18 Nov 2013

US Drone Strikes In Pakistan + Banksters And Their Government Lackeys - Double Standards Avoids The Lame-Stream

UK BANNED PressTV: Interview with Stephen Harper, about why he does whatever Washington says; American food imperialism; John Kerry goes to France and Italy; US drone attacks in Pakistan, Amnesty International reports, Apple and Microsoft fighting over tablet market, United Nations day...

Hungary Want's Out! Pays Off IMF Debt, May Exit EU

RT: Hungary is about to pay off its debt to the International Monetary Fund and then wants the creditor gone. The country was saved by Washington-based group with $25 bln loan five years ago but isn't renewing the aid in order to avoid closer scrutiny of its policies. Alexey Yaroshevsky looks at how Budapest is cutting loose.

Misandry: Love in Chains – 1952

avfm-chain-picketBy Philip Chain is the earliest known example of a father who used picketing to attract attention to his plight as a parent who had been denied access to his child by a malicious mother. It was not until the 1970s that fathers’ rights groups were formed and started doing group pickets, usually in front of courthouses. Chain, however, took his signs to his own home which he was legally barred from. Gender ideologues have for decades claimed fathers only try to “see” their children (as if “seeing” were enough) in order to manipulate the “intrinsic victim of patriarchy,” the mother.
The true history of child custody proves otherwise. Despite the fashionable social constructivist theories that are dogmatically spewed and sold by professors, claiming that the further back in history we go the less parents (of both sexes) loved their children, history is on the contrary rich with tales of fathers who made great sacrifices to try to retrieve children that ex’s, the courts and other entities.
A particularly poignant example is that of US Civil War veteran John McCray, featured in the AVfM article “A Father’s Undying Love.”

Central Banksters Steal From The Poor & Give To The Rich

By Ron Paul: Last Thursday the US Senate Bankster Committee held hearings on Janet Yellen's nomination as Federal Reserve 'capo di tutti capi'. As expected, Ms. Yellen indicated that she would continue the Fed's "quantitative easing" (QE) polices, despite QE's failure to improve the economy. Coincidentally, two days before the Yellen hearings, Andrew Huszar, an ex-Fed official, publicly apologized to the American people for his role in QE. Mr. Huszar called QE "the greatest backdoor Wall Street bailout of all time."

So a Japanese bloke, a Frenchman, and an ISP boss all walk into a bar….

…and the barman asks what they want. The Jap says “A gin and toxic”. The Frenchman says “A double entendre please” so the barman gives him one. And the ISP boss says “I’ll have what you sold Dave Smith last night after closing time”.

By John Ward: If you tot up the inexplicable political, fiscal and economic events covered here and elsewhere over the last three years, it’s amazing the consistency with which (a) they were all suspected conspiracies/manipulations and (b) such conspiracy theory turned into conspiracy fact. The best examples I suppose are the Gold market, the Libor rate, the misuse of QE, Hackgate, Fukushima, bent statistics in ClubMed, ISPs and the security services in collusion, French government spending incompetence, Obama’s pernicious use of professional trolls, and the mind-boggling dishonesty of the Metropolitan Police.

Some remain largely unknown to the public, others have surfaced but been denied, and others still are the subject of gumshoe work. In these latter categories I would put Borisconi corruption, systemic paedophilia, the Leveson Enquiry, Piers Morgan fibs, the DSK frame-up, Grant Shapps deception, Jeremy Hunt’s murky career, and the mass fit-up of BBC staff in preparation for Newscorp pre-eminence. In my heart of hearts I still think there is a good to excellent chance that these too will be proven and result in the disgrace of many of those involved in them. But today, it’s time to shiver just a little more at how the now proven canards are coming home to roost.

Self Made Man: Norah Vincent chooses Female Privilege over Male Privilege

AstroKid Nj: Lesbian Feminist Norah Vincent lives as a man for 18 months, goes nuts and is happy to get back to life as a woman.

How surviving the zombie apocalypse is like MGTOW

Ishtar spoke to her father, Anu, saying: “Father, give me the Bull of Heaven, so he can kill Gilgamesh in his dwelling. If you do not give me the Bull of Heaven, I will knock down the Gates of the Netherworld, I will smash the door posts, and leave the doors flat down, and will let the dead go up to eat the living! And the dead will outnumber the living!” – excerpt from  Tablet VI of the Epic Of Gilgamesh, written over 4500 years ago (emphasis added)
By Marriage used to be something that had great and balanced benefits for men and women, but from the very beginnings of human society both men and  women were the reluctant to commit to an unworthy mate.
The oldest known human story – The Epic of Gilgamesh – relates, in part, the fallout from Gilgamesh’s refusal to marry the cruel goddess/princess Ishtar. Ishtar responds with a murderous rage, but like modern feminists, she seeks to avoid direct responsibility for her actions, and so uses double-proxy violence to exact her revenge (threatening a zombie apocalypse to her father so that he will release the Bull of Heaven to attack Gilgamesh).
Maybe the God/King Anu found her zombie threat compelling, or maybe it was the gynocentrism of this early culture that turned the trick, but in any case, the Bull of Heaven was released.

