30 Nov 2013

Incredible Minutes from a 1974 Henry Kissinger Staff Meeting on Gold

By Michael Krieger: The following excerpts are from a transcript of a 1974 meeting held by the then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and his staff. This particular meeting was held on April 25, and focused on an European Commission Proposal to revalue their gold assets. What follows is an incredible insight into the minds of powerful American leaders scheming to maintain power and show other nations their place. What is most significant is how clearly they understood that demonetizing gold was a critical strategy to maintaining a dominant power position in the world.
So to those who continue to say that “gold doesn’t matter” because it hasn’t been used as an official asset in the monetary system for decades, I say give me a break. In fact, the reality of gold having been largely demonetized makes it an even greater threat going forward if the U.S. does not have all the gold it claims to, and other nations have more than they admit to.

The Sexual Assault On US Military Members

By As is usually the case, we see once again some type of legislation when it comes to the issue of sexual assault and harassment. There are the usual rally cries of an “epidemic” following a survey, followed by some aggressive action by political officeholders to immediately enact legislation to correct the alleged epidemic.
I am referring to the proposed Military Justice Improvement Act (S 967) written and sponsored by New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. This proposal and its various amendments are being debated on the Senate floor. If this passes in the Senate it will go the House for a vote. Currently there are certain predictions that it will not get through the House in its current version, but once legislators who oppose this act start hearing the screams of being anti-women and being a ‘rape apologist,’ some will fold and sign off on it, rather than support their position.

Coming Soon: Feminist Porn

By : In Australia last week, Nikki Gemmell excelled herself in a display of the Sacred Babble. In my mind it is like island hopping. She visits this illogical conclusion here, jumps to that phony correlation there, and then hops over to a false assumption somewhere else. There is no connection between these islands of feminist fantasy, except that they were all visited by Gemmell.
She begins with quoting a Dr. Strasburger who “guarantees” that if a 14-year-old boy has internet access in his bedroom, then he is looking at porn.  And if you find a boy who is not looking at porn? That’s right, it’s a meaningless, empty guarantee of nothing.
This, apparently, led the American Academy of Pediatrics to write a new policy.
My, oh my. Just how high falutin’ and hoity toity is that: a policy, no less.
The main recommendation (hang on! recommendation? I thought it was a policy!) is that children should spend no more than two hours a day online. Now that, of course, will bring porn access to an abrupt halt. Or is two hours the recommended level of daily porn? Or have we moved on to a new logical island?
And, of course, no 14-year-old girl, with internet in her bedroom, would ever look at porn. And also, of course, any 14-year-old boy who sees porn is immediately corrupted beyond repair.
We are then transported to a post-feminist world.

Drilling for Fraud (ft. Red Pepper of Nonsense) - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the breatharian diet in central banking where credit is created out of thin air and expected to sustain and nurture the economy. Max suspects that Ben Bernanke is walking on paper, Janet Yellen is doing a Travis Bickle ("You buying from me?") and both are drilling for fraud with artificially low interest rates.

Oligarchy Will Never Cancel The Debt We Owe - Michael Hudson

33Crazydude: The oligarchy would rather annul the right of the bottom 90 percent to live than to annul the money owed to them. They'd rather strip the planet and shrink the population than give up their claims.
That's the political fight of the 21st century

Banksters Creaming It, While Soup Kitchens Threatened With Closure + Artist Taxi Driver Going Underground - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver: What austerity looks like; Banksters creaming it, while soup kitchens threatened with closure

Oliver Stone: "I feel like a dissident against the American Empire"

RT: Filmmaker Oliver Stone and Historian Peter Kuznick sit down with RT's Sam Sacks to talk about their mini-series "The Untold History of the United States." The two also address the latest news about NSA surveillance, drones, and Wall Street greed. And Oliver Stone explains why he feels like a dissident against the US empire. Source

1992 Camille Paglia Trashes Gloria Steinem Wing Of Feminism

AstroKid Nj: Camille Paglia talks Gloria Steinem feminism vs 1920-30s Feminism, on Later with Bob Costas

Oh God I Circumcised My Son! Now What?

