1 Dec 2013

Quarks 4

By Bill Still: Will Quark's spectacular rise continue?

Meet John Femi-Nazarian, the King of Mangina Scumbags

John Nazarian and Pauley Perrette
By What sort of unscrupulous scum makes a living off of offering professional services designed to teach women how to make false allegations of abuse to police, criminal courts and family courts in order to evict their husbands from the family home and gain the upper hand in a divorce? How morally bankrupt do you have to be to encourage and instruct such conduct, intentionally targeting people you know to be innocent, unjustly depriving them of civil rights, property and even causing emotional and psychological harm to their children?
We all know the family court system is a deck stacked against men and their children. A growing number of people are recognizing this, recognizing the damage it is doing, and working toward correcting the problem. But what kind of human being recognizes the bias and pitfalls in the system, and profits from those problems by encouraging criminality?
John Nazarian is such a parasite. Billing himself as the “King of Divorce,” he runs Nazarian & Associates Investigations & Security under a private investigator’s license issued by the State of California. But don’t take my word for it. Here, watch and listen to it come directly from the mouth of King Scumbag himself.

Racism Eating Away At The Fabric Of Britain

UK BANNED Press TV: A prominent analyst says Britain is becoming submerged in racism, noting that this sinister phenomenon is eating away at the very fabric of the United Kingdom.

“In fact, a tragic sense of racism and hatred is permeating through the very fabric of the British society, eating it away like a kind of canker,” Ismail Salami wrote in a column for Press TV on Sunday.

“With racism being institutionalized across the country, there is little hope for the burgeoning of multiculturalism, hybridity and the possibility of a reliable future for immigrants and alike,” he added.
Salami outlined the depth of racism in Britain where a disabled Iranian man, Bijan Ebrahimi, was brutally murdered in July by his neighbor Lee James. Ebrahimi had contacted the police a number of times complaining that he was a victim of anti-social behavior, but police officers had ignored the calls.
“The Bijans of our time are the victims of blind prejudice and loathsome ignorance of those who consciously choose to relegate some people to the category of subhumans and put themselves instead on a pedestal of supremacy,” wrote Salami.
The analyst noted that Ebrahimi’s death isjust the tip of the iceberg.”

The NWO: Everything breaks down, fewer people have real jobs, pensions are shot, QE isn’t working, and pride in job or community have almost disappeared.

A study in piss and wind
Where would we be 
without neoliberals, eh?
The phone line was dead again this morning. The phone apparatus itself I now down to one handpiece: one died last year, and the other one became extinct at some time during my summer absence. The oven thermostat is knackered. The dishwasher tablet dispenser doesn’t want to open any more. The cheap hand-drill I bought last March won’t recharge. In the cupboard above the cutlery draws are all the water, wine and kids’ glasses amassed over the years.  Just two – made in Italy fifteen years ago – are still with us. The rest are third generation replacements. After the effort last year of pumping up my bicycle tyres twice, the ingeniously designed Chinese pump is now stuck in the “doing nothing” position. And the washing machine won’t drain after the last wash, so one has to redo the rinse and empty programme.
Things just aren’t terribly well made any more: or if they are, you need to reconfigure your mortgage to buy them. When they break down, there’s nobody on the telephone in terms of after-sales or a craftsman to talk to about it. Across the way from my nearest Intermarche, there’s a b2b technology repair shop. I took my hp printer in there and said can you fix it. Yes, he said, but it’s cheaper to buy a new one. Makes you wonder what he does to get business these days.
A number of factors lie behind these features of contemporary life – be it France, the US, Britain, Italy or Greece – and they are all human-economics related:

MHRA: Victor Zen is the next DMCA fatality

By My recent video, The Feminist Deliverer of Diabetes, has been taken down due to a false copyright infringement claim filed by Mariam, the host of the new feminist YouTube channel Mariam Talks. Specifically, I criticized Mariam’s pilot video, and I have reason to believe she was personally offended.
This kind of copyright drama should not come as a surprise to most of you, since other MHRAs, MGTOWs and anti-feminists (notably Karen Straughan) went through the same ordeal.

UK Cost of living crisis..George Osborne Andrew Lansley - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News

The artist taxi driver
"The leader of the house of commons is a fucking pig!"

Building Creative Commons: The Five Pillars of Open Source Finance

By This is an article about Open Source Finance. It's an idea I first sketched out at a talk I gave at the Open Data Institute in London. By 'Open Source Finance', I don't just mean open source software programmes. Rather, I'm referring to something much deeper and broader. It's a way of framing an overall change we might want to see in the financial system. To illustrate this, I set up an analogy between computer systems and economic systems, and I then explore what financial 'code' might be. I then sketch out the five pillars that could underpin an open finance movement.

Currency War = Currency Suicide - Ludwig von Mises Institute

What the lame-stream media calls a “currency war”, whereby nations engage in competitive currency devaluations in order to increase exports, is really “currency suicide”. They engage in the fallacious belief that weakening one’s own currency will improve their products’ competitiveness in world markets and lead to an export driven recovery. As it intervenes to give more of its own currency in exchange for the currency of foreign buyers, a country expects that its export industries will benefit with increased sales, which will stimulate the rest of the economy. So we often read that a country is trying to “export its way to prosperity”.
dollar printingLame-stream economists everywhere believe that this tactic also exports unemployment to its trading partners by showering them with cheap goods and destroying domestic production and jobs. Therefore, they call for their own countries to engage in reciprocal measures. Recently Martin Wolfe in the Financial Times of London and Paul Krugman of the New York Times both accuse their countries’ trading partners of engaging in this “beggar-thy-neighbor” policy and recommend that England and the US respectively enter this so-called “currency war” with full monetary ammunition to further weaken the pound and the dollar.

EU Encroachments Upon Freedom Of Speech, Episode 3,901

eufascismWhatever you do, 
don’t tell it like it is
By John Ward: As the disaster that is rigidly monetarist neoliberalism pushes its fanatical promoters into a smaller and smaller corner, the attacks upon anyone with a contrary opinion become increasingly brazen.
Barely a week passes in the UK without some partisan attack on our liberties. And as is increasingly apparent, the focus of the attack narrows inexorably down into the Blogosphere.
New French laws about blogging have already claimed victims. Global economics guru Mike Shedlock has been fined €8000 for merely for quoting a French blogger, and agreeing with his estimate of CreditAg Bank’s over-leveraged situation. As Shedlock writes, ‘By its own account, Credit Agricole’s tangible common equity is just 2.1% of its assets—which means its €1.6 trillion balance sheet is leveraged nearly 49-to-1.’
He is correct. But he is also incorrect, in the Orwellian pc sense of the term.

BFP (Boiling Frogs Post) Roundtable + From Gutenberg To YouTube: The Open Sourcing Of Journalism

corbettreport: Peter B. Collins, Sibel Edmonds and James Corbett of BoilingFrogsPost.com present the latest BFP series, the BFP Roundtable. In this pilot edition of the series the panel discusses the latest "reporting" on Guantanamo by 60 Minutes, the truth about the Iranian nuclear deal, and the importance of open source journalism.