloat but to keep whole bankers that would otherwise be vivisected.

Nobel Winner Dares To Go There: "No Reason To Fear Deflation... Greece May Benefit From Gold Standard"

"Historically, there is no reason to fear deflation," Nobel Laureate Thomas Sargent explains to Germany's Wiwo.de, "we all benefit from lower prices." Crucially, he continues, "countries with declining prices, such as Greece, must improve the competitiveness they have lost in recent years," requiring falling wages and rising productivity (and falling unit labor costs) which will lead to companies cutting prices, "this is not a dangerous deflation, but part of the necessary correction so that these countries are internationally competitive again." That central banks pursue an inflation rate of around 2%, Sargent blasts, is because they consider it their job to "make bad debt good debt," adding that inflation is "a major redistribution machine - reducing the real debt burden for the benefit of creditors and devaluing the assets of the creditors." A return to a gold standard,he concludes, to prevent governments and central banks from limitless money-printing "would not be foolish."

Thomas Sargent (via Wiwo.de) dares to go there (and is likely about to be stripped of his Nobel)...

JP Morgan .. "All Bankers Are Terrorists" - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver

The Myth Of Rape Myths

By : Are we are all living in a world of mythical delusion? Is the world that you subjectively experience so far removed from reality that you can’t be trusted to sit on a jury? This is the question that vexed Helen Reece, a Reader in Law at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).
Feminist discourse asserts that “rape myths” are rampant in society to the effect that they disable the average person from being able to either understand or ascertain the seriousness of the crime of rape. According to feminists, the public is so deeply immersed in “rape culture” or “rape supportive attitudes” that we have trouble recognizing when a crime has been committed. This suggestion is a serious accusation and Helen is a very serious woman willing to tackle this question with logic instead of just agreeing for the sake of getting along.
In July, 2013, the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies published a summary article of Helen Reece’s paper entitled “Rape Myths: Is Elite Opinion Right and Popular Opinion Wrong?” In the article Helen Reece presents a challenge to how feminists are corrupting logic, law, and language.
The claim that rape myths are widespread may be challenged on three grounds: first, some of the attitudes are not myths; secondly, not all the myths are about rape; thirdly, there is little evidence that the rape myths are widespread. To a troubling extent, we are in the process of creating myths about myths, or ‘myth myths’.

Men, free yourself from being rapists by watching this video

By Here you go gents and ladies, another fine example the message that in order to break the gender norm for masculinity, all you have to do is not rape someone every time you get a chance.
I know most of you have an opinion on this kind of material. I respectfully urge you to go onto the thread in that video and express it. After all, if you don’t go there now and tell them, who will? Thank you. PE - Source

A Dangerous Step Against Democracy

Imagine Britain had joined the euro; no longer would the House of Commons have the final say on budgets
If a parliament cannot decide how to spend its nation's wealth, what is the value of elections to it? 
By The eurozone has sailed into uncharted waters. For the first time, the European Commission used new powers, which are backed up by penalties, to revise national budgets before national parliaments have had a say.
The Brussels EU executive flexed its new muscles by criticising the eurozone’s biggest economies, but held back from issuing instructions for the rewriting of budgets – for now at least.
Even so, by questioning Italy’s budget plans, it has ensured that political stability and a fragile recovery in the eurozone’s third-largest economy are now in greater doubt.
It is hard to overstate the significance of this political development in the eurozone: the final say on spending and the distribution of national wealth in countries that belong to the single currency no longer lies with parliaments.
Imagine Britain had joined the euro; no longer would the House of Commons have the final say on budgets, a democratic right that goes back to parliament’s historic struggle with Charles I over “power of purse”.

Meet Lee Harvey Oswald, Sheep-Dipped Patsy

corbettreport: The life and legend of Lee Harvey Oswald. Was he a poor, disgruntled loner or an overachieving marine? A presidential assassin or a sheep-dipped patsy?

MHRA Girl Writes What on Angel Clark Show

AstroKid Nj: The Angel Clark Show With Girl Writes What Talking About Feminism And The Disposable Male

Thorium Powered Car, Drive 100 years on 8 grams of fuel!

Thunderf00t: Thorium is an interesting nuclear fuel, but its not magic.
It still has many of the inherent problems of all other nuclear power. The very thing that makes nuclear power attractive (a million times more energy than conventional fuel) also carries inherent problems.

MHRM: Woman Jailed For Fabricating Family Court Evidence

By A forty-seven year-old Australian women has been convicted of fabricating evidence in a family court custody case. Sentencing her to one years imprisonment the district court magistrate described her crime as an offense that struck “at the heart of the justice system” and must be regarded as serious.
Father’s rights groups advocating for reform of the family law system have long argued that lack of due process, taking claims at face value with out proof, and failure of the Family Court of Australia to punish perjury when it becomes apparent, are key factors in creating the courts’ gender bias.
The Family Law Legislation Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill 2011 passed by the Gillard Labor government was widely seen as weakening the Family Courts’ ability to prosecute such perjury or to punish those who violated custody orders.