Stefan Molyneux: A letter from a mother who had her son circumcised and now regrets the decision - followed by a breakdown of the letter and an answer to her question. Source

Black Friday: A Shameful Orgy Of Materialism For A Morally Bankrupt Nation

Black Friday
By Michael Snyder: It has been called "America's most disturbing holiday".  Black Friday is the day when millions of average Americans wait outside retail stores in the middle of the night in the freezing cold to spend more money that they do not have for more cheap Chinese-made products that they do not need.  It is a day when the rest of the world makes fun of Americans for behaving like "rabid animals" and "zombies" as we indulge in a tsunami of greed.  It truly is a shameful orgy of materialism for a morally bankrupt nation.  It is being projected that approximately 140 million Americans will participate in this disgusting national ritual this year.  Sadly, most of them have absolutely no idea that they are actively participating in the destruction of the economic infrastructure of the United States.  If you don't understand why this is true, please be sure to read this entire article all the way to the end.

Another Child Molester Gets Child Support

By From TJ Sodomayer at the TNNRaw2 Youtube Channel. Nothing to add here, the video is pure truth. PE

Gold Trade Standard to Rise From the Ashes of Wrecked T-Bond Bubble! - The Golden Jackass

The Doc: The Taper Talk delivered the final blow to the big US banks, insolvent at the time. Now they are struggling with liquidity problems as a result of massive derivative losses that sap and drain their precious capital. The rise in bond yields caused tremendous damage. The Financial Regulatory Bill (aka Dodd-Frank Bill) will be suspended, just like the suspended FASB Rules on accounting practices in April 2009. The big US banks are to become bigger uglier darker zombies, more desperate too. The resistance to liquidate remains firm and steadfast with the utmost urgency and resistance. The ongoing endless perpetual ZIRP & QE is their legacy, which has placed a noose around the neck of the nation. Systemic failure, dead ahead!! The Gold Trade Standard will rise from the ashes of the wrecked USTreasury Bond bubble, the greatest grandest beast in asset bubble history.

By Jim Willie: Janet Yellen appeared before the Senate Banking Committee on the approval process, more a production than a process.

The Money Changers Serenade: A New Bankster Plot Hatches

Paul Craig Roberts: Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, a protege of Treasury Secretaries Rubin and Summers, has received his reward for continuing the Rubin-Summers-Paulson policy of supporting the “banks too big to fail” at the expense of the economy and American people. For his service to the handful of gigantic banks, whose existence attests to the fact that the Anti-Trust Act is a dead-letter law, Geithner has been appointed president and managing director of the private equity firm, Warburg Pincus and is on his way to his fortune.
A Warburg in-law financed Woodrow Wilson’s presidential campaign. Part of the reward was Wilson’s appointment of Paul Warburg to the first Federal Reserve Board. The symbiotic relationship between presidents and bankers has continued ever since. The same small clique continues to wield financial power.
Geithner’s career is illustrative.
In the 1980s, Geithner worked for Kissinger Associates. In the mid to late 1990s, Geithner served as a deputy assistant Treasury secretary. Under Rubin and Summers he moved up to undersecretary of the Treasury.
From the Treasury he went to the Council on Foreign Relations and from there to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). From there he was appointed president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, where he worked to make banks more profitable by allowing higher ratios of debt to capital, thus contributing to the financial crisis.

UK Police Admit ‘Collective Failure’ In Iranian's Death

UK BANNED Press TV: A senior British police officer has acknowledged collective failure by authorities in responding to the concerns of a disabled Iranian man, which eventually led to his murder.

It is clear that there was a collective failure on the part of statutory agencies and others to protect Mr. [Bijan] Ebrahimi