7 Dec 2013

FBI able to secretly turn on laptop cameras without triggering indicator light ‘for several years’

By Madison Ruppert: In a recent report by The Washington Post, it was revealed that the FBI has been able to secretly activate a target’s laptop camera “without triggering the light that lets users know it is recording” for several years.
While this may be surprising to some, it really shouldn’t be. Previous reports revealed that the FBI employs hackers to create software to remotely activate the microphones on laptops and cell phones as well as cameras. The U.S. government has also become the world’s largest buyer of malware. The NSA also recommended physically removing the webcam from Apple laptops for security reasons.
In August, the Wall Street Journal reported that the FBI has developed hacking tools like this for over a decade, though they rarely are discussed publicly.

Downing Street Pantomime - Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with Professor Steve Keen

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the major trade deal struck by David Cameron during his visit to China where the UK won the right to export pig semen. And despite the upbeat words during George Osborne's Autumn Statement, Max and Stacy notice that the actual facts on the ground, from the biggest draw down on savings in 40 years to a £5000 collapse in median household income to a doubling of malnutrition cases at English hospitals, the real economy seems to be shrinking at an ever faster pace.

Racism And Policing In The UK

Molucca Media: Interviews with Lee Jasper (activist, Co Chair of BARAC and National Black Members Officer for the Respect Party) and former Minister and Mayoral Candidate Stephen Norris.


Parental Child Kidnapping: Already A Common Occurrence By 1856

avfm-thompson-illusBy Parental kidnapping (or “parental child abduction”) has been a “social problem” much longer than the experts would have us believe. The history of child custody has been written by historians sympathetic with “gender” ideology, and thus is both distorted and lopsided in favor of women’s experience at the expense of men and their children.
The following article is — apart from  its intrinsic interest as an interesting account of a predatory woman and the husbands and daughters she used as pawns in her opportunistic exploits — particularly noteworthy for offering evidence, in its comment on the case of a Mr. Thompson, “which has all too many parallels in California,” suggesting that parental kidnapping was already, by the 1850s quite a common occurrence in the United States.
Further articles will expose important documentation of parental child abduction which contradicts the politically correct “official story” about that subject (such as that to be found in Paula S. Fass, Kindnapped: Child Abduction in America, Oxford University Press, 1997) written to promote the child control agendas of social engineers who, under the aegis of the United Nations, are currently lobbying for the elimination of parental rights (U. N. Convention on the Rights of the Child).

University's Free Speech Fakery - The Harvard Bait & Switch

TheFIREorg: In FIRE's latest video, we sit down with Harvey to discuss why it is so important to defend the principles of free speech and academic freedom on campus. Harvey also tackles such subjects as Harvard's deception when it comes to academic freedom and what label people give him that makes him laugh the most.

George Osborne Welcome To The Workhouse Kids - The BBC Sucks O Cocks News + Britons Must Prepare For More Austerity

The Artist Taxi Driver
Britons Must Prepare For More Austerity
George Osborne’s approach to deficit reduction has been that of a Sunday morning jogger: it’s an amble, not a sprint
George Osborne isn’t used to delivering good news,

The Ultimate Sexual Revolution: Critics Of The Male Pill Are Wrong. It Would End Conception By Deception And Empower Men

By : Earlier this week scientists in Australia revealed a ground-breaking formula for the world’s first male contraceptive pill. Researchers at Melbourne’s Monash University detailed a reversible way to stop men releasing sperm during orgasm, without affecting their pleasure, sexual function or long-term fertility. The findings – which promise to change the dynamics of sex forever – were published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
But, while they attracted much interest, they also garnered some cynicism. In particular, from journalist Tom Sykes, who claimed the idea was ‘the least sexy bit of news in the past 40 years’ and threatened to emasculate men at their very core.
He’s wrong.
In fact, it’s the exact opposite – it would quickly become our best friend in the bedroom because it would liberate us from being the reproductive underclass.

Athens Warzone ~ December 6, 2013 Riots (Location Exarcheia)

Perseus999: December 6 marks the day where a 15 year old boy was shot dead 'V' for Vendetta style, by a policeman in the Exarchia area of Athens, Greece in 2008, a moment in time that turned into a wildfire of riots that quickly spread across the country and shook Greece for more than a month, stayed in history as the December Revolt, inspired solidarity actions all over the globe and influenced the resistance movements around the world in the years that followed.

Since then Decmeber 6 remains in history as a symbolic day of resistance against the State and Police Brutality.

1984: Warning or Conditioning?

corbettreport: James Corbett rolls up his sleeve and answers burning questions, from Arafat's polonium poisoning to land ownership to KAL 007, JP Morgan, predictive programming and everyone's burning question: who is the British woman who introduces the podcast?

Jim Willie: Forget a Taper, Fed to TRIPLE QE!

The Doc: The true volume of QE bond monetization purchases is much higher than reported.  It is way over $100 billion per month, probably closer to $200 billion per month.
The USFed recently relented, they blinked, and when they briefly told the truth, they admitted the QE volume would continue forever and a day. Given the political pressures, and some reflection in corner office lavatories, they toy with the concept of tapering again. They realize the hyper monetary inflation has turned into a deadly toxic dependence. It is useful for the mere mortals among the 99% crowd to absorb the realities behind QE and its true nature, better described as QE to Infinity. The sidebar is Zero Percent Forever. The USFed is stuck in the destructive monetary policy.

The USEconomy is in steady deterioration, the recession dreadful and relentless. The USFed is monetizing an amount equal to 150% of the official USGovt deficit.  The Global Currency Reset is extremely complicated, thorny, and dangerous.
The winner will be Gold.