Extortion Over Minimum Wage In Germany: BMW, Daimler, VW Threaten to Offshore Production to China

By Wolf Richter: Germany has neither a minimum wage nor a government. Someday it might. If not, there will be new elections, during which Chancellor Angela Merkel might get pummeled because she’d get blamed for them. The CDU/CSU won a phenomenal victory in September, but not an absolute majority. To govern, it must form a coalition. Erstwhile coalition partner, the FDP, got kicked out of parliament. Now Merkel’s clan is negotiating with the left-leaning SPD, runner-up in the elections, to form a Grand Coalition.
They’re horse trading over who gets which ministry, and they’re tearing each other’s hair out over sharing election spoils, and they’re butting heads over legislative projects. Among the SPD’s campaign promises was a general minimum wage. Not a non-subsistence minimum wage, of the kind favored by the US government, but €8.50 ($11.50) per hour.

I Need Feminism... MANSPLAINED 8 + Feminist Zombie Outbreak

UK GCHQ Snoops On Hotel Reservations Targeting Diplomats - Snowden Leaks

RT: A UK spy agency infiltrated international hotel booking systems for some three years, tracing high profile officials and wiretapping their suites, new leaks reveal. GCHQ’s top secret ‘Royal Concierge’ program tracked 350 hotels across the globe.
The ‘Royal Concierge’ secret program logo showing a penguin wearing a crown. The black and white penguin might be mocking luxury hotels’ staff uniform. Germany’s Der Spiegel has published yet another episode of scandalous revelations from the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, currently enjoying temporary asylum in Moscow.
Constantly on the move, top officials and diplomats prefer to stay in high-end establishments and boutique hotels with premier service standards. And since the number of high-class hotels in the world is finite, British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) came up with the idea of turning them into a huge net to fish for secrets in high-tech style.
After the ‘Royal Concierge’ program underwent testing in 2010, it was readied and put into action.
Documents unearthed by Snowden reveal that over a three-year period GCHQ had an automatic system for singling out people of interest, who made reservations in about 350 upscale hotels worldwide.
Field operatives then allegedly wiretapped the phone and network cables inside the targetted suite, and were potentially able to check into the next door suite in order to eavesdrop the target at the scene.

MGTOW and the big M

By “You can be a Man Going [his] Own Way, and also, with a bit of caution and cleverness still go out and get yourself all married up.”
Wrong, asshole.
In the last week, I jumped, late, into a discussion on the forums of AVfM about the relationship between men going their own way, and marriage as a social and legal institution. It has become apparent that in the various MGTOW and MRM public spaces, an opinion has emerged that men self identifying as MGTOW can also participate in that ancient foundational institution of family and society, the big M. (Marriage)
Something along the lines of:
“You can be a Man Going [his] Own Way, and also, with a bit of caution and cleverness still go out and get yourself all married up.”
Uh-huh, please, do tell me more.
What I posted last week on this topic[1] was my personal opinion. Just that, nothing more. Although a long-ish post for that forum, it was just my own private, personal opinion, shared with no more implied authority than simply: This is what I think. This site isn’t “A Voice for John” any more than it’s “A Voice for Paul (he-who-must-be-obeyed) Elam”. It’s also not THE Voice for Men. Its A Voice for Men.
However, before addressing marriage and MTGOW again, its useful to recognize one or two things about the nature of MTGOW, what it is, and what it’s not.

Israel’s President Shimon Peres Admits that Israel Ordered the Assassination of Yasser Arafat

Nine years after Yasser Arafat died in a French military hospital on November 11, 2004, a Swiss team of toxicologists has found traces of the radioactive isotope polonium-210 in his exhumed remains, as well as in his shroud and the soil of his shrine.

By Jean Shaoul: A Russian team also found traces of polonium in the body of the leader of Fatah and elected president of the Palestinian Authority (PA). The Swiss scientists said there was an 83 percent probability that the late Palestinian leader was poisoned. proving, and expanding the web site.
Their findings, part of the French authorities’ broader investigation into Arafat’s death, confirm that the Palestinian leader was assassinated.
As soon as Arafat, who was in good health, became ill after eating a meal at his compound in Ramallah in October of 2004, there were suspicions that he had been poisoned. But it proved impossible to determine whether that was the case. None of the doctors treating him, in Palestine or in France, were able to diagnose the cause of his illness, which was a combination of intestinal inflammation, jaundice and a blood condition known as disseminated intravascular coagulation.
It was only after investigative journalist Clayton Swisher, a former US Secret Service bodyguard who became friendly with Arafat and pressed his suspicions about Arafat’s death, that the Qatar-based news channel Al Jazeera launched an investigation.