19 Nov 2013

Loving Men, Respecting Women - "Mom & Dad"

"Dad ...it was we that were not there for him."
Tim Goldich: Are men more respected, but less loved? Are women more loved, but less respected? What if that tradeoff is, and has always been, an imperfect yet essentially Balanced gender system?
Can that system be improved? Please join me in exploring this Love/Respect dynamic as it plays out within traditional Mother/Father family dynamics.

The American Model of "Growth": Overbuilding and Poaching

Why has this doomed model of overbuilding and poaching sales become so dominant? Look no farther than the cheap-money policies of the Federal Reserve.

By Charles Hugh Smith: The rising Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and other simulacra of "growth" are masking the real model of growth in America: overbuilding and poaching, as in poaching customers and sales from competitors.
No matter how many outlets a company has, there's always room for a few hundred more somewhere. Now that there's a Starbucks on every corner, you might think the opportunities for expansion are limited. No way--now there are Starbucks in bookstores, Safeway supermarkets, subway stations (BART), etc.
Not only is there a coffee outlet of some sort everywhere you look (hey, how about a Starbucks in every Home Depot?), Starbucks is getting into everybody else's business as well--even occasionally hawking music CDs, for example, at least until CD sales plummeted to the point it wasn't worth poaching the declining sales.

Privileged White Feminists Need To STFU

By Although we don’t even agree that there was ever any “Patriarchy” as feminists describe it, we think The Straight Shooter makes some terrific points here. He demonstrates well that even when inebriated it’s pretty easy to take apart the rantings of gender ideologues.
Might we add that even if some of these girls grew up in single mother homes they almost certainly had mommies getting child support, alimony, and/or other assistance from the state? Source

Banksters Art Market Melt-Up - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Jim Rickards

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert: The melt up in the art market as the very wealth scramble for safe havens from the taxpayers angry at the billions in free money they've been given. They also discuss financial irrigation, amputated gold and a special mince meat pie and Jamie stew for Christmas. In the second half, Max interviews Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars, about central bank vaporware, straws in the dollar wind and about how Janet Yellen is to Ben Bernanke as Miley Cyrus is to Lady Gaga - trashier than the original.

Misandry: Homelessness Is A Men’s Issue!

By : This week is National Hunger and Homelessness Week.
Is homelessness a men’s issue?  Indeed it is. Men are the majority of the homeless. But it goes deeper then that.  Not only are men the majority of the homeless, but homelessness is the dead end for so many other men’s issues.  How many homeless men do you think have been raped by the family courts? How many homeless men do you think have been falsely accused?  How many homeless men have been victims of domestic violence and ignored? How many homeless men have been severely depressed and overlooked. The sad fact is that homelessness is the end of the road for many men after they have faced years upon years of misandry, people looking the other way, and no services available when they face hardship and discrimination. Nearly all of the issues we discuss and work to bring into public awareness find their dead end in the two male exit points: homelessness or suicide.
This is not to say that the only path to homelessness is misandry.  Mental illness surely plays a role as does economics and a host of other forces.  It is a complex problem but one aspect that has likely never been considered by the lame-stream media or psychological professionals is the horrible impact misandry has upon millions of men.

The Future of Bitcoin - Bust, Bubble or Breakthrough? + Using Self-Defense Against Government?

Stefan Molyneux: The drivers and possible future of Bitcoin.

Historic Misandry: The Sexual-Relations Contract + Resistance to International Men’s Day

courtly_love_5By : The sex-relations model of gynocentric culture is borrowed from medieval feudalism: men offered themselves as vassals to women who took on the status of overlords in sexual relations. As evinced by the first troubadours, men pledged homage and fealty to women who actively played the part of man’s superior. The feudalistic formula, which I will tentatively label sexual feudalism, is attested by writers from the Middle Ages onward, including by Lucrezia Marinella who in 1600 AD recounted that women of even lower socioeconomic classes were treated as superiors by men who acted as servants or beasts born to serve them. Other female writers held to the same belief, including Modesta Pozzo who wrote, don’t we see that men’s rightful task is to go out to work and wear themselves out trying to accumulate wealth, as though they were our factors or stewards, so that we can remain at home like the lady of the house directing their work and enjoying the profit of their labors? That, if you like, is the reason why men are naturally stronger and more robust than us — they need to be, so they can put up with the hard labor they must endure in our service.”

THE PORN MINISTER | Letter to David Cameron + Angry Elizabeth Vargas Interviews Satan then Checks into Rehab

Dan Bull
By In the UK, Conservatives are reigniting the decades-old alliance between conservatives and feminists on the subject of, you guessed it, male sexuality. Need we add that Cameron is almost certainly mostly concerned about porn made for or by men? Porn for women, some of which isn’t even considered porn just because it’s by and for women and thus gets tagged “erotica” more often, is usually off the RADAR in these handwringing discussions.

