24 Nov 2013

NWO: The Strategy of Tension

up2space: Project Gladio in Italy attempted to use domestic terrorism on a longstanding basis to maintain the political status quo. Seems to be a strategy also discussed in the report from Iron Mountain. The tactics beat down the public disfavor with the present government with fear of a ubiquitous, and nebulous threat so that the same masses ultimately seek protection from the government, and conform to the government's political order and agenda as a quid pro quo. Sometimes the far right is infiltrated and made a scape goat; other times a leftist patsy is apprehended and held in public display. Source

The One Good Man + Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Men’s Human Rights Movement?

By The One Good Man sees in Woman what men lack. Woman is bright and charming and good. Men are dark and sinister and bad.
To maintain the image of Woman as bright and charming and good, the One Good Man swallows Her darkness. Her rages, Her excesses, Her cruelties are his responsibility, not Hers. All Her goodness is not chosen because She is helpless in Her goodness—as She is helpless in Her femininity.  But because it is not chosen, it is not goodness and it feeds nothing in the One Good Man.
Without shadow there is no depth.
He craves dimension and he receives only bright, charming images as thin as a whisper. To compensate he tries to capture as many as he can, but they flit through his fingers like sunlight and his hunger grows.
He needs a Harem.

Bless Atheists, For They Have Sinned - Rebutted!

Stefan Molyneux:  Discusses the recent Peter Boghossian hit-piece masquerading as journalism, "Bless atheists, for they have sinned" by Emma Teitel.

The Myth Of Patriarchal Oppression In Iran

By : From the second feminists started spawning their “patriarchy” baby, women’s issues in less developed countries such as middle-eastern ones were presented as proof of oppression of women as long as human beings lived. Western media and feminists in particular look at a society in a difficult condition and do not see people suffering; they see women suffering.
Western media and in fact eastern media’s handling of the state of affairs is one of adamantly illustrating women as slaves and cunningly displaying men as cruel slave owners. This of course has been only responded to so far by some people in these cultures who, in an effort to defend their cultures, usually come up with religious statements explaining the rights of women in Islam and Islamic philosophy, which causes some imperceptible problems. Among the more evident of the problems lies the question: What if somebody is not religious and does not choose to live with codes of Islamic philosophy?
Iran, for instance, seems to have the least religious people among middle-eastern countries. Rejection of long-ingrained religious doctrines invariably leads to less and less obligations. And for the many people who dump religious doctrines, it seems like most are keen to consent to any criticism of the culture – even an unfair one. That is why, for many, the ridding of old cultural norms comes as a package deal with feminism. This is the perfect time for feminism to ride on a mind, repelled of the old restrictions.
However something is amiss here. Are those restrictions all on women?

Gold, Silver, Bitcoin FTW! - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Barry Silbert

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss QE as the meals on wheels for over-leveraged, consum-oholic debt addicts with Ben Bernanke as the pusher with a story to tell which is that 'cheap money is good' for buying depreciating assets like cars and where 'gold slamdowns' are meted out to those who refuse to stay intoxicated on that cheap money.

Alimony unlimited (and the emergence of a men’s rights movement)

avfm--alimony-unlimited-headlineBy It was such outrageous rulings such as the one Chicago’s Judge Ball delivered in 1909 — reported in the news report below — that set the stage for the slowly developing idea of men’s rights activism in the United States. It was alimony racketeering that led to the formation of the men’s rights movement in the United States, not the 1960s counterculture and its feminist excesses as many still wrongly believe. The earliest known attempt to form a national organization to fight exploitative alimony, which had by that time spurned a widespread scam of “marriage for alimony only,” was made in December 1912 by one Geo. R. Esterling of Denver. The publicity surrounding his idea was quickly met with the threat of a pro-alimony organization Leona Oldham, a Denver woman who had gotten her divorce in the very same week that Esterling made his announcement. Esterling’s idea for an organization, despite the enthusiasm of men from across the United States who sent him letters, never materialized.  Back in 1911, the common term for alimony abuse was called polite blackmail;” by 1925 the common term for it was the alimony racket.”

Social Security: The Most Successful Ponzi Scheme in History - Ludwig von Mises Institute

By : “We paid our Social Security and Medicare taxes; we earned our benefits.” It is that belief among senior citizens that President Obama was pandering to when, in his second inaugural address, he claimed that those programs “strengthen us. They do not make us a nation of takers.”
If Social Security and Medicare both involved people voluntarily financing their own benefits, an argument could be made for seniors’ “earned benefits” view. But they have not. They have redistributed tens of trillions of dollars of wealth to themselves from those younger.
Social Security and Medicare have transferred those trillions because they have been partial Ponzi schemes.
After Social Security’s creation, those in or near retirement got benefits far exceeding their costs (Ida Mae Fuller, the first Social Security recipient, got 462 times what she and her employer together paid in “contributions”). Those benefits in excess of their taxes paid inherently forced future Americans to pick up the tab for the difference. And the program’s almost unthinkable unfunded liabilities are no less a burden on later generations because earlier generations financed some of their own benefits, or because the government has consistently lied that they have paid their own way.

Let's Play The Annie Lennox Drinking Game

6oodfella: It's coming up to Christmas, and what better party game to play than the Annie Lennox drinking game? Strap yourself in, because you are going to be shit-faced by the end of the game, if you can make it that far.

"White Men are People Too"

Victor Zen: Did the title spook you? Just watch the video and see what I'm getting at.

“A Shit Load of Money” - $147 Million Moves in One Bitcoin Transaction

By Michael Krieger: Early last night, a massive Bitcoin transaction went down. A transaction worth an incredible $147 million with several sending addresses involved. As I have mentioned in a previous article, you can attach messages to Bitcoin transactions and tagged to this one was simply: “Shitload of Money!
The world of Bitcoin is abuzz with speculation as to the nature of the transaction, but it seems possible that the bitcoins are moving from a lesser to a more secure form of storage. This is how it looks on the Blockchain:
Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 8.10.15 PM Coindesk has some interesting analysis on the whole thing. Here are some excerpts:
The transaction, tagged “Shit Load of Money!” by its mystery originator, appeared on Blockchain.info early in the evening of 22nd November. It is one of the largest transactions in bitcoin’s history, by far the largest under bitcoin’s recent high prices, and represents 1.6% of all bitcoins now in circulation.

‘Velvet Revolution’: Thousands of Moldovans Rally Against Pro-EU NWO Govt, ‘Forced Bondage’ of Euro-Integration

RT: Thousands of anti-EU protesters have rallied in the capital of Moldova demanding the dissolution of parliament which they accuse of violating the constitution by “ignoring public opinion” and “secretly” discussing integration with the EU.

An Arizona YWCA Uses It's “Social Justice” Roots To Focus On Boys And Men

By : The Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) of Tuscon, Arizona in the United States says it’s time to talk about boys. Ya think?
"This YWCA seminar isn’t interested in raising healthy sons. It’s interested in raising feminist sons who are browbeaten into ideological submission."
“The unique, and often overlooked, plight of today’s boys and young men will be the subject of an interactive workshop Saturday at the YWCA of Tucson,” writes Patricia Machelor at Arizona Daily Star. “A changing social landscape coupled with absentee fathers and a lack of male role models are among the topics to be discussed at “Raising Healthy Sons,” which is for parents, teachers and anybody who cares about young people, said Kelly Fryer, executive director of the YWCA Tucson.”
Sounds promising, yes? Not so fast. First, note this is a YWCA, not a YMCA. So what’s the difference, you might wonder? I know I have wondered, since all YMCAs and YWCAs have come to be known as “the Y.” According to a statement from the YWCA, here’s the difference: