17 Nov 2013

Misandry: DownUnderThink (Part 1)

Q: When is a person not a person?
A: When he is a man.
By : The legal minds in the State of Victoria here in Australia have set new standards for bigotry and doublethink. Their Feminist mindset has become so warped that they deny the existence of the most basic Feminist tenets in order to advance the Feminist cause.
This three part article examines the extraordinary thinking that is a direct result of the current moral panic to protect women from the scourges of Patriarchy. This thinking is not being shown in some obscure radical feminist website, but from the Victorian State Department of Justice in its bid to bring new laws in.
This doublethink is so tortuous that I decided to call it DownUnderThink.
This first part examines the latest changes to the laws that affect murder cases. The second part analyses some actual cases and how the theories keep misaligning with the real world. The final part discusses the overt misandry being used to propose changes for legislation concerning sexual offenses.

NWO Mickey Mouse Club

mrpanosblog: Expose secret here

Infanticide: De Facto Post-Natal Abortions, But Only For Women

By When British medical ethicists Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva published their paper After-birth abortion: why should the baby live? in the Journal of Medical Ethics they were met, unsurprisingly, with a storm of controversy – even denounced in the House of Congress!
The normal term for after-birth abortion is infanticide, with a special category called neonaticide, which refers to infants killed within 24 hours of birth. Most of these very young infants are killed by their mothers – it is exceptionally rare for a father to kill his newborn.
What the discussion surrounding post-natal abortion and infanticide fails to recognize is that we already have de facto post natal abortion rights in effect: some people who murder their newborns face no consequences even when criminally convicted.
Which people?
The mothers.
Fathers who kill their infants feel the full wrath of the law.
Let’s start with mothers. The usual profile for women who murder their infants? They tend to be young, poor, unmarried, with limited social supports, a history of mental illnesses and they have hidden their pregnancies from those around them. When the baby arrives, they panic and kill the child. The population most at risk of being murdered in the United States? Children under the age of one. The most likely murderer? Their mothers. The most likely victim? A son.
That’s rather interesting. When a mother kills her own child, she is more likely to kill a son.


….and Britannia into a cheap-trick hooker
By John Ward: To ensure that nobody misses the reality of London’s existence as a City State on an entirely different planet to the rest of us, the UK capital is to get it’s own email dot address, for example Borisconiturk@yeotaxis.london. I think we can be fairly certain that our future Mussolini has arranged for this – no doubt using the freely available hackers’ broadband, aka Newscorp. The Evening Standard led with “We got a dot” as its headline to celebrate the donation of Ancient Athenian credentials to Big L….and given the Mayor’s fluency in ancient Greek, I suspect it is only a matter of time before a large horse unexpectedly turns up next to the Palace of Westminster.
But just when one thought that the brainless evil of the Tory! Tory! Tory! tendency was finally without limits, up pops the ever baby-faced Foreign Secretary to remark (with a straight face) that social mobility via education isn’t working any more, and he thinks we should all be giving serious thought as to why this is. Personally I don’t need to, as the reason is obvious. The greatest period of social mobility in the UK – by miles – was that which occurred between 1946 and 1968: almost entirely due to the very high standards and free nature of Grammar School and University education.

Insane Duet, Billy Joel And Red Toronto Feminazi "Patriarchy Fuck Face"

Thousands Protest Press Credibility In March Against Lame-Stream Media

RT: Thousands of people in the UK and US united in their rejection of mainstream media in a mass protest. Protesters targeted the headquarters of media giants like Fox News, the BBC and NBS, decrying their narrow coverage of world affairs.
The March Against Mainstream Media (MAMM) organized the international protest via social media and challenged the established media to cover it.
In a statement posted on the MAMM website, the organization said big media outlets had two options: report on the fact that thousands of people are currently protesting outside of their buildings because they are keeping important news from the public’s eyes,” or ignore them.

Saudis Dictatorship Teams Up With Apartheid Israel To Plan Bombing Iran

RT: Apartheid Nuclear Israel’s Mossad killers, along with the Saudi dictatorship's officials, are working on contingency plans that could include an attack on Iran if its peaceful nuclear program is not curbed to their satisfaction during the negotiations in Geneva this week

Weekend News: The World Is Bankrupt - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver
"David Cameron is a flying fucking arms fair!"

Greece: Invasion of the US Embassy by protesters in Athens [1975]

Perseus999: Invasion of protesters at the U.S. embassy , during the anti-fascist demonstration, the first anniversary of praxopimatos after the dictatorship , on 21 April 1975. The protesters stormed the embassy, ​​which had not yet been fencing (and what to do after all since April ' was amerikanodouloi ) managed to throw red paint on the front, broke the outer pane and set fire to the curtains. The police intervened with tear gas.As can be seen from the headlines of the time at the end of the clip , nothing has changed in the regime type.

How The Tabloids Encourage Child Abuse

By This article will show you how the tabloid newspapers purposely foment child sex abuse on a massive scale in order to make piles of money from the plight of child abuse victims.
1. The vast majority of child abusers and their victims are intimately related in some way. The perpetrators are usually family members, family friends or adults who are closely associated with the victims; e.g. school teachers.
In most cases, therefore, the victims do not see their abusers as hostile predators. They see them as nice people.
They like them.
This is true in about 95% of cases.
As such, most victims will not want to see their abusers’ lives ruined; especially if, for example, they see the inappropriate behaviour as harmless and/or pleasant.
And they will not want to see their abusers labelled as ‘disgusting perverts’ – as tabloid newspapers tend to portray them.
The upshot is that they are less likely to seek help thanks to the tabloids.
2. Indeed, most victims would hate to see their intimates vilified publicly – particularly given that such vilification would undoubtedly have disastrous consequences for their own families and intimate circles.

Movie Reactions To Google+ & Youtube

The Amazing Atheist: Google has merged it's popular site Youtube with it's unpopular site Google+. The entire internet is reacting to it, and so are these movies.

George Galloway on Spying and WW1 "Lions lead by donkeys."

liarpoliticians2: In the first of a new series, George Galloway talks about the the criminal GCHQ spying, and WW1 commemorations.

Circumcision Is A Universal Horror. So Why Do Some Of London’s Most Powerful Feminists Refuse To Save Boys From Genital Mutilation?

By : London’s feminists have found a brand new hot-topic – and, seemingly, they’re not willing to share the stage with anyone. Especially baby boys.
Which is ironic given that their area of concern, involuntary circumcision, is a horror that doesn’t discriminate. It effects people from all over the world, both male and female, every single day. Even in a city as progressive as London.
Shockingly, for boys, this includes the state-sanctioned National Health Service.
But pick up a copy of London’s Evening Standard newspaper and you could be forgiven for thinking that so-called ‘genital cutting’ was a procedure which only affected women. Why? Because it’s under the feminist guidance of editor Sarah Sands.
Keen to write for and about women, she is constantly reporting on FGM as part of a personal campaign to make it the next human rights battle for Londoners – specifically, female Londoners. And, while this has many merits, the exclusion of men and boys troubles me. After all, while female circumcision is abhorrent and must be stopped, the same must apply for boys.
Not convinced? Read on.

Kilkenomics Festival 2013

davidmcwill: Welcome to the fourth edition of Kilkenomics which brings together some of the world's leading economists, financial analysts and media commentators with some of our funniest, sharpest standup comedians. We've been called "Davos with jokes" and we couldn't disagree with that assessment. The standups put the economists under the spotlight to talk through crucial issues such as the prospects for the Irish economy in 2014, what happens after the Troika leaves and what's happening with the global economy.