28 Nov 2013

Dust to Dust: a Human-Made Malthusian Crisis

By : American scientists have made an unsettling discovery. Crop farming across the Prairies since the late 19th Century has caused a collapse of the soil microbia that holds the ecosystem together.
They do not know exactly what role is played by the bacteria. It is a new research field. Nor do they know where the tipping point lies, or how easily this can be reversed. Nobody yet knows whether this is happening in other parts of the world.
A team at the University of Colorado under Noah Fierer used DNA gene technology to test the 'verrucomicrobia' in Prairie soil, contrasting tilled land with the rare pockets of ancient tallgrass found in cemeteries and reservations. The paper published in the US journal Science found that crop agriculture has "drastically altered" the biology of the land. "The soils currently found throughout the region bear little resemblance to their pre-agricultural state," it concluded.
You might say we already knew this. In fact we did not. There has never before been a metagenomic analysis of this kind and on this scale. Professor Fierer said mankind needs to watch its step. "We really know very little about one of the most productive soils on the planet, but we do know that soil microbes play a key role and we can't just keep adding fertilizers," he said.
The Colorado study has caused a stir in the soil world. It was accompanied by a sobering analysis in Science by academics from South Africa's Witwatersrand University. They fear that we are repeating the mistakes of past civilisations, over-exploiting the land until it goes beyond the point of no return, and leads to a vicious circle of famine, and then social disintegration.

Fathers - The People Love 'Em But Misandrist "Experts" Hate 'Em

St37One: Why do these freaks hate fathers and math?
Why didn't someone call the Child Procurement Services?

Rice Smackdown, Sriracha Shutdown, Pizza Throwdown

Misandry: DownUnderThink (Part 2)

By : This is the second of a three-part article looking at the work of the social engineers in the State of Victoria here in Australia.
The first part examined the removal of the common law partial defence for murder known as “Provocation,” and the fiasco of introducing and subsequently abolishing “Defensive Homicide” in its place. Foremost in their minds was to allow for women who killedin response to family violence.”
We will now examine some actual Australian legal cases to see the impact:
First, let me explain how these cases are referred to. In criminal cases in Australia, the state takes the accused to trial so it is common to refer to the accused’s surname as the name of the case. So for example we will refer to each case by the surname of the accused in italics to distinguish between the case and the actual person. For example: Creamer, the case, and Creamer, the accused individual.
Moffa was heard in 1977. Michele “Mick” Moffa, an Australian man of Italian origin, was found guilty of murdering his wife, Kay. He successfully appealed the conviction, having the murder charge downgraded to manslaughter on the grounds of provocation.
The case is often cited in other cases because the ruling in Moffa set the precedent of allowing what we now call “racial vilification” as grounds for provocation. However, it is also a case where a man, angered by his wife’s confessions of “screwing with everybody in the street” with nude photographs to back up the claim, lashed out and killed his wife.
Does this mean that any man could claim this partial defence in the event of killing his wife? In Voukelatos, Peter Voukelatos killed his wife in 1987 by shooting her once in the leg and once in the back. Voukelatos provided an expert witness to prove that his Greek heritage meant that his wife’s unfaithfulness would have been a source of great shame for him. It made no difference to the verdict. Voukelatos was found guilty of murder, and his appeal was denied.
Do all murder cases revolve on husbands killing their wives?

Unintended Consequences of Revolution and War! - A Conversation with Dan Carlin of Hardcore History

Stefan Molyneux: The unintended consequences of historical decisions which have shaped the modern world. Stefan Molyneux speaks with Dan Carlin from Hardcore History.

MRAs: Lets ask Tumblr Feminists what they think + His name is Sammy Allouba, actually

Elite Overdose - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with James Howard Kunstler

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss elite overproduction as oligarchs, billionaires and multi-millionaires fight over the finite number of thrones available. They predict a near future in which a thousand billionaires disappear and in which too many 'elite hemorrhoids,' like Tony Blair, lead to revolution.

Boris Johnson... "We are not stupid" - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News + Weather - "Fire in the Sky"

The artist taxi driver

Feminism Poisons Women Part Two

NSA Spied On 2010 G8, G20 Summits In Toronto With Canadian Help

 Leaders from around the world pose for the G20 Summit "family photograph" June 27, 2010 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (AFP Photo / Chip Somodevilla)RT: The US National Security Agency conducted widespread surveillance during the 2010 G8 and G20 summits with the blessing of host country Canada’s government.
Documents supplied by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden show the US converted its Ottawa embassy into a security command for six days in June 2010 as world leaders met in Toronto. The covert operation was known to Canadian authorities, CBC News reported.
The documents do not reveal targets of the espionage by the NSA - and possibly by its counterpart, the Communications Security Establishment of Canada (CSEC). The NSA briefing notes say the operation was "closely co-ordinated with the Canadian partner."

Ultimately, the documents obtained by the CBC do not give exact specifications of CSEC’s role, if any, in the Toronto spying. Former Guardian reporter and Snowden’s chosen journalist to receive the NSA documents, Glenn Greenwald, co-wrote the story for CBC.

But the documents do spell out that CSEC’s cooperation in the venture was crucial to ensuring access to telecommunications systems needed to spy on targets during the summits.

Both NSA and CSEC were implicated, along with British counterpart GCHQ, for monitoring phone calls and email of foreign leaders and diplomats at the 2009 G20 summit in London. In addition, it was recently reported that CSEC hacked into phones and computers at the Brazilian government’s department of mines. These revelations also came via documents from Snowden, who has received asylum in Russia.

The revelations also contradict a statement made by an NSA spokesman to The Washington Post on August 30, which said that the US Department of Defense - of which the NSA is part of -does not engage in economic espionage in any domain, including cyber.”

The NSA briefing document says the operational plan at the 2010 summit included "providing support to policymakers.

The Toronto summit was chocked full of major economic issues following the 2008 recession.

Feminazi Girl Talk With Kate: Episode 2

China Has Quietly Accumulated 20,000 Metric Tons of Gold! + Silver & Gold: When Money Is Corrupted - Mike Maloney

The Doc: There has not been a peek in Ft Knox for nearly 60 years.  Empty of gold?  Probably. Or spoken for (rehypothecated) 5 times over and that situation, if it’s a fact, would be a real crap storm since the claimants are probably central banks. Germany’s 300 tons of gold? Pfah.  Get lost Merkel.  The emperor’s golden threads are just dross. No one will get to see what’s there, move along. Meanwhile, the Chinese are quietly backing their currency with at least 20,000 tons of gold.  Not 10,ooo or 5,000. At least 20,000 metric tons.

By AGXIIK: China needs to feed 1.3 billion, 20% of world population and has not developed adequate infrastructure to do so–it is still agrarian and has water, drought and enviromental problems, thus they are buying food production elsewhere in Africa, Australia, Canada and the US (Smithfields)  This will produce a conveyor belt of vittles to the middle kingdom while ridding itself of their $1.3 trillion in FRNs. They will not be reliant on the US to feed them.
But they will consider their dollar reserve as sunk costs after using the US as a dumping site for Chinese goods while spending US Reserves to buy up anything of value, from gold and silver, to water rights, food production, African production,  land and petroleum production.