The X%: What Feminism Is Really About And Why Anyone Who Values Freedom Should Fight Against It

By : Italy, The United States, The Congo, The United Kingdom, South Korea, Denmark, Australia, Mexico, India, Japan, Canada and Spain. It is a very disparate (and only partial) list of countries, a blend of east and west; an extreme mix of languages and cultures spanning the entire planet. However differentiated in terms of societal norms and governance, however stark the surface contrast, all these places do have one very powerful and prominent thing that inextricably weaves through the fabric of their very existence, uniting them.
It is the same common thread that now runs through many other familiar entities: The Pentagon, Federal Express, The European Union, conservative political parties, Rock and Roll Music, The Prime Minister of England, nearly every criminal code on earth, The Australian Parliament, Country Music, liberal political parties, all Fortune 500 Companies, Oxford, Fox News, The United Nations, The Salvation Army, The Ford Foundation and The New York Times.
All these institutions, these countries, cultures, corporations and constructs have in common that to a greater or lesser degree, usually greater, they have been impacted by the spread and influence of gender feminism.
We see it in the wholesale acceptance of manufactured research results and bogus statistics supporting the feminist narrative that is parroted without consideration or vetting by media outlets, state functionaries and political candidates (regardless of party) worldwide.

John Law and the Mississippi Bubble

In this animated short, Richard Condie offers up a history lesson about one of the most sensational get-rich-quick schemes that took place in France over 200 years ago. With economist John Law at the helm, the plan was to open a bank and exchange bank notes for gold at wildly inflated share prices to mask the fact that the country's gold had been depleted in the building of Louis XIV's palace. When the inevitable rush to cash in the notes takes place, poor John Law is left broke and broken-hearted.

UK Reality Check: We Cannot Consume Our Way To Balanced Recovery

Return to growth may provide a temporary fix for UK public finances, but if that growth proves as unsustainable as the pre-crisis variety, it’s no solution at all 
Even assuming the improvement in tax revenues continues, the outturn for this year will still be no better than the OBR was expecting a year ago before the impaired forecasts of the March Budget were made.
By : Rejoice. Like the economy, the UK public finances are at last moving in the right direction. October is an important month for corporation tax inflows, and most of the anecdotal evidence is that with an improving economy, they are picking up nicely.
Add in expected increases in taxes from the housing market – and with rising consumption, some improvement in VAT receipts – and by the end of this financial year, public sector net borrowing could be as much as £10bn lower than the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) was forecasting as recently as the last Budget in March. Another feather in the Chancellor’s cap then?
Time for a reality check. Even assuming the improvement in tax revenues continues, the outturn for this year will still be no better than the OBR was expecting a year ago before the impaired forecasts of the March Budget were made. We are merely back to where we were at the time of last December’s Autumn Statement, and we are still years away from where the Chancellor expected to be when he unveiled his emergency Budget in June 2010.

US TSA Introduces 'Detention Pods' to Shocked Public

AJ: The TSA is funding the rollout of exit pods at major airport terminals across the USA that temporarily detain passengers before they are allowed to leave, another example of how the federal agency's policies treat travelers as prisoners. Source

$8.5 Trillion Unaccounted For By Pentagon; $5.8 Billion Of Supplies Lost, Billions More Wasted

By Madison Ruppert: A new in-depth investigation by Reuters reveals that the Pentagon has purchased billions of dollars worth of equipment it doesn’t need, has not accounted for $8.5 trillion in spending and lost supplies worth a whopping $5.8 billion over just eight years.
The fact that the Pentagon spends funds on unneeded and/or unused equipment is far from news. However, the Reuters investigation revealed that the waste is far beyond what was previously known.
Much of the wasteful spending is done by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), a fact which they apparently recognize.
“We have about $14 billion of inventory for lots of reasons, and probably half of that is excess to what we need,” said Navy Vice Admiral Mark Harnitchek, the director of the DLA, to aviation industry executives in August.
As of September 30, 2012, the DLA and military services had on order some $733 million worth of excess supplies. As defined by the Department of Defense, “excess inventory” includes anything that exceeds a three-year supply.
Some of the Pentagon’s purchases appear to make very little sense.

50th Anniversary Of JFK's Assassination + NSA Espionage And Lies - Double Standards Avoids The Lame-Stream

UK BANNED PressTV: Interview with General Keith Alexander, about the NSA spying; UN Climate Change Conference; British voters don't know they belong to the EU; EDL leaders defect over far right extremism; Commonwealth heads of government meeting; Imprisoned Writer Day; 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination; US embargo on Cuba...

About Micah’s Wild Little Boys

By : A person by the name of Micah J. Murray posted a satirical article ” How feminism hurts men” on his personal blog and subsequently it has been reposted on Huff Post Canada in the Religion section. As a father of a daughter, 2 sons and a stepson, I have a few thoughts for Miach to consider.
Your trite and simplistic portrayal of the complex debates around gender as one of male privilege versus female victimhood does not surprise me, however that it is proffered by a god-fearing father of two “wild little boys” does.
Rather than focusing on feminist constructs such as “female objectification,” “rape culture,” and “gender wage gaps,” I suggest, Micah, for the sake of your sons, you should acquaint yourself with some of the realities of boys’ existence in the early 21st century.  After all, isn’t that what dads should do?
In every age bracket, male mortality exceeds female mortality. Males in developed countries will live lives on average 5 years less than their female counterparts, yet more funding goes towards research and programs for women’s health issues.
Welcome your wild boys to the world of male privilege and gender equality.
From birth girls are protected from genital mutilation by legislation that criminalises any form of genital cutting no matter how minor, yet boys are not granted their right to gender equality in regard to genital integrity. Non-therapeutic genital mutilation of infant boys is a shocking abuse of human rights. Yet the movement that purports to stand for equality feminism ignores its widespread cultural and religious practice.  I hope your wild little boys are intact, Micah?