21 Nov 2013

International Men’s Day Ruminations

By : I had no idea that November 19th was International Men’s Day (IMD). Honestly I didn’t know there was an International Men’s Day. I certainly knew of International Women’s Day, which has been celebrated for over 100 years.
Today, on IMD, I learned that Professor Thomas Oaster, University of Missouri, was bullied and harassed by students and administrators when he tried to celebrate IMD in the early 1990′s. His career was in ruin by the vicious attacks of the University community until he sued and won compensation for the wrongs he suffered.
International Men`s Day is a little known and largely ignored day, but it didn’t escape the attention of Susie Boniface at “The Mirror”, who decided to celebrate this day by writing a sarcastic, hate-filled article to ridicule men. A piece laced with self-aggrandization, and bitterness, belittling men and men’s suffering at every opportunity.
In her orgy of self-pity she hints that all men are rapists with endearing statements that women could “throw ourselves behind a day that might prompt men into speaking out about rape, and perhaps taking a day off from it.” Of course “women, we are above all that,” she re-assures us, “we women will just get on with everything else.” She then suggests to men “Don’t hurry back.”
I feel so appreciated now, don’t you?

Blogger “Mish” is Fined 8,000 Euros by France for Freedom of Speech

By Michael Krieger: Well if this isn’t one of the more ridiculous things I have read in a while, I don’t know what is. Many of my readers are probably familiar with Mike “Mish” Shedlock, who writes a very popular economics/finance blog. He has a habit of doing what I like best, challenging propaganda, engaging in critical thought and a fearlessness when it comes to saying what he believes. It appears that such behavior is frowned upon by French banksters and their minions in government.
Incredibly, Mish was fined 8,000 euros for quoting a French blogger’s analysis of Societe Generale’s leverage ratio. He was also summoned to appear in front of a tribunal in France.
Expect more of this sort of thing as the status quo loses more and more credibility and struggles to censor alternative narratives of what is actually happening. We have even seen similar calls here in the U.S., such as when Eric Posner, a Professor at the University of Chicago Law School, bashed the First Amendment in a Slate article. For more on the Mish story, here are some excerpts from his blog:
A few days ago I learned, via a French blog, that I was fined 8,000 euros for quoting a French blogger. I would have known earlier, but the letter notifying me of the fine was sent in French.

The Pros and Cons of Bitcoin - What You Need to Know!

Stefan Molyneux: Does it matter that Bitcoins are backed by nothing? What happens when the power goes out? These and other essential Bitcoin questions are addressed

Misandry: The Whine Club

I personally think we developed language because of our deep need to complain. - Lily Tomlin
By : This article is about some of the weapons shamelessly employed by women to control men – shaming tactics, whining, and sexist behaviour and comments. Many women without mental health issues employ these weapons, but it’s become increasingly obvious that a disproportionate number of women who use them suffer from one or more mental health issues– and most, if not all, are gender feminists. These mental health problems include personality disorders – most notably narcissistic personality disorder – borderline personality disorder, anger management issues, depression, anxiety disorders, and others.
Many gender feminists are driven by poor experiences of men, often an individual man, most usually a father (often absent from the family, whether through his choice or not) or a partner. Damaged women are drawn to feminism like moths to a flame, and are inevitably damaged further. They really need to get treatment for their mental health problems, but they find it easier to spend their lives collaborating with other damaged women in attacking men and boys.
Laura Bates is the creator of The Everyday Sexism Project. At our political party Justice for Men & Boys we always refer to it as The Everyday Whining Project. The following should give you a flavour of the tsunami of whiny submissions the site receives:

Saudi Arabian Dictatorship And Apartheid Israel Behind Mideast Terrorism

UK BANNED Press TV: Dean was speaking after fingers were pointed at the Zionist regime and Saudi Arabia following Tuesday’s terrorist attacks on Iran Embassy in Beirut.
Israel and Saudi Arabia are the two most active terrorist organizations in the Middle East. They have tremendous experience on Israel side and they have unlimited funding on Saudi Arabia side,” he said.
Dean noted that the deadly attacks on Iran Embassy came just one day before Tehran and six world powers resumed nuclear talks in Geneva.

So, for this to happen on the eve of the talks, was just sending a message that if we are unhappy we can do lots and lots of bombings and it is basically a challenge to them; you cannot stop us unless you give us what we want,” he added.

The blasts at Iran’s diplomatic mission in the Lebanese capital left 25 dead, including Iran’s cultural attaché, Hojjatoleslam Ebrahim Ansari, the wife of an Iranian diplomat, and four security guards.

The Truth About Breastfeeding

Stefan Molyneux: Breaks down the truth about breastfeeding including the functions and benefits, the infant formula controversy, politics, socio-demographic factors, common objections, facilitation +

Lame-Stream Media Propaganda In Your Nut By Mrsuperbafrango - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

the artist taxi driver

Misandry in Latvia

In Latvia men die 11 years younger than women, are outnumbered 4 to 1 at university, comprise 80 per cent of deaths by suicide, and the high male mortality rate means that there are far more women than men in the country. Women in Latvia have immense empathy and are very concerned — for themselves
By : Recently I was trying to find information about cultures where women outnumber men and how men are treated in those cultures and I stumbled across this article.
Latvian man shortage leaves women lost for love

Tale of Two Disposable Men - 1930-1975

avfm-two-disposable-2-photosBy : In 1915 Clara Schweiger shot her ex-husband to death in the hallway outside a courtroom in Kansas City, Missouri. Her female lawyer (yes, you read that right) got her of with a second degree conviction. Chicago spurned wife Emma D. Simpson shot her husband in a courtroom in front of a judge and her attorney Clarence Darrow made sure she would walk away with a slap on her dainty little wrist.
Clara Pascak chose for the moment she would shoot her husband in the Pittsburgh courthouse the precise time that Pennsylvania’s first female judge, Sarah Soffel, was being sworn in next door. But the murdered Steve Palscak is not the only disposable you will hear about in the oddly intertwined news stories to follow. As it turns out lady judge Sarah Soffel, highly respected frequently lauded, was up to a bit of bad business beneath the black robes of office along the course of her stellar career.
It seems that the Honorable Sarah Soffel had been involved in organized crime as was disclosed in the case of a man who had been sent to prison by her in 1949 on a false accusation of “morals charges” (a euphemism for sex crimes, in this instance, homosexual pedophilia). In the late 1960s, some years after the respected judge had passed away one of the young accusers against Hayden C. Jones Jr. was assigned to the same prison as his alleged victim, Mr. Jones. This encounter eventually led to the innocent man’s 1968 release.

Alternative Media Explained to the Lame-Stream - Julie Borowski on the Stossel Show

Julie Borowski
"They may learn something."

Tony Blair SOLD OUT British Population To Criminal NSA Spies

liarpoliticians: Judas Tony Blair's New Labour government gave the criminal spies in the NSA cart blanche to spy on ENTIRE UK and do what they liked with the information. Conservative MP Richard Ottaway tells people to be "calm and rational" about the outright criminality of the Conservatives and Labour in the continued releases of their criminality, thanks to the releases from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Jack Straw and Margaret Beckett are implicated in this scandal, and they have "no comment".